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[THEME] Custom Murky Beats Animation

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  1. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    I made myself a pretty cool boot animation that merges the Murky Beats animation with the stock animation.

    However it's not a simple splice job in Virtual Dub. I did more then just putting two animations together. Youtube video previewing it:

    Boost Mobile version:


    Sprint version:


    The stock animation plays, then the Murky Beats animation "hacks" into the stock animation and takes over. So I made it to look like MB "takes over" the stock rom. :D

    I used some fancy FX in Adobe Premiere to do this by the way. ;)

    Not shown is that it will loop the Murky Beats animation after the transition. (so the stock transition to Murky Beats animation part only plays once).

    I took the two power on sounds and simply compiled them together with a sound effect in the middle. Adobe Premiere doesn't come with similar FX for audio unfortunately. :p

    I also optimized the animation specifically for the Marquee so that means the MB half of the animation has been upscaled to match the resolution of the stock animation. Since the MB animation ran at 24FPS, I made the stock half of it go at 24FPS as well. I don't know why Boost decided to use a really low FPS for their stock animation. Makes it look more laggy then it actually is. :p

    Download Links: (mobile phone friendly, so you can download these direct to your phone)

    Power On sound: (goes in the "/system/media/audio/system" )

    Boot Animation ZIP file: (goes in "/system/media/")

    Sprint version:

    Backup your existing files if you want to restore them.

    Let me know what you think. :D

    Oh and if any one wants me to make a Sprint version of this, you'll need to provide me with the stock sprint animation and stock poweron animation for the sprint version (if it is any different that is). I do not own or have easy access to the stock boot animation and power on sound for the Sprint version of the phone. If there is decent enough demand for this animation, I may try and get these files myself, but no promises.

    Found the sprint animation and already have it done. Updated info above. ;)

    Disclaimer: If you or someone in your household suffers from epilepsy, I would not recommend you use this boot animation. There is some flickering in the transition that may trigger seizures in people with epilepsy. You have been warned.

  2. MrMondayNight

    MrMondayNight Well-Known Member

  3. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    Generally boot animations have to be short. 10-20 seconds is the average. Uhm...what parts of that video would you have wanted to be part of the animation?
  4. MrMondayNight

    MrMondayNight Well-Known Member

    The first 30-40 seconds of the song and Video gotta support my fellow Chicagoan :D
  5. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    I just recalled that the stock boot animation and PowerOn sound can be found in the ZVC rom that Bloodawn posted. The PowerOn is identicle to the one MB already uses, so Sprint users need not use my PowerOn file.

    I have already rendered out the video and am uploading it to Youtube and my file host as I speak. :D

    If you want just a straight dump of the first 30 seconds, just use VirtualDub to export the video as a image sequence. Google around on how to build a proper bootanimation zip file. (Search for "Boot Animation Creator" at XDA forums/google. That app will generate the desc file for you and will make things easier as it will zip it up for you in the correct format).

    Use the Home/End keys on your keyboard to mark the parts of the video you want removed. Then press delete. VirtualDub will remove the selected frames and you will have what you want as your boot animation. Just use a resize filter to resize it to the correct resolution. (480x800 in this case) I would recommend you use cropping in your resize filter at some point as letter boxing it will look like s**t on your phone. ;)

    Then export as JPG image sequence. (You can use PNG but it will LAG and will take up A LOT of file space. I highly recommend you use JPG instead!)

    I'm just a beginner at doing custom animations. You should probably seek someone more qualified for your request. ;)


    Finished Sprint version. Updated first post with new youtube video and links.
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  6. MrMondayNight

    MrMondayNight Well-Known Member

    It's not taking the FLV, MP4, or WMV formats what should I use for video?
  7. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    Look for a converter app that will convert FLV to an AVI file. Stock VirtualDub with no third-party plugins will not load anything other then AVI files. ;)

    You can also google "FLV plugin for VirtualDub". As I recall there is a plugin that allows VirtualDub to open FLVs directly.
  8. MrMondayNight

    MrMondayNight Well-Known Member

    how many pictures should go into a "part" folder?
  9. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is a real limit. Filesize for the resulting zip file is more of a concern. (since you can't enable compression in the ZIP file since it would cause a blank screen instead of showing the animation).

    My custom animations in this thread for example have about 200+ frames for the Sprint version and 100+ frames in the Boost version.

    Just know that anything more then 15-20 seconds is not needed since the boot screen will go away as soon as the phone is done booting (it will not wait for the animation to end). So movie length boot animations not a good idea as 95% of it will never be seen. :p

    Sprint version of my animation was around 7 seconds long and produced 200+ frames. So some basic math will net you what amount of images you will get with longer videos at 24FPS. Using higher FPS will result in more frame images or using smaller FPS will result in less.
  10. MrMondayNight

    MrMondayNight Well-Known Member

    Do I have to change the name of the pics to "boot_###"?
  11. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    It does not matter. As long as the last part of the file name contains enough digits to correctly order the files. (they must be numbers)

    For example the unmodified MB animation used f0000, f0001, f0002 and so on.

    If your animation has more then 9999 frames then a fifth digit needs to be added. Hopefully that explains it a little bit. :p
  12. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    Ok I've noticed that the power on sound plays twice with my animation. It starts playing it on the first half but when it reaches the "part1" portion of the animation that will loop until startup finishes, it interrupts the power on sound and plays it again.

    Any one know what causes this? Seems that two parter boot animations would cause the power on sound to play twice. I only want the boot sound to play once.
  13. jmedno5891

    jmedno5891 Well-Known Member

    Did you end up figuring out why the boot sound plays twice? I'm really liking the style of this boot animation with the whole "hacking" thing going on
  14. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    Didn't find anything thus far. Will just live with it for now. :p
  15. jmedno5891

    jmedno5891 Well-Known Member

    How do I go about switching out the zip files? made a copy of the original by putting it in root of sd card then overwriting the original with the new file but it says copy failed :confused:

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  16. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    You just overwrite the existing zip file. Use Android Commander or from your phone, you can use root explorer or similar app to do it. You have to have root to alter boot animations.
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  17. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    I've updated the bootanimation.zip file for the Boost version. Somehow something got bugged when exporting the frames since the last part of the animation had repeated frames causing the looping of the animation to not occur smoothly. You may or may not have noticed it.

    (the repeated frames aren't shown in the videos since the videos only show the first half of the animation and not the looping part that occurs after the transition. You had to have installed and viewed the animation on the phone while the phone was booting to notice the bug)

    Well it's fixed now. :D

    I re-uploaded as the same file name and path, so just re-download to get the newest version.
  18. grad061980

    grad061980 Well-Known Member

    what would it take to include a US Cellular splash version, but with the beats logo taken out and replaced with ANDROID?
  19. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I no longer have the Marquee. I now have the HTC Evo Design 4G which has a higher resolution screen. I have also yet to determine if it can use custom boot animations on a stock rom so right now I can't make anymore. :(
  20. grad061980

    grad061980 Well-Known Member

    Yep you can do custom boot animations for the design on the stock rom, I have the same phone as you, but mine is called the hero s. 960x540 qhd screen. You can do the boot animations on the stock rom, just go to /system/customize/resource and rename your stock boot animation and keep it in a safe place for a back up. It's called "Boost_bootanimation.zip", so what ever you would come up with for an animation you would rename it to that exact name and place it in that folder. The desc.txt is as follows in my custom boot animation on the boost leaked sense 3.6 ics rom:

    540 960 20
    p 1 1 part0

    But I assume you know what to do in the text file and the image files as you have made boot animations before. I just don't know how to merge the animations like you have the ones posted and would love your help in making one for my phone.

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