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  1. How can I change it? Since Sunday (daylight savings) its been one hour behind. I did a search but nothing that has been suggested has worked. has anyone else been able to work around this?

  2. malvizuris

    malvizuris New Member

    Same problem here,i haven't find anything to fix the savings time on the weather widget
  3. Rlwallace

    Rlwallace Active Member

    same here
  4. Still have not been able to fix this. So ended up downloading fancy widget from the marketplace, and I actually like it better than the stock widget. plus it's free
  5. hoodlums562

    hoodlums562 Active Member

    I am using the stock widget and it updated the time automatically for me but it took a few days for some reason!
  6. Mylili0412

    Mylili0412 New Member

    I found out if you go into setting, then applications, then running application and stop it, and restart your phone it set its self to the right time
  7. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    Uninstall and reinstall should fix it

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  8. jmwinf146

    jmwinf146 Well-Known Member

    Clear data and stop did nothing for this widget. FW was the way for me. 2 things tho when in plain mode and I restart the phone the time will be off. After I reconnect to the network it's back to normal. Last thing time setting time zone? Im in Miami Florida I thought was eastern -5.. In the phone setting its eastern -4. I guess that's why the time is off in that widget.
  9. palexogr

    palexogr New Member

    The solution for me was to fix time zone.I hope it help
  10. paarlberg

    paarlberg Active Member

    If you use the current city, it will be off. If you enter your city and not use current, it will work fine.

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