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  1. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Hey all, just figured I'd post my recent experience upgrading my wife's phone.

    Background: "I" was holding out upgrading my wife's original Moto Droid because "I" felt like the HTC Merge (a very elusive device) would be the best fit for my wife. Honestly, the Droid 2 Global is too similar to what she has and she wasn't too keen on the idea of that being her replacement device. I had looked at the Droid Pro but felt like it would be a better fit for some of the field based employees in my company. I found out on Friday that a co-worker's girlfriend (heavy texter) has the Droid Pro and loves it. I still never gave it a thought for my wife.

    I knew my wife really didn't want to give up her physical keyboard. I also knew that Verizon's current offerings really aren't geared to the physical keyboard lovers out there. She has played with my Fascinate enough to know that the 4.0" screen and no physical keyboard isn't a good fit for her (not to mention that the fascinate's GPS is sub-par despite the efforts of the dev community and their custom roms...she has seen this first hand in the car several times while trying to navigate around). The most important things to her are being able to call, text, and occasionally checking her FB, browsing the web, and playing a game or two.

    Hands On: So I took my wife to Verizon and just wanted to give her a feel for what was currently available. She took a look at the Droid 2 and quickly went on to other devices. I asked her to look at the iPhone and give me her take on it. That lasted about 30 seconds and she put it down very quickly with a "Oooh, I don't like this" (which I must say tickled me quite a bit :D). She played with the Droid Pro and was very impressed with the look and feel of the device. Then she moved on to the Droid X.

    Coincidentally, she was in-between the X and the DP. The X felt big enough to her to possibly be okay with software only keyboard options. But every time she touched the Pro, she kept making comments like "I am loving this phone." It was clear which one she really wanted and after a few more minutes with each device, she chose the DP.

    Seeing as how it was close to the store closing we had the store pretty much to ourselves. Once she made her decision we approached a sales rep to ring us up. He actually looked startled by my wife's decision to go with the DP. He started asking her some "qualifying" questions in an attempt to find out why she would want such a device...

    My wife answered the questions and based on her answers it was clear that she was making a good decision based on her likes, wants, and needs. Once he found out I knew a thing or two about Android :p, he backed off on the questioning. He did mention that the DP was not a very popular device and that put a little doubt in my wife's head. I reassured her that the phone's specs were not second rate to any phone she looked at. After all, the global capability, camera, and noise cancellation technologies are the biggest difference with the internals. She felt a little better at that point and wouldn't even let me talk her into a 1 year contract due to the extra $100 it would have cost :rolleyes:.

    For about $190, she got the phone, hard case (purple of course :)), screen protectors (the anti-glare ones...and actually work very well on this device even though I'm not usually a big fan of anything less than Invisible Shield).

    The sales guy was actually a very knowledgeable for a change. No offense meant to Verizon...but I ended up finding out this rep was familiar with rooting and romming several different devices, which is always a nice change of pace cause it allows me the opportunity to BS with someone in person :D (most of the people I know personally or professionally aren't into these devices the way I am...even if they own them). He seemed to initially try and sway my wife from the DP, to the D2G and had I not been there, he might have swayed her on the mere fact that the DP is not the most popular device.

    The Point: A phone that I wouldn't have chosen because of the smaller display...a phone that the sales rep @ Verizon wouldn't have chosen because the Droid 2 Global was a much more popular device with a physical keyboard, and larger display...was the phone that made the most sense to my wife. She was actually excited about the device and usually that isn't really the case with any new tech.

    After playing with the phone for several hours, re-installing the apps she needed, rooting it (just because ;)), and helping her customize it to her liking...I must say that I am quite impressed with the device. Although I would never choose this phone for myself because the form factor is not for me, I feel like Motorola hit the mark with this device. My wife liked the fact that she could start typing immediately without having to rotate the phone and sliding out the keyboard. Between Blackberry users and other users like my wife (who never has used a BB)...this device seems to be a nice and needed addition to the Android lineup.

    If we all used the most popular device, we would all own an iPhone :eek:. If you are reading this and undecided on this device...I recommend you take popularity and sales figures out of the equation and give the device a chance based on it's merits alone. And don't overlook it when helping someone else pick out a new device like I did :eek:

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  2. jpcalhoun

    jpcalhoun Member

    Nice thread...thanks.
  3. Eloquence

    Eloquence Well-Known Member

    Great thread!! I am planning to get my wife a Droid Pro as well. Currently, I have the X, but she's like your wife -- she needs a physical keyboard. Just gotta make sure to download Touchdown for Android after she gets her phone as she's a former Crackberry addict! :p

    Sidenote: At least BBM will (should) be coming to Android Phones now :)
  4. slckrck

    slckrck Active Member

    My wife and I just got DP's last weekend and we both love 'em. I was waiting for the Thunderbolt but that ship is nearly sailing. IF it comes by the 10th, then I will probably swap the DP out for the TB... BUT my wife loves hers... she isn't much for virtual keyboards...
  5. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Update: My wife recently told me that she's never loved a phone until now. She describes it as being like a piece of jewelry.

    That second part made me laugh a little :D

    Eloquence, if she get's the Pro, report back and let us know what she thinks of it. :)
  6. Eloquence

    Eloquence Well-Known Member

    Her Droid Pro just came today from! I am playing with it a little at work (I know my addiction is that bad). Can't really do anything until she links her Google Account and activates with Verizon later on this evening.

    IT's gonna be one awesome weekend (for me at least!) Hehe.

    I'll let you all know how she likes it (or dislikes it -- I doubt this will be the case :)

  7. kellyf

    kellyf New Member

    I love the DP. Believe it or not, it reminds of all the things I loved about my old Palm Treo 650...with, of course, so much more. None of my friends or colleagues have the DP, but it really works for me.

    There are, of course, things that I would change if possible.. The screen does start to feel a little small. And typing with one hand is tough, with BB you could hold down a letter to make it a cap, with Droid, you have to hold Shift. But these are small things..

    I think the problem with the DP is that it was marketed as a business phone, but it really doesn't hold up to Blackberry for the corporate world. Unless you are able to use Touchdown for Exchange - which I LOVE; it syncs flawlessly with Outlook - you will have a lot of problems with Outlook. But Touchdown solves that..for another $20.

    In the end, it's a great fit for me.
  8. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    All good points. The screen may feel small, but compared to most BB phones...the screen is huge. I'm still leery on Android for business phones utilizing an exchange server but you're right...Touchdown works pretty well based on my limited exposure to it.

    Maybe you didn't mean it this way...but do you realize that you don't have to hold the shift button to capitalize a word? You just press shift one time and it will capitalize the next letter you type.

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