[THEME] Incredibly RED/ BLUE

  1. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    (2) Themes for the DROID INCREDIBLE!!!!


    INCREDIBLY BLUE UPDATED...7/13 (added 12 more APKs)

    INCREDIBLY RED(UPDATED...7/6 fixed phone button)

    UPDATE.ZIP INSTALLS: ( thanks to Wowthatisrandom over at MyDroidWorld.)

    RED - (Update.zip install)

    BLUE - (Update.zip install)

    Attached are themed Framework-res & com.htc.resources APKs
    Added: Phone.apk, HTCCamera.apk, HtcDialer.apk, GMail.apk, Settings.apk, GoogleApps.apk, YouTube.apk, 12 new apks added...

    -Customized Status Icons, battery meter, signal meter, 3G / 1X icons
    -AS MUCH GREEN AS POSSIBLE, WAS REMOVED And RECOLORED. ie stars, checkboxes, menu highlights, text fields, buttons, sliders, etc etc.
    -Annoying GPS "bullseye" removed.
    -Volume Slider Colored
    -Stock POWER CONTROL widget colored
    -Dial pad colored
    -Gmail, YouTube, Phone, HtcDialer, HTCCAMERA, Settings and GoogleApps + 12 new APKs Skinned!

    MORE TO COME will update OP when changes are made.

    NOW FOR THE SCREEN SHOTS: (no screen shots of RED yet, but everything is the same... BUT RED)3 NEW screen shots!!

    Install Instructions VIA ADB: (Windows Users)( Im not a linux user, but im sure you can figure it out )

    Download (1st link)
    Unzip (preferably to a root directory, ie C:\ or D:\, for easier access)
    Plug in phone (ensure USB Debugging is ON )
    Open CMD Promt
    TYPE: adb reboot recovery

    scroll to PARTITIONS, press joystick
    Mount /system, press joystick (first option in menu)

    At CMD Promt TYPE:
    adb push c:\framework-res.apk /system/framework/framework-res.apk (hit enter)
    adb push c:\com.htc.resources.apk /system/framework/com.htc.resources.apk (hit enter)
    adb push c:\filename.apk /system/app/filename.apk (insert apk's "filename" CASE sensitive)

    On PHONE:
    UN-mount /system (press joystick)
    Press Power (returns to main menu)
    Press Joystick (reboot phone)

    (Download 2nd link)
    1. Copy Zip to the Root of your SD Card
    2. Reboot into recovery (i use a app called Quick Boot, which can be found in the market for free)
    3. (Once in Recovery) choose Install zip from sdcard
    4. choose apply zip from sdcard and choose Incredibly Red 1-1.zip
    5. (Once Complete) push power button (to back out) --> should see reboot at the top
    6. Push trackpad to reboot
    7. Done

    ENJOY !!!

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  2. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    UPDATE.ZIP installs now available!!! just run the update.zip from sdcard in recovery!!

    Im still working on finding a few lil things... they sem to be hidden quite well, or they are controlled by a xml or jar file, which as of now i havent had much time to digg into. BUT i am constantly working, updating and fixing any thing i can find!!!

    THANX to those of you who appreciate my work, and those who have given me (constructive) feedback!!!!!
  3. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Well-Known Member

    i saw u over on xda, i like your work! keep it up...glad u found this forum...this is a great place!
  4. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    Well keep an eye on this forum.. (been around here quite a while) But i wont be posting on XDA anymore...
  5. xb_toaster

    xb_toaster Active Member

    is there anyway to upload this straight from the phone? I have a mac so I would have to find a pc i could use if this was the only way.
  6. ktan91

    ktan91 Active Member

    Any chance you'll be releasing a non oc'd blue version?
  7. snake11eyes

    snake11eyes Well-Known Member

    Nice job I really like it. I know you said more to come, but can you put this for the next update. Thank you.

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  8. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Well-Known Member

    how did you remove the bullseye icon? i deleted the images from the com.htc.resources or the framework-res apk (don't remember which one it was in) and now i just have a blank space where it used to be. did you do something further, or will your mod also leave a blank space there?

    just wondering what you did to work around it, if it indeed is not just an empty space.
  9. whewstoosae

    whewstoosae Well-Known Member

    First of all thanks for making this great theme, but one question. I downloaded the blue theme and can't seem to find the stock power widget. Was just wondering if you knew anything about it. Thanks again!

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  10. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    Sorry but currently pushing these files can only be done via ADB in RECOVERY!
  11. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    NON OC'D?? as in over clocked? If thats what your asking .. these are only themed APKs, they have no bearing on the processor nor the general OS. They are only THEMED, from STOCK FILES!
  12. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    I did the same, i just removed them from the APK so i would assume theyleave an empty space. But i dont even notice it..
  13. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Well-Known Member

    i'm OCD about it i guess. the blank space bothers me. lol
  14. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    Odd... i actually had that happen to me in one of my early trials... Let me look over the current upload... I may have missed something or just screwed up. Ive got ALOT of files bouncing around, and many copies of them. Editing files make a messy HD!
  15. xb_toaster

    xb_toaster Active Member

    Thank you. That would explain why I couldnt get it to work. :)
  16. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    No promises , but ill take a look. As you can see from my screen shots i dont use SENSE home, so i dont see that box.. I guess i had hoped that in everything i themed it would have changed. I hit up EVERY green file i could find. This may be controlled by an XML though. If thats the case ill have to do some hunting!
  17. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    Until they fully unlock NAND, and get us full read/write of /system while booted, Using Clockwork recovery, and pushing them with adb is the only way I know of to write to /system.
    I will update the OP to be more clear for others!
  18. snake11eyes

    snake11eyes Well-Known Member

    Thanks I know your busy, but when you have time can you take a look at this.

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  19. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    That and the other u asked about seem to be controlled by one of the SENSE UI apps. The screen you have there is not the ANDROID Add screen, I will be goin through the HTC files over the weekend, since i've recieved alot of feedback about MISSING things. Thanx for the feedback... Let me know of anything else you find!

    For the record (and everyone else reading) i dont MISS things, people just dont understand android, or SENSE UI, or how they work. I just havent gotten to the internal app that controls whatever i supposedly missed!
    (sorry to rant... just clarifying)

    Ill get to it though!! and Post all updates in post #2
  20. snake11eyes

    snake11eyes Well-Known Member

    No problem. I dont know what people are saying is missing besides for those two minor things I posted. Everything is perfect. Keep up the good work.
  21. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    Well i have this theme posted on multiple forums so, ive gotten alot of feedback. Most of which is about all the SenseUI stuff, like widgets, which have thier own APK. I dont use Sense (ADW Launcher rox) so those items werent a priority to me.

    I found the two items you asked about, aswell as a few others!! Watch for an update monday!
  22. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Well-Known Member

    Do these themes work with the cyanogen rom?
  23. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

    The stock android files will work. Just sort out the HTC files and NOT install them.
  24. Drukan

    Drukan Well-Known Member

  25. criDikal

    criDikal Well-Known Member

    Very nice work...I always have my GPS enabled so the blank spot would drive me nuts but I might have to give the blue theme a spin.

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