[Themed ROM] NexBeast V1.1 (updated 5/27/2010)

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  1. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    NexBeast V1.1 Release


    This ROM is based off of Pete's Bugless Beast V1.1. He put a lot of hard work into it, so if you enjoy this, or his work, please donate to him! You can find the link to his donate and the original BBV1 thread at the following:


    Other developers worthy of your donations/praise are:

    -Manup456 for creating NexTheme
    -Bekit for the overclock kernels used here
    -arctu for HelixLauncher(s) 1 and 2
    -Ander Webbs for ADW Launcher
    -Cyanogen and Koush for setting a high standard & ROM manager

    *And everybody else that helped to make this possible!

    ROM Link - Clockwork and SPRecovery Compatible


    Installation Instructions
    -Rename to update.zip if using SPR, otherwise just install .zip with Clockwork. It is always good policy to do a complete wipe of data, cache, system, and boot. Don't say I didn't warn you :D


    -All of the speed, scripts, and overall goodness of Bugless Beast V1.1 (see above link for details)
    -Completely Themed with Manup's DroTheme
    -Includes new font set (removable)
    -Includes Themed HTC_IME Keyboard (credit to jonasl & gIMpSTa)
    -Themed MotoTorch and Ringer Widgets (thanks btdownloads7)
    -Latest Wired & Wifi Tethering Apps
    -SpareParts app with options by Pete
    -Themed ADW and 3D Launchers
    -New Superuser 2.1 app and binary (credit to ChainsDD)
    -Themed new Facebook app w/ Inbox
    -Lowered Ringer Delay from 3s to 300ms
    -Battery percentage in notification bar (hard coded)
    -NexThemed Live Wallpaper (credit to Pete)
    -Blazing fast w/ tons of free memory!

    OPTIONAL Kernels: (credit to Bekit) - Installation Video Instructions in next post!

    -600Mhz LV 5X *Already Included*
    -800Mhz LV 7X
    -1Ghz LV 7X
    -1.1Ghz LV 7X
    -1.1Ghz SV 7X
    -1.2Ghz LV 7X
    -1.2Ghz IV 7X
    -1.3Ghz LV 7X
    -1.3Ghz IV 7X

    P3Droid kernels will also work great - Get them here

    ADW Update (minor)
    There's a newer version available in the market now, I've themed it. Get it here:


    Then use this next script down here to remove the old ADW :)

    Clean-up Scripts
    -Remove ADW Launcher
    Code (Text):
    1. su
    2. sysrw
    3. rm /system/app/Launcher.apk
    4. sync
    5. sysro

    -Remove 3D Launcher (Launcher2)
    Code (Text):
    1. su
    2. sysrw
    3. rm /system/app/Launcher2.apk
    4. sync
    5. sysro

    -If you need to have video MMS (this will break changing the LED color):
    Code (Text):
    1. su
    2. sysrw
    3. rm /system/app/Mms.apk
    4. mv /system/app/Mms.bak /system/app/Mms.apk
    5. sync
    6. sysro

    -Default Droid Fonts
    Install just like you would any other .zip file (with either Clockwork or SPR). No wipes necessary (or suggested!)

    -Stock Nexus LWP
    Place file on SDCard and run the following
    Code (Text):
    2. su
    3. switchlwp
    -Themed LauncherPro 0.3.0
    Install as you would any .apk. If you have LauncherPro already installed, you must uninstall first.

    -NexTheme Wallpapers
    Put em on your SD card, set them by choosing wallpapers, from gallery...you know the drill

    -Do a PRL update *22899 or *228 option 2
    -SetCPU (available in market)
    -Android Terminal Emulator (free in market, this name, not the other one)
    -Change transitions and window animations to 'fast' using Spare Parts
    -Before you decide on which launcher to make default, go into the other one and delete everything off the desktop
    -If you're using ADW Launcher, follow the suggested settings below for super quickness!
    -If you're looking for another launcher, LauncherPro from the market is also great! Themed version also available!
    -Report your bugs/success here!
    -Follow me on Twitter! (I can get back to you more quickly that way)

    ADW Configuration Suggestions
    I personally use these settings, and have found them to result in a zippy home screen:
    -Screen Preferences: Uncheck orientation sensor, turn scrolling speed and overshoot to 0
    -Drawer Settings: Turn off new drawer, animated drawer. Columns to 5 in portrait, 6 in landscape.

    -If you are using a notification tone from your sdcard, please disable 'SD notification', as it may cause a reboot loop when trying to access the sound file before the card is mounted
    -Virtual keyboard on homescreen w/ LWP causes a freeze


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  2. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

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  3. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

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  4. bp328i

    bp328i Well-Known Member

    Here we go, flashing away.
  5. StingRay

    StingRay Well-Known Member

    Problem with link?

    nvermind 4th time was the charm!
  6. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Mediafire is acting up today :(
  7. Theshape

    Theshape Well-Known Member

    Oh great just when I d/l all my apps again bcuz ti backup is buggin, have to wipe all over again.
  8. avengd7x

    avengd7x Member

    hi, thanks for all your work fab, I was wondering if we could use different overclocking kernels with this rom, or just the ones you listed. specifically, i'm using chevy's 1.2ghz lv and I'd like to use it with this new rom. thanks a lot
  9. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    You won't let me get a day's rest Fab. Hi ho, hi ho, its off to flash I go (again)...
  10. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    It would probably work, but it will break some of the features of Pete's ROM. He specifically only wanted people to use the 3 bekit kernels he provided.

    I must say, the 1GHz is plenty fast for me. Not sure if you'll see much improvement using the 1.2GHz kernel.
  11. avengd7x

    avengd7x Member

    thanks for the reply, and yea i've read about pete's custom profiles, i'm hoping that's all chevy's kernels will affect. I think 1ghz will be enough too, but I also only like 5 slot overclocking kernels, so I think i'll try it out. thanks again fab, i definitely like your roms best!
  12. sublimnl

    sublimnl Well-Known Member

    nevermind, didnt realize it was just an update.zip type thing.
  13. Groid

    Groid Well-Known Member

    Hi Fab, thanks for the work on V1. I used the NexthemeESE81 R2 and it worked flawlessly, not one fc or reboot. I have had some issues with this release. I did a Titanium backup, formatted system, cache, boot, data three times each from the partition menu in recovery, and installed the zip. I installed TB from the market and restored missing apps. I've has a couple of re-boots and some fc's on a couple of things. Tried battery pulls, etc. I have had instances where the bottom 4 buttons won't stay lit (back, menu, home, search). Sometimes work, sometimes don't. I never had a problem with Helix 1 in the R2, but it is not as stable now. I didn't load any other kernel or update. Is anyone else seeing any of these issues?

    I love what you have been doing with Pete's roms and I hope my system stabilizes. Any possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    Fab so far for me this has been one smooth and fast ride. You have once again outdone yourself. Thanks for all the great work :D You have taken Pete's 1.0 to the next level (how the hell do you remain so humble?).
  15. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    My suggestion is to not use Titanium backup :(

    I know it sucks to have to redownload your apps, but with the amount of diversity between ROMs ever increasing, it has become very hard for TiBu to backup one ROM and correctly restore it to a different one.

    One thing you can try before attempting a clean restore is using the 'fix permissions' feature of ROM manager. That may help mitigate the FC's.
  16. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    Been having no problems with Titanium with this ROM (none of those wierd "no space" errors). To me the hassle is not redownloading the apps but having to reconfig each one (and losing my high scores in "Homerun Battle").
  17. ericks17

    ericks17 Well-Known Member

    What happened to the green bars. For example the volume bar was green, I kinda liked it when all those were green lol. Also I can not install AlarmClock.apk. I liked that when you clicked on the time on beautiful widgets it would take you to ur alarms.
  18. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    My beautiful widgets launches the alarm clock app for me. You don't need to install AlarmClock.apk, as the included DeskClock has that feature.

    As for the bars, yeah I left them yellow. Not quite sure the HTML hex code for the green used before. It *may* be changed in the next release ;)
  19. Theshape

    Theshape Well-Known Member

  20. ericks17

    ericks17 Well-Known Member

    Could it be cause I'm using the old beautiful widgets pre c&d?
    alright well cool. Everything else is great and fast too! thx
  21. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Sure could! The new version allows you to choose which apps the date, time, and weather forecast launch, though by default, the date launched the calendar, the time launched the alarm, and weather forecast did nothing!

    The old BW has the HTC themed clock, but I find that the variety of skins for the new one more than makes up for the loss.
  22. Soultics

    Soultics Well-Known Member

    There is (or was) a HTC Sense themed skin for the new BW, but it wasn't actually on the skins list, it was made by the person over at GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!... , there are some other ones on the market from them. Might want to ask if its still available if you're interested.

    Edit: Found it!


    Download Link: http://drp.ly/iVq78
  23. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Video has been posted in the 2nd post. Also, for reference, my video of NexTheme R2 is in the 3rd post, as it shows some of the features in more depth.
  24. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Well-Known Member

    Good thing I did not get to installing Pete V1.0..

    just going to install this instead. really don't want to wipe and reinstall but will..

    I will try TiBackup for MMS data and Browser Bookmarks, unless there is a better way to recover them..
  25. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    My browser bookmarks synced over my Google account.

    But it couldn't hurt to have it backed up in case they didn't :)

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