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The Z1s Accessory Thread..Let's Talk Cases, Screen Protectors, and ???Tips

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  1. LuvMusic

    LuvMusic VIP Member VIP Member

    Since the Z1s is an exclusive phone for T Mobile in the US, I suspect that accessories like cases and screen protectors will be scarce. Consequently many "eyes" will help us all keep informed on what is available and may come available.

    Let's share what we find and/or use.

    I'll start. When I got my Z1s I wanted something immediately so for a case I selected the Tech21 Tactical case. Here is the link: Sony Xperia Z1S Tech 21 Impact Tactical Shell - Black | T-Mobile

    This case is OK but has one major "flaw"......the magnetic connector is covered so you have to open the USB port to charge the phone. It doesn't add much to the dimensions or weight of the phone, seems well built and addresses the slippery feel of the phone. If it had a magnetic cutout I think my search might be over, but....

    TMo had only one screen protector available and that is what I'm using. What can I say, it's a screen protector and has the appropriate cutouts for the Z1s' sensors. Also feels OK. I think I'm satisfied with it for now.

    I've also paired my Z1s with a Bose Mini Soundlink speaker via bluetooth. Paired fine, working fine. No complaints.

    And what about you?

  2. Helgaiden

    Helgaiden Well-Known Member

    rather upset with the lack of cheap cases. Ive never paid more than $10ish dollars for cell phone cases. Got this one and immediately went to amazon and after reading reviews (skimming, rather) and seeing that this phone is "basically identical" to the international version, I ordered up a case I liked for about $9. When it arrived I excitedly opened it up and it didn't fit. Charging port was covered and headphone jack was covered. Yeah, the Z1 is not the same as the Z1s I came to find out. So I initiated an RMA and on top of a 15% restocking fee and return shipping cost, im probably getting like $3-$4 dollars back. After days of searching and searching, still couldn't find anything solid for a good price. Now im settling for a case from the Tmo store, a bodyglove clase for $30. Fortunately they are running a 25% off promotion for online purchases so I guess theres that. Oh well. Was planning on ordering a Skinomi techskin screen protector but with a case this expensive, not really palatable to do that.

    edit: $6 shipping for the case from the tmobile website using the 25% off promo. End up saving like $2 over going to the store and if I just get it at the store I wont have to wait for shipping. Wow. Just wow.
  3. Lambertoid

    Lambertoid Well-Known Member

    I originally purchased the body glove case 3 weeks ago went to tmobile today to pay my bill and asked why is the case wearing so bad in my pocket the returned it and gave me the tech 21 case witch is way nicer and reviews show it works great... Fits nicely with a screen protector on and not to mention the did the by 2 get one.accessorie free for the second time score
  4. supercad79

    supercad79 Active Member

    I think I'm going to do this too. The Bodyglove case looked great when I first put it on, but now it looks like crap. They shouldn't have put that fuzzy finish on it. It would have looked a lot better.

    EDIT: The new case is a lot better. Feels like it would be a lot more protective than the hard plastic Bodyglove case. There's no finish to wear off and I don't have little blue chunks of crap all over my screen now.
  5. Helgaiden

    Helgaiden Well-Known Member

    ended up returning the bodyglove case for the same reason. Bullcrap. Cant use the tech21 case either as it blocks the magnetic charging port. Is there no decent case for this phone that is designed properly? The tech21 cases obviously aren't, otherwise we wouldn't have this issue. Cant even use the magnetic charging dock if you have a tech21 case on it.
  6. Helgaiden

    Helgaiden Well-Known Member

  7. jdom58

    jdom58 New Member

    Hello this is my intro, I'm addidcted to the latest gadgets, jumped from my trusty S4 last week to the Experia Z1S, nice phone but miss the S4 need to fix my rooting addiction :D
  8. jdom58

    jdom58 New Member

    At the Mall on Friday and ran into the Ghost Armour kiosk so I decided to have them apply a screen protector for their $25. Had micro bubbles for a day but by Sunday all traces of bubles are gone and you can't tell there is any screen protector on the phone. I also have a slim hard case that covers the back which should be arriving today so I should be good to go with protection.


    The screen does scuff up very easily so be careful until you get some sort of protection on it. Also screen response is just as good with the additional protector on it.
  9. InfestedR

    InfestedR New Member

    Went and searched around on Amazon when I got my Z1s. Found a magnetic dock, a tempered glass screen protector, and a case for less than $10 each.

    The screen protector is good quality, fits well, easy to apply, cleans up better than the screen, good response, and doesn't look bad or obvious on the phone. Clear as the screen itself, so no loss to the display. $8, with Prime shipping. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013WCZ88G?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01

    The charging dock is universal, couldn't find one that was built specifically for the Z1s. It's small, and simple. Comes with a USB cable, no AC adapter. The page says it has an 'adjustable' stand or some-such. While the magnetic connector can be swiveled forward and back, it doesn't have the strength to hold your phone forward at all. I assume it's probably to fit bigger phones, or those with thick cases. I got it at $10; it's at $11 now, with Prime shipping. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MTKJI48?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00

    Found a hybrid Cover-U case. Plastic shell with a silicon wrap, has a kickstand on the back. Kickstand only works in landscape, adjustable to two position. There is a third position, sort of, that leaves the phone at a really steep angle. But I don't think it would hold in that position if you tried to use the touch screen. Adds a little bulk, but it grips well and feels secure. Definitely protective, seems to be a good case. Came with a stylus that has a headphone jack dust cover attached. Works well for precise touch-screen control. Also came with a film screen protector; kinda cheap, couldn't manage to get it on without a couple of small bubbles. Tossed it in favor of the tempered glass. Biggest problem is the lack of a magnetic cut-out. You have to remove the case to use a magnetic dock, or open up the charging port and plug in a USB cable. If that's not a big issue for you, though, definitely a good case. $8, no Prime but still shipped pretty fast. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J542DUM?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00

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