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  1. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    Based on the suggestion by common_nick

    Here is the place where you'll get themes in this one topic..
    new themes would be added over a period of time..

    The Tutorials

    Replacing The Themes

    1. The Easy Way

    2. The Manual Way Way

    Modifying Theme

    The Themes


    if you've upgraded your phone to v2.1.1.x.x than none of these above will work kindly try these ones

    1. Black HTC
    2. Gingerbread

    PS : I don't do frameworks anymore so kindly don't request me for any. I've made tutorials you can refer to them. in case any prob feel free to contact me

  2. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    hi....when i used the goingerbread theme, the market doesn't work....i already uninstalled updates, but it still doesn't work...

    update: the gingerbread theme has made my phone unstable, crashing apps and rebooting my phone.....although the animation's cool, i think im going back to the blue framework or the htc theme....
  3. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    Suhel's Gingerbread is stable. Try that.
  4. Blitzkri3g

    Blitzkri3g Well-Known Member

    Well,a nice addition would be a tutorial on using the Android Terminal app in order to install the desired framework from the SDCard using the phone itself! The script exists on XDA already,but I cant write the tut at the moment cos I m posting from my X8s :p
  5. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    The script you've uploaded works just fine
  6. Blitzkri3g

    Blitzkri3g Well-Known Member

    LOL I Know! I ve lost track of my own posts! :-D. :p.
  7. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

  8. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    i followed the easy way of installing the theme from xda (running reframe.sh through ScriptMe in the phone), and I also used suhel's gingerbread framework....

    anyway, i guess i'll try again later...
  9. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    Gingerbread theme without animation with more aesthetic battery percentage



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  10. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    stock framework WITH percentage


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  11. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member


    Gingerbread theme with ANIMATION & BATTERY PERCENTAGE

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  12. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    wow! so many themes, so little time!!!! lolz

    can't wait to have htc black theme with batt percentage and blue framework with batt percentage!!!!

    thanks mr suhel! :)
  13. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member



    its 6am havent slept the whole night, so havent tested em, but they should work.

    PS : blue theme needs so much of finishing, why do you bother about it.. tis kinda useless and am too lazy to re-do everything again lol
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  14. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    thanks suhel!

    you're the man!!!!!!
  15. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    Thank you Mr. Suhel! But you still didn't want to share how :)

    And btw, I confirm gingerbread v3 to work and be the greatest theme ever :)
  16. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    well am trying to do a MOD from samsung forums to x8 and so busy with it
    wil do the guide ASAP

    btw wassup with this MR.SUHEL lol
  17. Envoy

    Envoy Member

    Do they take less battery than themes installed from Market like ADW Launcher Or LauncerPro?
  18. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member


    dude this aint homescreen themes
    this is overall theme, you dont need a homescreen app to have this
  19. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    I saw one guy talking to you like this an I think it's funny :) Btw, I'm modding the theme I got from you to get rid of all the blue. Ok so far but still needs some work and I don't have the time right now. I'll post the png's when it's done.
  20. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    I did it. But it's really UGLY! The problem is replacing the buttons from blue to gray (standard Android). SE used almost white writing and with the grey background is difficult to read. So it's not worth the effort :(
  21. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    my first mod didnt even boot.. well done mate... :)
  22. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    Tahnks! But I only moded the png so ... nothing could have gone wrong.

    Still I have one question. I changet the battery icons and have a problem with the charging ones ... only 3 or 4 are displayed. Something like 4%, 5%, 9% and 15% (aprox). Maybe you know why?
  23. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    hmmm... did u do changes in my mods? or some other?
  24. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    Your ginger v3.
  25. peeter55

    peeter55 Member

    well done...but how can i make my phone like you have that icons on the bottom of the screen? :p i'm newbie and i have icons in corners but i want this :)

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