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    12/28/10 - repost if you've already seen this thread.
    started its own thread with more appropriate title.

    so far covers .9's, status bar notification color changes, carrier name change.
    i did a simple copy and paste from a mess of two other threads, so please report any issues if anyone uses this tutorial.

    system color changes in text now added....scroll down. 1/24/11

    how to change the words you see on installation of a theme (updater script)....2/20/11 scroll down.

    added Bouchigo's "getting java in your path" tutorial (thanks bo :))....2/27/11 scroll down.

    .9's (making things stretch):

    I started this earlier and ran in to trouble. Apparently the android sdk r8 doesnt work the way r7 did and as easily as beta least with my little skill level. But I think we'll give it another go.

    -I'm pretty much self-taught, so go easy on me.

    Things you need:
    -Time and patience
    (^Not sure if you need the developers java or regular, I have both now ;)....over my head).
    GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
    Android SDK - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
    (^f%#&, get this version....cause if you ever use 1 thing in a huge system of stuff....they'll go and change the thing you
    [Release] xUltimate - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum
    (xultimate draw9patch compiler; its toward the bottom of first post under standalone. I believe 86 is for 32 bit and 64 is for 64 bit).

    -Extract xcompiler and android sdk to your desktop, install 7zip and gimp.


    So I'm gonna work in blkwhtandchrome and change the color of the menu background while still keeping the chrome trim looking good. We'll change it to .... let's say red. (Cause now that I have my phone how I like it I might as well mess with it :))

    First take your theme and make a copy somewhere safe. I like to use another partition on my ssd/hard drive so I can just drag and drop it to my desktop and it will easily make a copy keeping the original safe. You could probably easily do the same with a thumb drive or sd card or something.

    Put your theme to work with on your desktop and call it "test" or whatever.



    Lets do a little learning. Follow the pic below. (Close folder, by the way, is the little folder with the green arrow on the left of the location window, just under the copy to the right arrow).
    (When you open 7zip, remember you can open more then one instance of 7zip which can mess with you later, and you need to do that at other times....its not a big deal, you wont do it on accident, I just want to mention'll know you can see that there is another window open in bottom bar or on desktop like any other window. I just didnt want anyone to open two instances and then get messed up later when trying to close and finish one if they accidentally switched to the other, or anything else that might happen. To do other things we have to open 2 or more sometimes....not with this).

    - Create a folder on your desktop called "pngs" and inside of 7zip locate your theme "test".
    - Now click on it in 7zip (double click on my touch pad net book) and it will open up inside 7zip. Its like peeking inside a zipped folder without opening it.
    - Now click on through these folders:
    test (theme on desktop), system, framework, framework-res.apk, res, drawable-hdpi.
    -Go to "edit" in top bar of 7zip, pick "select all" and it should look like the pic below.

    -Then double click or whatever method your computer uses to drag and drop all of it in to your "pngs" folder. (Just grab one spot inside 7zip, it will all go with since you told it select all).
    See below.

    -Give it time to finish copying. You didnt move anything from the theme, you copied it all to your "png" folder. It wont effect the theme any until you put something back in to 7zip with the same name as something else, then it will overwrite that file....we'll get to that later.

    -Open your "png" folder and look around. This is the inside graphics of your phone. (Some of them).

    - Im looking for "menu_background_fill_parent_width.9".

    Now lets stop. "How do you know what you are looking for?", you ask.
    F$%^#$^ trial and error is how I found you can find out an easier way. Plus it resembles what I'm looking for and the name kinda makes sense. But trial and error would be my answer. :)

    Find the .png you want to edit and drag it to desktop. (Make a copy of it somewhere else, just like with the whole theme; if you think you may screw this up....:)....I know I

    Now open up Gimp, give it time to load up, and then drag and drop our .png on there.

    Now follow pics below:


    When you are done making changes, click "file" and select "save" or close it and it SHOULD ask you to save. DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF THE .PNG.

    Now at this point it looks like you want and we kept transparency, so we should be able to just throw it back in the theme and go on, right?....I wish. :) You can try it just to see how bad it looks.

    - Now go in to android sdk and find "tools" then find "draw9patch" and open should open up and you can drag/drop your .png on to it.

    That should bring you to the pick below.
    Follow directions on pic below and save then quit.


    Still not done.

    Now open up your extracted file of xcompiler and go in to the folders (just open, not in 7zip):
    - example1, res, drawable hdpi and delete everything in there. (its someone else's work....just delete all of it. Make sure you are hitting delete, not backspace.

    Drag/drop (or copy paste or whatever) your png there.

    - Back out until you see the little droid icon (and both example folders/etc.).

    -Click/start the little droid icon.

    -When it is done there should be a new folder that is called "done" (imagine that). Go into it and example1 and on until you find your png. Then drag/drop it on your desktop.

    -Now open 7zip (or find the one you had open or whatever) and navigate to where we originally got all the pngs....look back at the beginning.

    -Then right click/delete your new png....JUST KIDDING.....LOL....:)
    (^If you accidentally deleted it; it's O.K., you needed the practice anyway).

    -OK, seriously: drag/drop your new png right into 7zip where we got it from (EXACTLY IN THE SAME FOLDER YOU ORIGINALLY PULLED IT FROM), it will overwrite the old one. AS LONG AS YOU NEVER CHANGED THE NAME OF IT WHILE WORKING ON IT. Tell it yes you want to copy it there or whatever when it asks.


    -Close 7zip and tell it "OK".

    -Now load like normal and cross your fingers.

    Look at that, its red and the chrome looks OK!

    Hope this helps someone.



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    status bar notifications color change:

    status bar/notifications/etc. color change:

    first off: credit to bouchigo (no way i would have figured all this out without him sticking with me through learning it).

    helpful links:

    [Q] Changing the "Verizon Wireless" text - xda-developers
    Text Color Change (Complete how to do) - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum
    Web Color Chart - Hexadecimal - by VisiBone

    HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor | mh-nexus




    -right click your "framework" folder and select: "7zip", then "add to archive" on 7zip pop'll get the pic below.




    go here: Web Color Chart - Hexadecimal - by VisiBone
    and pic your color....remember it exactly. put it somewhere.






    in the pic below: remember we are looking at the set AFTER what search finds, not the highlighted group that search found. also the disk in hxd = save.

    check all 3 .xmls and change any finds in the pic below (it just happened in my case that i only had to change 2 in status bar and the others didnt have any finds).




    carrier name change:

    changing carrier name:








    sorry my last awnser was so short, have the flu and its kicking my arse....:(

    hope this helps.
  3. faber78

    faber78 Guest


    please post up any issues any using these write ups.


    --------------Bouchigo was nice enough to do a write up on getting java in to your path. On a couple of these tutorials you'll see the requirement posted to do so. This will show you how to get java in your path and with anything else that needs to be in your path, you just repeat the same procedure.---------------

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    You young people are smart as sh**. You drink to much but you are super smart.
  5. faber78

    faber78 Guest kinda older and gave up the bottle when i was blessed with a daughter.

    but i agree, they sure are and sure do :)
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    Ok, when you daughter starts to date you may want to rethink the bottle.
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    lol....i know you're right. :)
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    Thread Stickied.

    You, sir, are amazing. :D
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    Finally you sticky it ;)


    Great job as always
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    thanks guys :)
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    I know... you can't get good help nowadays, huh? :rolleyes: :p
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    Nice write up faber. I would have thought Ninjamorph was involved somewhere but it's not. The first part while complicated seems like it's doable. The revising Verizon Wireless though seemed much more complicated and I got lost. Will need to read through it a few times I am sure.

    Anyway, it encourages users to try to make DIY customizations.
  13. bouchigo

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    We've got you, so it's not that hard ;)

    Just keep at it, I know it seems like a lot of info. all at once, but once you get it down it's really simple to do. You just need practice at it is all :D
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    Thanks, I will try it out. as long as I follow directions the worst thing that happens is I have wasted some time and learned something in the process, a fair tradeoff.

    Happy New Year to you both!
  15. bouchigo

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    Cool, well hopefully it works out though.

    Happy New Year to you too!
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    you can do it!
    and if you cant; we can help! :)
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    better unsticky me.....photobucket just stuck it to
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    hey the pics are back....way to go photo bucket!
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    or at least some of
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    ------------If you catch an error while using apk manager, you need to start over or figure out about java being in your path....or fix whatever the issue is....dont ignore it and go ahead and try to boot your final .zip; most likely you will go in to boot loops.-------

    WARNING: I literally just got through learning this and am not responsible for messing up your phone. I also want it clear that having just learned it myself....any step could be off. (Im writing this up as much for myself as anyone

    The next warning is that I thought I was having problems getting java in my I think I was doing something else wrong. I wanted to make sure and explain the whole java thing but pretty much no nothing about java and figure that it may have not been an issue for if you follow these steps and it doesnt work you may look at putting java in your path....whatever all that means.

    The final warning: make sure you have a lot of time and patience, its gonna take both to get through this.

    ----huge thanks to bouchigo; without him you wouldnt even be reading this attempt to do a tutorial on this-----



    Im gonna change matted blues to ff33cc, whatever color that was....pinkish or something....

    things you will need;
    apk manager; Apk Manager 4.9 - Makes Modifying Ur Apk A Breeze (Windows/Linux) - xda-developers
    7zip (you should have this already if you are going this far in to themeing)
    I also have these java versions and android sdk installed....(exact versions or what is neccessary is beyond me, im telling you what i have in);
    Java Platform, Standard Edition 6u21 Binary Snapshot Releases
    java developer kit
    Java SE Downloads
    Android SDK | Android Developers
    android developer sdk

    i downloaded and isntalled both javas, android kit, and of course 7zip, then tired to put java sdk bin, android tools, and app manager other in my path. DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS.^(shoot, it may not even can try it first without worrying about the whole path thing and see how it goes).


    You will also need:
    - a copy of the liberty version 1 rom (we'll see how all this works on other roms and later versions....havent tried that yet).
    - a copy of the theme you want to change colors on.
    - toggle button on.9 that is correctly compiled (there were errors on the on in the liberty rom framework....ill upload one you can download, extract and apply when its time).
    dont change its name^


    extract apkmanager
    go in to 7zip and open up liberty rom unitl you find "framework-res.apk"
    drag drop it in to apk managers folder called "place here to mod"

    we should see this:

    now close 7zip and hit script inside apk manager
    follow these steps;
    -enter to start
    22 to select then enter
    1 to select framework-res then enter
    9 to decompile then enter

    it should start decompiling your framework from liberty rom.

    when its done go in to the projects folder in apk manager and open up:
    -projects, then framework-res, then res, then drawable hdpi

    at this point you should be looking at a bunch of the png's (little pictures).
    - find and delete "button toggle on.9" and "button toggle on."
    see below;


    - now add your properly compiled button toggle .9 (or just use the one you downloaded from be my unzipping the folder and drag dropping the png right in to the same folder you deleted the other 2 button toggle on's from).

    --------------------switching gears
    now back out until you see all the folders in res, there should be a folder called "values"....see below;

    - go in to it and find "colors."
    drag drop colors in to

    (continued next post....saving all this).
  21. faber78

    faber78 Guest drag drop colors on to notepad and you should see this;


    now these are what was changed on blackdoutblue theme....and the pic is what bouchigo sent me that he changed.
    I just use bouchigo's pic and run through them, ill leave out the ones for the sliders.
    Im still experimenting with I'm just getting to doing this.

    bright forground dark
    bright forground disabled

    dim fogrnd drk
    dim forgnd drk disabled
    dim forgrnd drk inv
    dim forgrnd drk inv dis

    brght forgrnd lght

    brght frgrnd lght disabled
    dim frgrnd lght
    dim frgnd lght disabled
    dim frgrnd lght inv
    dim frgrnd lght inv disabled

    search url txt nrml
    search url txt selected to @color/bright_foreground_dark

    kygrd txt color unlock
    kygrd txt color soundoff
    kygrd txt color sound on
    kygrd txt color decline


    i just use this for now^
    pic the color you want from here;

    im using ff33cc and the edit code is in alpha (ff) it will look like ffff33cc.
    basically put an ff in front of whatever color code you pick.

    now go through and edit the ones you want to change.
    you should be seeing something like this;


    i pointed an arrow at one of the changes i made....anywhere you see that same code i changed it to what i wanted there.
    - then click save in notepad.

    -------------------switching gears again.
    no go back in to apk manager and back out until you see the original "script" button and the "place apk to mod here" folder and all that.

    run the script....or if you never closed it then get to the window for it again.
    type 22 to select work
    select 1 for framework-res
    then 11 to compile

    it should now tell you it is building your apk....
    -------when it is done it will ask you if it is a system apk...awnser YES AND YES TO THE NEXT QUESTION AS WELL.
    it will begin a huge extraction process, when its done follow the directions it has....which should be to:
    go back in to apk manager and the "keep" folder....make your way to drawable hdpi and delete the "button toggle on .9" png we added earlier and to back out and delete the "resources.arsc" that is in the keep folder.

    like this;

    i already deleted the resources folder or id show a pic of it as well. you should see it when you first open the "keep" folder.
    - now back to the apk manager (terminal) to hit return.

    It should go through a compressing process, say that everything is ok (real quick), the go back to the "make your decision" page.

    ----Now hit 22 to select your project again and then select FRAMEWORK-RES....NOT....NOT....UNSIGNED FRAMEWORK-RES.
    (I wasted a ton of time thinking I had to select unsigned framework-res).

    see below;


    ----After it goes back to the "make your decision" screen....SELECT OPTION 12 TO SIGN THE APK.

    Now you should have an "signed-framework-res.apk" in the "place apk here to mod" folder of apk manager.
    If so, then drag drop it to your desktop.
    Then right click and rename it just "framework-res" basically right click, rename, and delete the signed part of its name.

    (continued next post).
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    faber78 Guest

    --------now open two counts of 7 zip;
    -1 of the new framework you just created
    -2 in to the framework of your theme you want to change the colors on


    - next go in to the "res" folders of both and find the drawable folders.

    - highlight any .png's (and the default wallpaper .jpg in res drawable) and drag drop over to the framework you made on your desktop (inside 7zip, if course).
    Like this;


    back out and go in to the next "drawable" folder and do the same.
    in "drawable hdpi" you can just use 7zips edit, select all; then drag drop the whole thing.
    ----we arent pulling over .xml's (except the battery ones in drawable hdpi).

    --once you have gone through all the drawable folders and dragged the pngs over to their same folder in the framework (you created) in 7zip....close both 7zips.

    then reopen two 7zips and take 1 into the theme you want to change the color on, the second to where you can see your new framework.

    like this;


    you can either delete the one inside the theme you are wanting to change, or just drag drop your created framework in to it and it will overwrite the old one.

    ---now close up 7zips and drop on your sd card and install (good

    you should get this;


    the way ive been able to tell mess ups is that launcher pro, widget locker, and the liberty option inside settings all force close.

    if you follow this method you should be ok.
  23. faber78

    faber78 Guest

    will proof read later.
  24. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    Wow......I didn't realize what a long and involved process it really

    The tutorial is looking good so far :D
  25. faber78

    faber78 Guest

    crazy how long it gets when you try and explain
    let me know if you see anything that will screw it gonna try and read back through it later.

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