The Unofficial Official Rogers Dream>Magic Hardware Upgrade Update Thread

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  1. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Well, speculation is fun, but also frustrating the longer we have to wait. ;-) Based on the answers she's given us so far (and to me on Twitter) I'm pretty sure Mary isn't going to "clarify" anything until it's official.

    No, I am not hinting at anything. I'm just saying as a representative of Rogers she often tells me she can't answer my questions until/unless Rogers gives her something official to share.

  2. Trenchant

    Trenchant Well-Known Member

    Waitings not going to hurt. I want a free phone like everyone else.
  3. samygent

    samygent Member

    2 questions :

    first one :
    Can I wait 1 - 2 - 3 - x months to get the new sony xperia or is there some sort of date limit to use our 600$ credit ?

    second question :
    I bought an Iphone at bestbuy a few days ago because I need internet connection without any interruption and myrogers overview doesn't display my android G1 anymore. Will I run into any kind of problems ?

  4. Trenchant

    Trenchant Well-Known Member

    This deal isn't provided by Rogers. It's provided by HTC. Thats what one of the managers from the customer service line told me.
  5. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    @Samygent: This thread is specifically for updates regarding the Rogers hardware upgrade program from the Dream to the Magic. This program is currently on hold and this thread is here so users will see as soon as it is active again, or if Rogers makes any changes to it.

    Your questions have a much better chance of being answered by creating a new thread in the Rogers sub-forum, or by contacting RogersMary on twitter.

    @ ALL: Please try to keep this thread on topic so visitors can quickly and easily see the status of the Rogers Dream > Magic upgrade.

    Currently the upgrade is STILL ON HOLD.
  6. cmetaphor

    cmetaphor Active Member

    Maybe someday Rogers will start taking care of their customers.

    Oops. Am I ranting? /sarcasm.
  7. RogersMary

    RogersMary Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone - Just and FYI. I should have more information to share with you this week.

    I'll let you know as soon as I do.

  8. XBrav

    XBrav Well-Known Member

    Hey Mary,

    This is promising news! Don't let me down!

  9. cmetaphor

    cmetaphor Active Member

    Good news indeed! Lets cross our fingers and hope...
  10. KyleB

    KyleB Well-Known Member

    Thank God, can't wait to hear. I hope that Rogers allows everyone to qualify for the upgrade and re-opens the time period for the new offer. I called within the time frame the last time and was not happy being told that the offer was on hold.

    Appreciate the update RogersMary. ;)
  11. murray42

    murray42 Member

    Seems the HTC Magic deal is back on.. I just received call from office of the president to complete my HTC Magic Plus upgrade from HTC Dream. According to the CSR the "Plus" indicates the Software update has been performed to the device. She advised me that offer is available until 2/14/2010.
  12. cmetaphor

    cmetaphor Active Member

    Good news! I'll try giving rogers a call tonight then...
  13. Trenchant

    Trenchant Well-Known Member

    I just called in and placed my order. The tech thought the deal was still on hold but I asked him to check and sure enough its on again!

    3-5 business days and I'll have my phone. I'm probably going to just keep using my dream though. This things pretty sweet on cyanogenmod
  14. Tahahm

    Tahahm Member

    Just placed mine , should be here in 3-5 days..
  15. cmetaphor

    cmetaphor Active Member

    just got off the phone with Rogers... apparently the program isn't back on? At least not for me. I had the CSR check and double-check with his manager and they said that they don't even know when the program will be back on. This is getting beyond frustrating now...
  16. kaput

    kaput Active Member

    My Magic was ~ sent ~ with serial number, UPS tracking number and all since the 18 Jan. Never got it. . My money is on they holded it (engrish?)to do the awful update and will star shipping soon. They had the results from UPS tracer since jan 29, first guy i talked to asked for a proof of purchase before he could answer me then transferd me to UPS and hung up on me. I Had to label him as ~ Tache de marde ~ as i called again, 20 minutes on hold Finaly got me through the ping pong game between Rogers and UPS. they confirmed, it never left Rogers. I was assured today that they will make sure UPS pick it up and someone will call me friday to keep me informed.
    Little comfort in wasting my time wasting theirs... :(
  17. Variant

    Variant Member

    Just called Rogers. The program is back on but the rep. said that there were none in stock and they had no idea when they'd get more in. :confused:

    They are going to send me a tracking number when it ships. I'm hoping that there was some mix up and it'll be sent out soon.
  18. samygent

    samygent Member

    is it possible to get credit for xperia x10 ?
  19. kaput

    kaput Active Member

    Good luck, to you, check my last post...

  20. cmetaphor

    cmetaphor Active Member

    That would definitely be nice. Im exactly in love with with loosing my physical keyboard...
  21. XBrav

    XBrav Well-Known Member

    Rogers called the house this morning. The rep thought we wanted to get an Eve, which we don't. Rep is calling back later today to confirm shipment of a Magic. Will update as news becomes available.
  22. Trenchant

    Trenchant Well-Known Member

    I was told by a CSR that this deal was put on through HTC so I doubt they would provide the same upgrade to a sony.
  23. Variant

    Variant Member

    So has anyone else been told that they are out of stock? Has anyone received their tracking number? How long does it usually take to get the email?
  24. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Ok, I asked RogersMary about it. She confirmed that the upgrade deal is back on. She was planning to post here today, but I asked her about the CSRs saying there is no stock, and she said she would look in to it before posting.
  25. andy1811

    andy1811 New Member

    This is crap, just another frustrated dream owner here. I've been without 3g for weeks now and It's starting to seriously piss me off. I've been using and modding HTC phones for a while back to the 6700 running windows and never encountered something this stupid.

    So they send me a SD card with the update but after reading this forum it definitely doesn't inspire much confidence. I've been wanting to root my phone for a long time but just haven't had the time, so I decide that instead of screwing up this phone and possibly never being able to root it, I'd rather get a Magic for now...

    I JUST got off the phone with the most ******ed service representative that barely understood english, not to mention the words android or firmware, and he kept telling me that the dream>magic upgrade was no longer available. After asking to speak to someone else he repeated the same thing so I just hung up before getting more frustrated. Any tricks to getting this upgrade?

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