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[Theme][R910] ElleEstGance - A theme update for Basix

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  1. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    A very very short while ago, in a galaxy close to our own, a young maiden was seen frantically zipping about in search of enlightenment, all this without even bringing along a towel!
    However, all her efforts seemed to not come to fruition, as what she seeked and longed for for so long always managed to elude her, and she was dumbfounded by it's elusiveness.
    Broken-hearted and in the-saddest-possible-state-for-a-maiden-her-age-to-be-found-in-which-must-not-be-that-bad-because-she-is-rich-enough-to-zip-around-galaxies-looking-for-random-what-nots-because-she-has-way-to-much-free-time-but-still-sad-enough-that-you-might-notice-it, she started wishing out of desperation that some nice gentleman would come to show her the way.
    Seeing as she was rather ordinary and comported herself in a manner which made everyone shun her whenever she would even pass by, that was not likely to happen.
    But some weird idiot (who sometimes goes by the moniker he-who-shall-not-be-named) decided to help her out anyways, and gave her a kiss, transforming her into a less ordinary and crass maiden, and helped her get into Fancy school, to learn about the art of Elegance.

    This theme reflects her new self upon graduating, shockingly, with honors!

    ElleEstGance, a story of HOPE and CHANGE...

    To apply elegance, as with all current themes for Basix, download the zip file, place it at the root of your sd card and boot into recovery.
    Then, select to install zip from sd card,
    choose zip from sd card, scroll down to find the file name ElleEstGance.zip and click to apply it.
    As this is a theme, you do not need to do anything else to make it work. NO deleting/wiping data,cache or dalvik-cache. LEAVE THEM ALONE
    Reboot the phone once install is completed and enjoy!

  2. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Screenshots, for your viewing pleasure...
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  3. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member


    Small update: 01/02/2012

    • Changed battery icons text color to white
    • Changed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Silent and Airplane icons (quick setting icons)
    please let me know if you prefer these or the original ones instead!
    (see screenshot below for visual detail)

    For the frenchies in all of us, the name of that theme, Elle est Gance, is not just a weird a way of writing elegance, since translated from French, it reads "She is Gance".
    If you're wondering who Gance is, wikipedia is your friend
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  4. mikegLA

    mikegLA Well-Known Member

    You always seem to raise the bar higher and higher with every new theme... good work.
  5. is_mah_yell

    is_mah_yell Well-Known Member

    I definitely want to try it..

    Easiest way to go back to default theme (basix)?
  6. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your feedback.
    The reception you folks give to my themes make me try harder each time.

    Apply the stock Basix theme provided in the aggregated themes thread. (also known as the themeing howto thread)
  7. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    I just checked my statistics, and I got 20 clicks from this file yesterday.
    Minus 1 for me and 3 for obvious reasons (3 feedbacks), where are the other feedbacks?
    It's only the second most popular theme from my downloads (after just one day!)
    Of course, if you've been here a short while, you'll have a (correct) hunch that the most downloaded is Blutiful.
    But I'm quite impressed with the popularity of this after just one day...

    No feedback = no improvement! (of course, it's probably perfect as is! :p)
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  8. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    this is sweet bro, definetly is going to be the one on my phone from now on, unless u come up with another better :D thanks !

    top bar on this one , the usb details and notification are amazing
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  9. iGoByStaff

    iGoByStaff New Member

  10. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    one thing bro...since task bar is black u should change baterry number to white...cause its only showing the circle with no % or no number, i mean is there....but cause of the black backgraound it dosent show up too much,i dont know if its only on my device...i run basix and i have 2 lunchers that i switch ...go luncher and the paid version of SPB shell3d...but this theme is pretty solid and i like every litle detail about it,thanks again...paypal its holding my payments due to a bad transaction done on ebay...something i sold and the guy filed a complain sayn the motherboard was demage,so untill they release my founds i cant donate...once that is done i will start to show some apretiation for the work all you guys do here,i dont promiss much cause its many people to thanked...you for the theming, and the devs in charge for the room ,kernel and CWM...now with my extended battery and al this goodies that i just mention my indulge is finally great and very enjoyable....my girl gets alitle jelous sometimes ...lol....but i guess thats normal with all of us....lol...nways im off to bed, sorry for my english...sometimes when i smoke a blunt it gets better...lol
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  11. is_mah_yell

    is_mah_yell Well-Known Member

    Looks good, I just didn't dig the color theme on the taskbar power widgets.. I think it might be that shiny-ness factor.

    Other than that, its bitchen..

    Oh yeah, the enter menu / exit menu animations are sick too!
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  12. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    This is ur best by far.... im in luv with her hehehe!! I like how the battery % is dark and kinda hidden, I look at my lock screen for the %. But i guess making it a "little" lighter for others wouldnt hurt. The only thing I see so far that I would change is the purple in the corners of the search bar, but other then that.... MAN!!! I love it, it goes very well with the Gotheme that I use. So, Bravo.... Bravo.... (stands and claps) :D
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  13. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    agreed about the battery % ....everything in this theme is nice...the purple thing i guess its the style of the theme, didnt bother me...but i wold put some grey and green instead to match the rest of the theme....but ill be using this theme for sure,unless he comes up with something better, witch im sure he will...but till then....this theme is very very nice, it makes me regreat the $15 usd i paid for the spb shell3d....lol...now im swtiching back and forth with LP and SPB, thanks again tiede
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  14. yogeneyo

    yogeneyo Active Member

    love the animations on open/close apps.great start up screen-on my phone at least,it makes everything run smoother,if that's possible.
    thanks very much.
  15. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback!
    ElleEstGance has been updated to take a few of those into consideration.
    The problem with the black notification bar is an android 2.2 problem. It does not handle transparency well, so sometimes it replaces transparent backgrounds with a plain black bar... (That's why sometimes the bar looks like it has more details). That, I can't do anything about :(
    As for the battery icons, although I don't really like having the percentage displayed in BIG BRIGHT LETTERS everytime, to please the rest of us, I've updated it to white. So now everyone can read it no matter how android decides to paint the notification bar ;)
    Another small (sizeable?) update was the power icons on the drop-down bar (notification/touchwiz quick icons). I've replaced the original "green on gray bubble" icons with something a little more, shall we say... elegant. Please tell me what you guys think!

    PS:I'm encouraged by seeing a few new themes cropping up here and there to compete against mines. Keep up the good work!
  16. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    i love it BUT i cant use it the fort is to small to see maybe you can make a bigger one
  17. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Hmm, if you have an issue with the font, try the app fontomizer from the market.
    It (hopefully) has a few different fonts you'll like...

    Alternatively, you may download Spare Parts Plus from the market and change the font size from there. (Recommended)
    I've tested that alternative myself and it works flawlessly.
  18. pl0323

    pl0323 Well-Known Member

    Actually it's the size of the font that I want to change, will fontomizer do this???

    You did great work here, very impressive.
  19. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    warning using that Spare Parts Plus will crash your whole phone
  20. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    I've tried it myself and it worked fine for me... :(
    Sorry, bro.
  21. imback

    imback Member

    Nice theme i'm going to start on one on monday
  22. mikegLA

    mikegLA Well-Known Member

    Are you pullin framework from other roms? I like the updated icons. I've been lookin around for star wars roms but thanx to a certain group of people going after you know who... all the links are down. I wonder what's in store for us in the future of downloading. I don't think I like that certain group of people.:mad:
  23. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    I'm not pulling frameworks from others, no. I use dakra's uot kitchen to cook some basic roms, and then I hand edit the icons, the colors, the animations...to my liking.
    For example, I could not find icons I liked for notifications quick switches, so I made my own, using gpl images and open-source graphics software. (Gimp and XaraLX)
  24. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    As for that certain group of people, I'm starting to get weary of their abuse of power and apparent lack of respect for due process...
    Among other things...
  25. wilsonbx198st

    wilsonbx198st Well-Known Member

    hey tiede thank you for making this beautiful theme i love it:D.
    can i ask you, can you make a ice cream sandwich theme with the cool wallpaper,icons,fonts ect. i think alot of ppl would like that.;)

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