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Themes that work with BB v0.4

  1. DGalt

    DGalt Well-Known Member

    All I really want is a black notification bar. I like the stock icons, I prefer the green color scheme to the blue that a lot of roms change it to.

    But really anything would be better than the stock white. Any themes out there that work with the new BB? The couple I've tried cause the phone to fail to boot (stuck at Motorola screen)

  2. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    I've used both 928Droid's Black Glass and CorCor's SteelBeast over it.
  3. rustymcbain

    rustymcbain Well-Known Member

    I'm using 928Droid's Black Glass w motor x icons very cool. Its basically nextheme with new icons. Goes good with the motor x boot animation in BB v 0.4 as well as the moto x live wallpaper. I also recomend Chevy's mv 1 ghz kernal best match to date for me.

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  4. xr4ti

    xr4ti Member

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