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  1. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    There are some things they should update whether it means 2.3 or not. The touch sensitivity you mention is one. The CM7 based ROMs are much better about that, and the UI feels much smoother. Bluetooth on the stock ROM is another, it won't stay connected idle for long.

    Gingerbread brings some perceived improvements like "better" battery life, and a generally better experience. But some are real measurable things. Talk on 2.3 allows video chat, it is not available stock (have to use Skype or similar), for example. Also Qualcomm has released newer graphics drivers for the Adreno GPU that make significant improvements in 3D performance. That would be nice to have.

    Additionally as time goes on, newer apps will stop working with 2.2 before they stop with 2.3. The new Firefox only supports 2.2 and above. How would you feel if you still had a 2.1 phone your manufacturer just didn't feel like updating. That's how we will feel soon on 2.2.

    Motorola is saying if they won't upgrade a device, it is because they feel it won't improve it. With ICS, maybe there is some truth to it, though devices like the new One V use the same exact CPU, GPU, and RAM but come with ICS from the start. But there is no way a proper Gingerbread update wouldn't improve the Triumph.

    Out of the box, the Triumph isn't a bad phone. But it can definitely be made better with a thoughtful update from the manufacturer. This thing is less than a year old, it's not unreasonable to expect improvements. It would be nice if they cared about delivering that. They don't owe us updates, but we don't owe them repeat business either.

  2. Gamr425

    Gamr425 Well-Known Member

    This doesn't mean it will stay on 2.2 there is a chance it will get 2.3.
  3. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    That is basically Moto's final list. So it means that it will... There may be a minuscule chance it will get an update...
  4. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    It looks like this may be beginning:

    Dashboards | Android Developers

    There are more devices on ICS (21% of devices) than there are on Froyo (14%). I can't think of any new apps that are 2.3+ only, but have to think that will start being the case. If you design an app for the 80% case, that now means 2.3 or greater.
  5. blink182

    blink182 Well-Known Member

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fudge. i was looking forward to an update
  6. halfpr

    halfpr Member

    So does that mean we can get our 100 dollar credit becuz I'm leaving VM and I'm going to at&t Motorola atrix phone and that 100 can pay for my phone so I won't have to pay nothing.
  7. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    I don't think so, the article said first to get the $100 you must send them your old phone, then farther in the ad it says the $100 can only be used for one of the phones they released during the announcement, I don't remember what they were but another user said it 3 new razor phones

    And I read an article by google when ics first came out and they were basically talking trash directly to the faces of every mobile phone manufacturer and carrier saying they were not catering to them and carrying different versions of the same apps for different versions of android when most devices now can run atleast ics, at the time i believe it was 1.8% of devices had ICS and 80-85% Could have ICS, I believe they went on to say they would no longer be doing this and after all the customers complain to their carriers or manufacturers maybe then they would learn lol

    Plus i dont think the list at the top of this page has anything to do with the recent annoucement, the list in the top link has the very first motorola razor getting updates lol, also the list from the top is dated 2 months ago and the article posted about jellybean is was only 4 days ago lol
  8. ShadyBusiness

    ShadyBusiness Well-Known Member

    This article is old and for ICS. The new one that is currently stickied is for JB and our device is still listed. I believe there is still some hope for and update. We just have to be patient.

    I don't think $100 makes up for this $300 piece of garbage they sold me. If they aren't giving us Jellybean I want all the triumph's device files released.
  9. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    oh i know currently its for JB, thats why i was saying the ad at the top here is 2 months old compared to the JB article thats 4 days old lol

    i was just making the statement about ICS and that google was mad cause the above post was speaking about version specific apps and games, and that was what google was so mad about
  10. ShadyBusiness

    ShadyBusiness Well-Known Member

    I understand. I'm just saying in general to anyone who sees this and might think that we are no longer getting jellybean. It hasn't been officially announced whether or not we are getting jellybean so keep those fingers crossed.

  11. You're looking at this from the wrong angle.

    300 up front for a snapdragon S2 512ram 4.1 inch 5megapixel camera smartphone where you get unlimited data every month for as little as 25$

    the best part is ABSOLUTELY NO PERSON ON THIS PLANET can force you to stick with the phone becuase you are NOT on a contract. THATS the real value here.

    go buy a mid-high range phone OFF CONTRACT at a carrier and tell me if you can get it for under 300.

    the answer is no.

    I was HAPPY with my triumph on 2.3 and 2.2(custom roms), it was FAST, smooth, it worked great. did everything I asked of it.

    and in the year that I've owned it I saved hundreds of dollars over going with a contract. money that stays in MY pocket that can pay for gas, road trips, meals, amusement parks, things that keep ME entertained. not to some company that has me under contract.

    now I have the EVO V 4G and all I really have to say is that android 4.0 doesnt have NEARLY the app compatability that 2.3 has... apps that worked on the triumph break and force close on ICS. and it will be this way for awhile...

    Sure, it sucks that Motorola releases phones with no OS updates. But car manufacturers release vehicles and they don't replace your engine every year and you don't complain. You buy a laptop and Dell or HP doesnt give you the next windows for FREE or even make it an option and your ok with that?

    but god forbid you buy a cheap NICE phone off contract and save hundreds by paying prepaid per month and they can't give you a software update EVEN while 2.3 and 4.0 roms exist by the community.

    Last time I made a post like this on another account, more than half the replies agreed with me but the moderator banned me. I stopped really caring for android central becuase of that so If you don't like what I have to say, ban me again.

    edit* you know whats really funny? when the triumph launched, it was right after the LG Optimus V (which was almost flawless for its time)

    and the triumps main problems were that some phones shipped with a green splotch on the camera and sometimes the home buttons stopped responding until you flipped from portrait to landscape.

    the EVO V ships with a BROKEN RADIO. you activate it and you cannot get texts, send texts, miss alot of calls, and other stuff DOES NOT EVEN WORK until you unlock it and flash the Evo 3D firmware and radio to it. and the process for that is NOT as simple as the triumph. you have to open the phone and touch a wire to a certain spot and short it out for a second and its all very precarious and not fun. but thats the price for getting this nice of a phone off contract for so cheap (229.99) and now the evo works great.
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  12. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    Your opinion is your opinion,i was willing to pay for a contract smartphone where the phone and service is reliable,What good is paying 25 dollars a month for garbage,VM is great if you want a basic phone but fail with smartphones.
  13. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    That is the same thing that has been posted for months
  14. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    I should have been clearer. I didn't mean to suggest the announcement was still valid. I know it is old and that they have created some JB hope. Rather that the "downside" of Froyo, asked about in the thread initially, is becoming more real. And that is app irrelevance. There are now more devices on ICS than on Froyo.

    If Moto does not update the Triumph, it will become "irrelevant" soon due to the OS. If you are making a new application, and targeting 80% of devices, right now that means 2.3 and up.
  15. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    Do you mean now? Or July 2011? You can buy lots of nice phones for $300 off-contract now. T-Mobile has the dual-core SII and S Blaze at and under 3 bills. The One V is under that at VMUSA, as is the Evo V.

    You are right that Moto doesn't owe anyone an upgrade. But it is reasonable to expect them to fix software issues, which the Triumph has a few of. Like the slow GPS, the fact that bluetooth is worthless in a car because it disconnects after ~10 minutes, and there are some others. And if they want repeat customers, they ought to give upgrades.
  16. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member

    thats BS when i had my triumph and installed CM with 2.3 the phone performance almost doubled and i didnt get the constant crashes like on stock
  17. critter49er

    critter49er New Member

    This is what they told me when I asked them about it...

    Hi, my name is Andrew. How may I help you?
    [02:34:46 PM] Me: two questions.
    [02:35:01 PM] Me: is the triumph going to be updated to ICS or Jelly Bean?
    [02:36:55 PM] Andrew: I will do my best to help you with this.
    [02:37:45 PM] Andrew: This phone will remain in 2.2 any further information will be communicated to you. Here i the link of the ICS
    [02:38:30 PM] Me: the other question is about the system update, when I click on it , it says packet not found.
    [02:39:15 PM] Andrew: That is because there's no updates for this phone available at the is time.
    [02:40:34 PM] Me: ok, so I signed up for the rebate of $100 bucks if my phone is not upgraded to JB. When can I take advantage of that then?
    [02:41:44 PM] Andrew: This is only with Verizon customers. I will send this with Motorola software team for review and see if they have this process for your phone.
    [02:43:18 PM] Me: It has the Triumph listed and selectable as your phone, I did not read anywhere that it was for Verizon only.
    No response after that, lol
  18. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    Yea lol seems like that Guy really had no idea, was that from Vm or Motorola??, cause if it was vm I could see y he wouldn't know, or if It was vm I could deff see them telling u u can't do it just to try and get u to stay with vm lol

    Cause so far vm hasent said it was getting any new Motorola phones so most likely if u want the $100 you loose your triumph and ur carrier
  19. critter49er

    critter49er New Member

    It was from Motorola :)
  20. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    It's preparation for one of the possible lame excuses.

    1. Oh, JB will not run on your device, you need at least X ram.
    2. We weren't clear, you should upgrade only from ICS to JB, not from old Froyo.
    3. Ooops, that was ment to VZ customers only.
    4. Sorry, but Triumph was released before 2011, sold in 2011 - yes, but built way before that.
    5. You misuderstood, $100 credit applies only if you stay on the contract, and buy phone on the contract (read: VZ, AT&T)
    6. Motorola is not obligated to blah blah blah. Please love us and keep buying our phones
  21. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    I also contacted Motorola and here is what transpired:

    Moto: Hi. How may I help you?
    Bob : I have a question.
    Moto: I'll do my best here to help you.
    Bob : Is the triumph going to be updated to Jelly Bean?
    Moto: Let me check on my resources. Please hold on.
    Bob : thanks
    Moto: No problem.
    Moto: This phone will remain on Android 2.2, Bob.
    Bob : ok, so I signed up for the rebate of $100 if my phone is not upgraded to JB. When can I take advantage of that?
    Moto: Please hold on.
    Moto: Please go to this page,
    Bob : I have been to that site and it has the Triumph listed as an eligible phone,
    Moto: Okay, just sign up there, Bob.
    Bob : I have signed up. But the way I read the page it seems that the $100 will be a rebate toward a new phone. However, Virgin mobile does not have any Motorola phones except for the triumph.
    Moto: It says there that, "If we don't upgrade you, we'll send you instructions on how to trade in your phone for a select new Motorola smartphone and get $100 back on your purchase."
    Moto: Please wait for the instructions.
    Bob : Yes, that is what I just wrote. My question is how will I be able to receive a rebate for a phone that virgin mobile does not have. Or are you saying that I will be forced to change to a different carrier?
    Moto: The program doesn't indicate specific models and carriers, Bob.
    Moto: Motorola will be the one to send you the instructions.
    Moto: Please wait for it and we'll take it from there.
    Bob : Not trying to be difficult... just a little confused because Virgin Mobile only has one Motorola phone.
    Moto: I understand. Please check out the notation there on the lower part of the screen.
    Moto: It says, "Official program details will be found at this site at a future date. $100 provided in the form of a Gift Card, carrier credit or other cash equivalent at Motorola's sole discretion."
    Bob : Great, thanks for clearing that up.
    Moto: You're welcome.
    Moto: Anything else?
    Bob : No, Thanks for the information.
  22. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    It cracks me up tho that they made the announcement, and then later now that people are actually asking questions there like ummmmm, maybe, ummmm, were not sure yet, especially the fact that the last guy told you on the site that motorola may change things at anytime lol, wouldnt that be false advertizement lol they say one thing, then a little while later say things may change at any given time, then change things lol
  23. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    You're not shorting anything out, what you're actually doing is taking a pull down resistor low, sends the phone into engineering mode. And for those that are used to the Triumph and have never unlocked a htc phone the wire trick is actually easier than trying to make a working Gold Card like I had to for the Wildfire S. As far as motorola and the Triumph read my post here :
  24. andr2d2

    andr2d2 Well-Known Member

    We don't need the Motomonkeys to upgrade our phone anyway. We have a dedicated groups of devs on our side. Thanks G60 and all the others. LONG LIVE THE TRIUMPH.:D:D
  25. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

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