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[Theme] BeastCandy

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  1. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Again same as MixedUp ONLY for ZVB as of now ;)

    But anyways for the ones on ZVB here ya go ;) Still a WIP..Couple things I dont exactly like that'll probably change soon....

    Big shout out to DroidWhisper for major help in blacking out the MMS apk.




  2. ChaoticJ

    ChaoticJ Well-Known Member

    looks pretty awesome so far...the mms is sweet ;)
    ShinySide likes this.
  3. bnb25

    bnb25 Well-Known Member

    Shiney get over zvb already, you're becoming like that old man that can't let go of his am radio, like the colors though
  4. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    I like that bro!! especially the mms.
    ShinySide likes this.
  5. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    if you have a zvb back up you can flash this over it.
  6. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Why change when I run great on Zvb? Plus I like not to follow the crowd just because everyone's doing it ;):rolleyes:

    Plus everyone else is theme'n D. They can cover D users and I got the B community on lock ;):cool:
  7. androiduser96

    androiduser96 Well-Known Member

    Nice them! I really like the MMS, its nice! Port it over to ZVD ;) do us a favor! jk, good work.
  8. romano76

    romano76 Member

    i like but got zvd :( acybody port these theme please:itsme:
  9. romano76

    romano76 Member

    if u dont mind im gonna get the mms app, root exploer it, i hope it works:D
  10. amazin1988

    amazin1988 Well-Known Member

    Wow make for zvd please
  11. LDrifta

    LDrifta No Stranger 2 Danger Developer

    ok... nice theme :D my ? is... how the hell did you black out the 'light-blue background'??? and if you need any help let me know.. sorry i been kinda busy lately lol
  12. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Ask droidwhisper on that one. I couldn't recompile but he was cool enough to help, but I was decompiling and looking thru all the xmls and sending him suggestions and he was looking thru the xmls doing stuff and eventually it changed. I believe there's 2 different things you have to change. Because when we first got it to change there was still a little ligh blue all around the edges then he tried again and changed something else I believe and it blacked out the whole thing. He also got the contacts/call log to black out. For that at end of line 140 of the styles he changed Theme. Light to Theme. Black I believe.
  13. Martin714

    Martin714 Well-Known Member

    someone has to port this to zvd this shit is awesome looking theme
  14. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    theme looks great. :p
  15. racinmason001

    racinmason001 Well-Known Member

    Like the mms! Good job. Wish i could flash this over zvd to check it out.
  16. racinmason001

    racinmason001 Well-Known Member

    Im using your mms on zvd. Just pasted it with root explorer. It's working good so far.
  17. bnb25

    bnb25 Well-Known Member

    that's what my grandfather use to say about his black and white tv:p
  18. amazin1988

    amazin1988 Well-Known Member

    Drifta all your work is good I like different stuff but I always go back to your work
  19. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Yeah all those apks, MMS, contacts, phone, web, etc etc are all the same on all the versions. I pull the Mms apk from GSE and, well when I did make all versions, used the same one in all. All those type of apks are used in all versions stock
  20. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Well-Known Member

    SWEET!!! i'm feeling this Beast.:beer: on me. :thumbup::congrats::party:

    just loaded, looks alot cleaner. thanks again for the Hook-up...
  21. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Well-Known Member

    i just changed the font using uot.

  22. Martin714

    Martin714 Well-Known Member

    hey bro u think u can port over to zvd?
  23. amazin1988

    amazin1988 Well-Known Member

    i want for zvd
  24. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    If ya'll want, I wrote something for another user in a PM about porting and if you want this ported and want it quicker and even have your name on it for being ported I'll post what I sent the other user. Since I already brought it to our device porting it to zvd is even easier. All you have to do is replace images in stead of renaming and replacing. You could finish it in probably an hour with all bugs worked out. All you need is one program. 7zip which is free. I have no problem with anyone porting anything I do. Ask Pnut he asked if it was cool to port one theme and my response was port all you want. He started porting and like 4 days later started making his own. Honestly I think starting off porting is a great way to learn the apks drawable-hpdi folder and whats what and is a great first step to starting completely making your own themes. So if you want let me know, its seriously stupid easy to port. Just grab a Mountain Dew and put some music on and youll be donre in an hour.
    mrpnut likes this.
  25. Martin714

    Martin714 Well-Known Member

    hey bro wanna help me do this porting today ill start right away

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