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  1. thejayjetson

    thejayjetson Member

    I haven't had my new tele (Coolpad Quattro 4G) that long, but I see this all the time,

    "There is insufficient space on the device."

    *I move all my apps to the SD card. There are currently less than 60mbs taking up internal space, out of a total of 131mbs that can be used.
    *I clean the cache regularly
    *There are no videos, pictures, or other media on the device
    *I keep my history cleaned.

    And yet my device hovers around 20mbs of free space, which will not allow me to update apps that are larger than that, because they install on the device before they are automatically or manually sent to the SD card.

    So, can anybody help me out here? I need space, and or a way to bypass apps being installed/updated on the device before being moved to the SD card.

  2. spanky0323

    spanky0323 Well-Known Member

    i had the same thing on my admire intill i had rooted it once rooted look up link2sd on the market you will never see that massage again.its more then likely the system apps updated and took up the rest of the space(youtube,etc)plus all the bloat bet wait for a way to root.. im thinking bout getting this phone but i think im gonna wait till i see ... root, rom,overclock, etc...
  3. radford

    radford Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem with mine. There is very little internal space so I had to move everything to the sd card that was possible, uninstall youtube and a couple of others. I still stay at about 40 mb free space max though.
    All together a disappointing device even for the low price. Next time I'll spend the extra few dollars and get something with support.

    Side note: It also freezes up and goes in and out of service too often. When I compare it to the samsung galaxy for attenuation, it drops more than half the time. The battery is very low quality and is too small for the 4 inch screen and mid range processor.
  4. radford

    radford Well-Known Member

    But you do know you can move some apps to the sd card from the application manager.
  5. IsabellaSolis

    IsabellaSolis New Member

    Go to settings.
    click applications
    storage use
    Click on desired app
    Then click move to sd card
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  6. LoopyD

    LoopyD Well-Known Member

    I was going to say bloatware from Metro. You got there first. xD

    Oh and I'll add something a little extra. Metro tries to make money off of people that don't really know how to work a cell phone very well, and charges you some monthly fees if you download some of their apps from their app store.

    None of them are needed. Why?

    Because you can find free better working substitutes off of the android market for free.
  7. Zomdroid

    Zomdroid New Member

    I just went from a Samsung Admire to the Coolpad Quattro and I am having the same problem. The current small storage on my device is slow and is leading to slow operation and system malfunction. And this happened the day after I purchased the phone. All I had downloaded was a background app...
  8. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Should have gotten the LG Motion ;)

    Sent from my potato
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  9. thejayjetson

    thejayjetson Member

    I got my Coolpad brand new for 44 bucks, the motion was over three times that price. If I was going to buy a motion, why not just buy the Nexus 7 instead. Anyway, I found out exactly what takes up space. Even though you may keep most of your apps on the sd card, their memory saves to the internal storage. You can view how much each one takes up by going to settings, applications, storage use. If memory is being taken up by an app you don't care about, like bloatware you can't remove, then you can clear the data like on that stupid mymetro app. You can go through the list and there are probably a lot of apps that many of us don't mind clearing the memory on. I was able to get my available space to 50mb, but that is rare. It usually hovers around 30mb now.
  10. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

    go to my thread "Getting the most out of your Coolpad" Its detailed instructions on how to use link2SD and setting up for 2-4gbs of internal storage so you don't have to worry about coolpads 180mbs of I.S.
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