[Theme] Minimal Matte Grey/Modded Apps by UltraLinx

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by UltraLinx, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Minimal Matte Grey & Modded Black Widgets


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    Wallpaper and dock in my dropbox.

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  2. Kaessa

    Kaessa Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2010
    That's lovely!!
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  3. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    Hey UltraLinx,

    I know you're using Smooth Calendar for the agenda, but how did you get the left side icon to be text based instead of their iPhone looking one? Did you actually make every image for every day of the year, or did you find the image pack somewhere?
  4. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    Hey Ultra, I replied to you in the "Post your desktop" thread, but I'll do it here too in case you don't see that one. Did you create a new image for every day of the year for the day icon of Smooth Calendar? Or did you download them from somewhere? I'd love to have the day images that you have instead of the default iPhone looking one. Thanks in advance!


    Just noticed you changed your post on xda. I'm pushing the smoothcal apk to my device now, I'll let you know if it works on the Galaxy S.

    EDIT 2:

    Nope, doesn't work with non sense devices. Can you put the icons up for download somewhere please?
  5. jnmonkee

    jnmonkee Member

    Sep 5, 2010
    is that astrid? how'd u get the little guy off the top left corner
  6. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    It is Astrid, he modified the widgets himself. If you have a senseUI device, you can install any or all of his widgets from his post on xda forums.
  7. You don't actually have to have Sense UI to install the modded widgets, they work on any rooted HDPI device. :D
  8. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    Hmm, not sure about that. When I tried to install your modded Smooth Calendar on my Vibrant, it would always fail with "Installation Failed" right after attempting it.

    Here are the steps I used:

    -Backed up through ClockworkMod ROM Manager
    -Uninstalled Smooth Calendar from Market
    -Tried to install your apk for Smooth Calendar
    -Received "Installation Failed" message
  9. Yeh because you don't install it like a regular app.

    You have to adb push them or flash them over.

    I clearly put that in the instructions.
  10. CLOT

    CLOT Member

    Jun 21, 2010
    hi there, what is the battery widget showing percentage in word form ? is it we need to be rooted to have that ?
  11. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    BattStatt. No root needed. You got a reply to this in the "post your desktop" thead too, FYI.
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  12. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    Ah, ok. I did see where you said users can push the widgets to their devices via adb once downloaded, but didn't know that meant "had to". Thanks for clarifying...I've only been using the Android OS for two days shy of two weeks.

    EDIT: I see that you edited your xda post again to clearly define how to install your widgets. Thanks.
  13. Yeh you have to.

    I would make them so that you can install them like regular apps but that's a long process.

    And most of the people that will use my stuff will be rooted...etc.
  14. howetechnical

    howetechnical Well-Known Member

    Well, thanks for the help, but I think I'm going to ditch this one. I've tried adb install, mount, push, shelled as su, not shelled as su, through clockwork ROM Manager recovery mode, regular recovery mode, etc. Can't get it to install. I'm a software engineer and IT/Server administrator, so I know this stuff pretty well once I see it done once, but it just won't work for me. Oh well.

    Possibly creating that installer would allow more people to install your work, which might lead to more donations.
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