[THEME] Watermark'D {Multiple ROMS / Multiple Options}

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  1. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member


    Watermark'D v3.4 CyanogenMod6.0.0-RC3 <---- LINK HERE!!!! [contains Twitter 1.0.3, updated Dialer]
    Watermark'D v3.4 CyanogenMod6.0.0-Stable <---- LINK HERE!!!! [contains Twitter 1.0.3, updated Dialer]

    Watermark'D v3.4 update Sapphire 1.0<-------- LINK HERE!!!!

    Watermark'D v3.2 update Bugless Beast v0.4<-------- LINK HERE!!!!
    For version 3.0, you need to give big ups to PapaDroid. He sent me correctly edited files [clock, notifications, etc], I just added them and proper images back. I really appreciate the help.

    *FULL LITHIUM MOD ROM w/Watermark'D in ROMManager. Colors Fixed -thnx JRummy*

    Watermark'D v 3.2 update LithiumMod v1.0.12 <-------- LINK HERE!!!! [slider fixed]

    Watermark'D v3.4 SS v4.7 <-------- LINK HERE!!!!

    Watermark'D v 3.3 LiQuID FroZeN YoGurT v1.4<-------- LINK HERE!!!!
    All credit to Team LiQuID on this. They compiled everything. I just added a newer Pandora icon.

    if anyone wants to make it available as a SPRecovery option, I don't mind hosting it.
    Watermark'D v3.4fix Ultimate Droid Froyo eXteme 7.0.0 <-------- LINK HERE!!!![DIALER FIXED / PHONE ICON ADDED]
    Watermark'D v3.4 Ultimate Droid Froyo eXteme 8.0.0 <-------- LINK HERE!!!!

    Version 3.2 Contains:
    -Facebook 1.3.1 Themed
    -Twitter 1.0.2 Icon
    -Maps 4.4 Icons [Latitude / Navigation / Places]
    -GMail Themed
    -framework-res.apk - 80% of images changed, in some way (including lockscreen and regular lock)
    -Shazam is now a system/app
    -MMS themed
    -Clock 75% themed
    -Contacts icon changed, some portions inside themed
    -Phone icon changed, some inside changed as well as call screen background
    -ADW.Launcher middle icon changed.
    -Settings fully themed
    Icons changed:
    -Dev Tools
    -Spare Parts

    And before it is asked... the Watermark'D part has been change to match each individual ROM. I hope to have caught all CM images and replaced with either BB logo, for that theme... or Sapphire Gem, for that theme.
    If I haven't, eventually I will.

    I used ROMManager (install from SD Card option) to install it, not sure if changing the name to "update.zip" works or not.

    **Thanks to cole20444 for boot animation image ( I really abused his images, but they are seriously perfect)**
    **CyanogenMod for ROM**
    **droid_freak(x2) and Helenoftory08 for testing**
    **UBRocked for name**
    **bad4u for image**

  2. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member



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  3. hammer690

    hammer690 Member

    All I can say is this look's great on my phone.
    Thank's for your hard work.
  4. crackdroid1

    crackdroid1 Well-Known Member

    Downloaded, can't wait to flash it!

    Thanks for your hard work and great theme!
  5. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    A couple images added as well as v2.1 (just added GVoice and Calendar...left out of 2.0).
  6. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    Facebook themed.... minus the notification bar and widget.

    Here is a preview:

  7. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    2.3 updated.

    Just a few small changes. Added about 20 more Facebook edits.
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  8. Telexen

    Telexen Well-Known Member

    Damn new versions out faster than I can install them. So 2.1 -> 2.3 is just facebook changes? Don't use it so I won't bother if that's the case.

    Looking good though...can't wait to see the Browser and Market icons changed (stuff I actually use :p)
  9. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    Yeah, about it.

    Working on ADW.Launcher right now. Then on to Browser and Market. In between, looking for a solution for 3G notifications and Battery Notification.
  10. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member


    The main "add" screen from ADW.Launcher.
  11. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    A couple more things I wanted to add, now it might be break time....


    Browser - Icon, a few images inside.
    ADWLaucher - Few Icons
    Vending (Market) - Images inside / notification image

  12. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    Playing around with the pull-down. It is in the 2.4 file.

  13. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member


    This is all added into 2.5
  14. KaveMahn

    KaveMahn Active Member

    I installed it using update.zip and it worked. When I pull down the notification bar the background and the writing are both black making it unreadable. How do I fix this? Other than that I love it. I am running V2.5.
  15. tfleming23

    tfleming23 Well-Known Member

    Any chance you can make a version without the watermark? I LOVE your icons and themes, but am a pure black screen kind of guy. I would just want a black status bar. Pretty please.
  16. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    Go into settings....

    CyanogenMod Settings.....

    User interface.....

    Inside there you will see all the colors for text items. You can change it how you want...

    Here is a quick list of the color codes. Just leave the first two "ff" in the box, and add whichever you choose.

    HTML color codes
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  17. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    That would be very last...... Still a lot to do, and still have to port it to many other ROM's. Either way though, its called "Watermark'D" for a reason...:D

    Kidding. I'll see what I can come up with. You are just talking about status bar, correct? The one with the time, batter, etc?
  18. tfleming23

    tfleming23 Well-Known Member

    Yup, the status bar is all I am looking for, I just like a clean black screen. If you can do that it would be awesome!
  19. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    Removed Link.
  20. tfleming23

    tfleming23 Well-Known Member

    Sweet, trying now. Thanks
  21. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

  22. KaveMahn

    KaveMahn Active Member

    Thanks that fixed it. I didn't know I could change all that.
  23. crackdroid1

    crackdroid1 Well-Known Member

    What's that about? 2.6 coming?;)

    You really can crank these themes out...almost too fast!:(

    Thanks for all the hard work.:D
  24. tmcewan259

    tmcewan259 Well-Known Member

    stewart1champ - first my respect and appreciation. Just wandering into the world of themes ect and spent all day yesterday rolling with your upgrades. I am sure I am not even scratching the surface of what it can do. I will admit the black on black ongoing notifications got me at first, but I worked through that. So the "ADD" button on the homescreen menu, mines seems to be "greyed out" if you will. In other words it lack bright color like the other icons and I cannot select it. Probably a feature I do not use or know how to use, but curious none the less. Again thanks for the hard work, quality product.
  25. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Well-Known Member

    If you are using ADW.Launcher, and you long press... is that the "add button" you are speaking of?

    If so, that hasn't been changed yet. It will be.

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