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  1. ebnight

    ebnight Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Motorola just updated their ICS update list and the Triumph is listed this time (Thank god!). Thats the good news, the bad new is that it is listed as "Will Remain on 2.2". Slightly frustrating, but I'm sure that with the amazing dev support we have on this site, that we will still be able to "update" to whatever the latest OS is. Keep up the good work Devs!

    (Link for those interested: Motorola Android Software Upgrade News | Motorola Owners' Forum | Motorola Mobility Inc.)

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  2. keisukehonda

    keisukehonda Well-Known Member

    Oh well, was not expecting an upgrade anyways...
  3. lifeblows10

    lifeblows10 Well-Known Member

    So long Motorola! I am flabbergasted at the fact that this device is staying on 2.2. I think that there could be a few court cases against Moto about their lack of updates. (The Droid 3 and X2 are staying on 2.3...)

    I'm moving to the Evo V 4G. I can't believe that years ago I adored my PEBL and RAZR to come back years later to the Triumph.
  4. marcusi23

    marcusi23 Well-Known Member

    Well we already confirmed that the triumph won't be getting any update about 3-4 days ago from sprint. but with this upgrade list it put the nail, screws, and bolts in the coffin. we spent 300 dollars on a phone thinking it was high end and we full ourselves. should we ever trust another prepaid phone company stating that they have a high end phone. but then never support it. because if you notice u have the triumph which was considered a high end phone but no upgrade insight, boostmobile's marquee and warp no upgrade insight, metropcs esteem, 4g connect no upgrade insight. and crickets the huawei mercury no upgrade insight. sure boost and virgin coming out with new phones but that means you have to spend another 300 and probably no support for them.
  5. keisukehonda

    keisukehonda Well-Known Member

    Honestly even an update to gingerbread wouldnt have affected me much since I'd still rather use a custom rom like CM9 even if the camera still doesnt work.
  6. RolaAddict

    RolaAddict Well-Known Member

    Now if VM supported their phone and did regular updates on the android OS then maybe guys like g60madman and ziggy and so many others wouldn't need to make better ROMs with more up to date android OS.Yes it would be nice to have the best and fastest all the time in the phone world but if we got it from the phone company's then maybe people won't be inspired to make the phone better cause it will always be better.The phone company's lack of updates led to the inspiration of the ROM developers on here and many other sites to go and MAKE the phones better THEMSELVES.If VM had kept the MT up to date with gingerbread then ICS would you have ever come to this site to see if you could make/get the phone to do better?That's all you have to ask.While I do agree with you in part about your beef with VM and others like them I feel that VM's lack was picked up by the great ROM developers on here and other sites.
  7. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    I am all for the ability to install custom ROMS,but to pay 300 dollars to have to give up some of the advertised functions is pathetic, so glad i ditched this phone when i did,seeing now it is a 50.00 dollar phone in my opinion.happy to see VM is getting the HTC Evo,even if you have no 4G service it will be 100 times better then the Truimph.
  8. ebnight

    ebnight Well-Known Member

    lolz though isn't that what they said when the Triumph was coming out? I'm starting to loose faith that VM can bring a good phone. I really hope I'm wrong about the EVO V. Would really like to buy one, but I'm scared that it will just be a half-assed version of another phone.
  9. gueydejalisco

    gueydejalisco Well-Known Member

    i mean...the evo should be a good phone consediring that vm "says" it has the exact same software/hardware as the evo 3d and the evo 3d is a good phone the only thing i have is that vm "says" alot of things
  10. marcusi23

    marcusi23 Well-Known Member

    I think the evo v will be exactly the same as the 3d just with the virginmobile name on it plus there own firmware and there software. the hardware is the same.
  11. ziggy46

    ziggy46 Well-Known Member Developer

    doesnt it come with sense 4? thats a plus :D

    sense 4 is sexy! lol and i dont usually like sense (ironic cause i got an htc amaze lol)
  12. ebnight

    ebnight Well-Known Member

    No it's sense 3.6 :-(
  13. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    It comes with sense 3.6

    Sense, 4.0 is very nice though. ;)
  14. ebnight

    ebnight Well-Known Member

  15. marcusi23

    marcusi23 Well-Known Member

    so they mean to tell us with all the problems we complain about with the triumph a simple patch or upgrade won't fix them even if its to 2.3. so what there saying is the phone they are not touching is a piece of shit right out the box. so basically every new phone that comes out where all taking a big gamble on the phone not knowing if the phone comes with many problems and they won't update because they don't want to waste there time on it if they think the update won't be helpful. im sorry but even though i love androids iphones is the way to go if you want regular updates and fixes, well mainly because apple doesn't have alot of phones to worry about.
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  16. reddeaddorito

    reddeaddorito Well-Known Member

    This puts the nail in the coffin for my choice as far as staying with VM goes. Gonna get the SIII with T Mo 30/m as soon as I can get enough money (This summer).
  17. ebnight

    ebnight Well-Known Member

    Basically lol
  18. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

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  19. zaphodbblx

    zaphodbblx Well-Known Member

    while I cant afford it right now so I will be off line phone wise for approximately 6 months i'm going to move onto the galaxy nexus from Google (all the updates as soon as they go live& unlocked boot-loader) with a sim from straight talk mobile...VM went right from super value to "lets treat our customers like shit" and the fact they never would admit the triumphs gps was less than functional is a big give away of their character as a company.
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  20. marcusi23

    marcusi23 Well-Known Member

    I think phone manufacturers should be obligated to release all needed for independent developers to further along the progress of a cellphone. If phone manufacturers/carriers decide to not update, patches, upgrade or anything of the nature they should be bound by law to release the codes, kernels what ever needed for a dev. to work on the phone. hell if they're not going to do it why shouldn't they just release everything with a big ****ing warning sign saying once applied don't come crying to us :D.
  21. I dont now how try this is but the place i was gone to sell my phone to say that virgin mobile are discontinuing the motorola triumph thats why i think they aren't doing any upgrades on it
  22. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    If it's so expensive to release an update, why don't they just release all of the codes so we can do it ourselves? Then bam, we'd have an updated ROM and it didn't cost them anything and everyone would be happy.
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  23. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member

    This is the way it's always been since my parents brought home the shiny new ODYSSEY 2000 game system for us for Christmas so many years ago. (1974-75?) THIS IS GREAT we thought until we actually tried it and figured out it was just PONG with crappy plastic sheets you put on the TV screen and held in place with static cling.

    Next year was an incremental imrovement with another product that promised to be light years ahead but again a disappointment.

    I came across a cover to a Playstation (one) game title I owned, "Formula One" by Psygnosis. 1996. One of the better PS1 racing titles, funny tho the cover boasted "real cinematic film quality graphics" or something like that. Joke! Pixels about 1/4" square they meant. the next year's title probably the same lie.

    Is the Triumph with 2.2 really that bad? Mine isn't. It's been trouble free since day 1 except for the battery door and wonky touch screen. (sometimes I try to touch the same object TEN times and can only select the one above or below it! As if it hates me and wants to frustrate me!)

    You only want 2.3 or 2.4 or whatever because of the promise it's going to be that much better.

    And almost certainly is not, once you own it, going to be "all that".

    I'm going to be 50 years old next month and in many ways I'm still a punk but have inevitably gained some of that age borne wisdom which says this one is fine for its purpose and I don't need the next big thing every year. Maybe every 3 years and I will research it well so I won't get burned.

    The bigger message is if you want to keep up with the Jones' in technology you better have money to throw away because you'll be doing a lot of that.
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  24. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Would be kind of a dumb decision and wouldn't make sense business wise.
    Problem with Android is, being open source AND extremely profitable for carriers and manufacturers, they no longer feel like updating all of their phones beyond a very short time span. The issue with lack of updates (whether seen through the eyes of the owner or the manufacturer) will ALWAYS happen. It sucks and it's unfortunate, but it's just the way Android is these days. Looks like the Triumph still has great dev. support so at least be happy for that vs. all those Motos with locked bootloaders.
  25. FaroeseViking

    FaroeseViking Well-Known Member

    I'm really quite happy with the performance of my MT, and even the GPS seems to be performing as its supposed to. It's been locking most of the time fairly quickly, and I never really had a problem with anything else except the internal memory filling up for no apparent reason. I do find it annoying we are being disrespected over and over again with OS updates SO far behind initial releases. The only Androids I have that have received more than 1 update is my G1 and my Nexus S (Did the Nexus get more than 1? When I received it, it already had 2.2, then received 2.3). Don't even mention Samsung Behold II. That being said, as much as I want 4G and ICS, I will hold off on upgrading, save my money till later. I don't want to pay $10 extra a month for what I think is very little more.

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