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There's nothing funny about the Gulf...

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  1. Then you should stop highlighting your hypocrisy. Just a suggestion.

    And your advice for those whose forum "debate" skills were picked up by watching Olbermann? Matthews? Anderson Cooper?

    I have exposed you as nothing more than a partisan hack and a troll. I called you out on your lies (as in your post here) and asked you to provide proof of your above claims and you failed.

    Truth is you want people here that only agree with you. Like most liberals, you can't stand it when someone refuses to play by your rules that favor you. When that doesn't happen you spew your vomit of hate and hostility. You whine like a little girl and stomp your widdow feet. You can't compete on an equal playing field. I would imagine that extends to your real life as well.

    Grow up. The world doesn't owe you a forum where everyone tells you you are right and just agrees like the members of the Obama cult.

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Here's my advice; either start acting like adults and partake in civil discussion or be prepared for an enforced holiday.

    From the forum README:

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  3. brab

    brab Guest

    Fenga Papit
    The Bush Administration knew for a week or more that Katrina was heading toward New Orleans with a high liklihood of making land there. Therefore they had ample opportunity to prepare.

    The Obama administration, on the other hand, was blindsided by the oil catastrophe. They had no time to prepare. Other oil companies were contacted and they indicated that BP was doing everything and proceeding as they would.

    The governmental controls and regulations were those largely left in place by the Bush administration. One must remember that many of those regulations were established during Dick Cheneys behind closed door meeting with the oil industry executives, including, BP and Haliburton. The contents of that meeting were never made public but the outcome was the policies Bush left.

    The federal government does not have the expertise to cap an oil well. One cold argue that they should develop that expertise but most certainly, oversite of the oil industries safety and fail safe procedures must be put in place. Those guys, (BP), didn't even have a valid set of engineering drawings which properly detailed the functioning of the safety/failsafe mechanisms supposedly in place. Maybe there should be a federal overseer on every ocean oil rig who would be paid by the oil industry but not responsible to them.

    One fault I have with Obama is his slow public response to the seriousness of this event. Even if the federal government did not have the technical expertise to cap the well itself, it needed to ensure that management of the event was put in place. At the very least, there should have been personnel on every beach and at every marsh where the oil made landfill. As it came on shore, it should have been removed I don't care if he had to deploy 50,000 national guard members.
  4. DrScrubs

    DrScrubs Well-Known Member

    Haven't read the whole thread, but it took all of 4 posts to mention "liberals" and "conservatives". Haha. Always has to come down to that. Draw the lines, declare the other person as the enemy and start firing! Never mind that we are all Americans who will share in the problems and success together.
  5. So you admit that New Orleans had time to prepare or evacuate. Plus, no one had ever seen a Cat-5 hurricane make landfall in a highly populated city before. You condemn Bush why? Because he didn't have a crystal ball? The chief blame for Katrina falls on the people that refused to evacuate after being warned repeatedly.

    It's like the comedian Ron White says, "It's not THAT the wind is blowin'...it's WHAT the wind is blowin'!" (his full joke includes a guy holding onto a tree but getting hit by a Volvo blown by the wind)

    Barry did nothing for more than 30 days. The "but he didn't know!" excuse is worn out.

    I can't believe the gall of you people that blame Bush or Cheney for this. Olbermann even blamed Sarah Palin on his show! Barry and his regime have been in power for 18 months as they having been dismantling the Constitution and cramming a horrible health care bill down the throats of Americans. Do you honestly expect to be taken seriously with this "Blame Bush and Cheney!" attitude?

    This is Barry's Katrina. I'm sure you must hate that, but sometimes the truth hurts. As libs taught us during the Bush years, anything that happens when your guy sits in the oval office means he is responsible. No excuses, right? I just hope voters remember.

    Barry approved the operation of this very offshore rig more than once since his regime took power - and even gave them a safety award. Don't try to whitewash Barry.

    And Bush didn't have all the information he needed as well for Katrina. More whitewash for Barry, that's all.

    Just wait. Barry will claim this a victory and the MSM will announce he handled it in an "unprecedented" (their fav word for anything Barry does) manner. Napolitano will claim "the system worked!"
  6. DrScrubs

    DrScrubs Well-Known Member

    Ok, just read the whole thread. A lotta arguing about nothing.

    1. Fenga Papit didn't cal anyone names. He wasn't even mean until someone accused him of calling people names.

    2. Katrina was a "surprise". (Let me explain) We knew there was a hurricane coming, but it didn't become a category 4/5 until a day before hitting LA and when it actually hit LA it was a Category 3.

    Apologies for citing Wiki. I usually hate using Wiki, but I am a little lazy to hunt for articles from 5 years ago. Anyone else want to cross check Wiki?
    Meteorological history of Hurricane Katrina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    When I say "surprise" I mean while we knew a hurricane was coming it was a surprise that it would become that powerful. By the time Katrina hit Category 5, people were told to evacuate but that was clearly too little too late.

    3. The levees were state managed by LA, not by the Federal government. So you can't blame Bush for them failing.

    Orleans Levee Board - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    4. Bush can't be responsible for Katrina, the late warning of people about it and the failure of the levees. People think the President has so much power. As stated above meteorologist didn't realize how power the hurricane became until it was too late anyways. No President would have known ahead of time. And it is not common to call for an pre-emptive evacuation. And when evacuation orders were given, many refused to listen.

    5. I agree the Federal government's response could have been much better. But honestly I am not sure I can solely blame Bush either. Our bureaucracy has gotten so bloated that any single order has to cross so many desks before being implemented. A President can visit the site of the disaster but really, that does nothing.

    6. People should buy all those damage insurance, but people don't. If there wasn't a law for car insurance people wouldn't buy it. People are short sighted. Does that mean we don't help them when a national disaster like Katrine happens and have no sympathy for them? Maybe, maybe not. I say everyone should buy insurance by law, but apparently that is "big government" and called unconstitutional. But when people don't take responsibility for their own fate and disaster happens then they want government to step in and help.

    7. Personally, I am not sure what the Federal government can do about the oil spill either. It can take control from BP to try and "fix" the problem, but as mention above, I doubt the government has the personnel to do that. The government could bring in other oil companies to help, but that also requires the government to force a private civilian and international company to obey orders. I am sure there will be people that will cry foul if the Federal government takes over a private company's rig. Obama could visit, which he did finally, but what good does that do? In the end, I think all we can do is wait for BP to fix this and then actually hold them accountable for the whole mess and make sure they don't weasel their way out of paying for damages.

    8. Lastly, we can pass laws to regulate all we want but if we can't enforce it, those laws aren't any good. There are so many laws and regulations out there that it has become extremely cumbersome and confusing. And that is where loopholes and gaps in enforcements are exploited. I'm honestly not sure what the solution can be. More laws won't fix the problem. And human nature dictates that people and companies will exploit loopholes as long as the reward outweighs the risk. After it is all said and done I am sure BP's profit will still be more than the costs of clean up this mess.
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  7. DrScrubs

    DrScrubs Well-Known Member

    I didn't vote Bush out of office. Anyways, see above. I don't blame Bush.

    Can you cite references to where Obama approved the operation of this specific rig? Thanks!
  8. Of course:

    Interior Department Exempted BP Drilling From Environmental Review

    Barry approved of it, and bypassed environmental review. As the Left taught us so well - when your guy's butt polishes the chair behind the Resolute desk, your guy is 100% responsible for whatever happens on his watch.
  9. DrScrubs

    DrScrubs Well-Known Member

    Who is Barry???

    Reading your article, it would seem like the Sec of Interior Ken is at fault for not reviewing the rig. I don't think it is fair to directly blame Obama for it.

    I don't think you can use a error filled way that the "Left" uses to justify your own error. Not everything bad that happened can be blamed on Bush just because he was the President. If you don't like that the "Left" does blame everything, what good is it to do it yourself? Just duplicating their folly is not actually calling out the hypocrisy. Rather it exacerbates the problem by joining in the blame game.
  10. Barry is Barry Soetero aka Barack Obama.

    Whatever your feeling on the Left and with me holding Barry to the SAME standard of responsibility the left did with Bush, it needs to be that way or Barry just gets a free pass. We will have a skewered and uneven yardstick by which to measure Barry. No free passes for Barry - well, libs can't give him enough free passes, but he won't get any from rational Americans.

    It's not just me blaming Barry and holding him accountable....he told us all to hold him accountable:

    Reuters AlertNet - Obama says "buck stops with me" over oil spill

    From a campaign speech by Barry:

    Introducing the Obameter to track campaign promises - St. Petersburg Times

    Sounds very clear to me. Barry is responsible.
  11. DrScrubs

    DrScrubs Well-Known Member

    IC. I guess we gotta give credit when things do go right too? I mean my water is running and street lights are working as well. And those oil rigs that haven't blown up and are not spewing oil. So praise Obama for that! :)
  12. Barry invented water and said "Let there be light"?!?!?! I'm callin' the National Enquirer!!! My ship has finally come in! :D
  13. Zenze

    Zenze Well-Known Member

    Personally my profession requires to be extremely rational in the strictest sense of the word.

    I don't know why you must constantly insinuate that anyone who has a different point of view from you own is an idiot.

    By most peoples standards I would be liberal in many regards (not all). However, I can at least understand the argument/perspective of people who disagree with me and am glad to debate points of view. I at least acknowledge their argument as logical, because many are, even if I feel that there is a better way. I will even change my point of view if I am presented with what I feel to be a better way/argument. Civil debate is what democracy runs on. I feel that automatically labeling anyone from the other point of view as irrational is unjust, ignorant, and counterproductive.
  14. DrScrubs

    DrScrubs Well-Known Member

    By the way Fenga, Obama visited the Gulf, specifically Venice, LA on May 2nd. Fox News was wrong about that.



    Though I still say a President visiting is purely symbolic and really has little practical value.

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  15. hakr100

    hakr100 Well-Known Member

  16. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    I don't care who did or didn't do what. I am appalled that this well is still pumping into our sea.

    I think we should send the dems and reps down and stuff them in the pipe till it stops spewing. They are all idiots. The government should have nothing to do with fixing this, other than holding a gun to BP's head until they act in an appropriate matter.(So to speak) I don't know what the solution is, but the guys who ran this rig should, and I cannot believe that we can put a man on the moon, but we can't fix a broken pipe in the gulf?

    Sooooo, Who is boycotting BP?
  17. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    thank you!
  18. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    Very true. Even though people know that the President can't actually fix the problem himself... the citizens just want to know that he's very aware of it and committed to helping to fix the problem... or at least connected with this economic and environmental disaster. I never bashed Bush for his tardy response to Katrina and I don't bash Obama for his tardy response to this disaster. It's so simple to blame someone that you despise than to blame a corporation, which is the one truly at fault.
  19. hakr100

    hakr100 Well-Known Member

    Boycotting BP won't fix anything. But criminally prosecuting the executive chain of command in all the private sector companies involved would...five years in the slammer for high-level execs...that might send the right message.
  20. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    Maybe so, but it is something that we, as the little people we are, CAN do. Jailtime is not enough for the people in charge of this debacle. Messages are not what we need. No one, including me, completely understands the magnitude of a disaster like this, as it has never happened before. I don't know how much they claim has spewed from that pipe, but who is to say it isn't 5x as much as they are telling us? I am pretty sure they have been lying about the whole thing from the start. That is what oil companies do.

    So, Hakr, I am going to boycott BP. I hope that everyone else will do the same.
  21. Make us proud! :p

    Key word there is "insinuate." That means it is your perception of what I post that offends you, and that is not my problem. Not trying to be a jerk, but obviously I have no control or responsibility for the impressions you take.

    Whoa....wait....automatically labeling anyone is bad, then you went on and automatically labeled! I am dizzy.....

    I said it was symbolic myself earlier. On that visit, IIRC, Barry didn't see any oil (meaning damage to wildlife and the coast). That's like Bush showing up weeks before Katrina made landfall and saying everything was hunky-dory. But I'm glad the helicopter didn't make the push out to the actual oil spill due to high winds. Obama's safety is very important to all of us. (Barry should have just walked on the water, as I have heard he can do, to go to the actual site)

    OMG! You have found the magic bullet that defeats any argument by using only two letters with two periods!!!
  22. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Actually you have, by using less emotive language when making your point(s). As the ReadMe states, "attack the message not the messenger".
  23. I understand the point you are seeking to make, but if you are speaking of my use of the word "rational" then I disagree. That is not attacking anyone, and if someone gets too emotional over that simple word and their panties get bunched up, I am not responsible for their emotions. If that were the case then I could be held responsible if someone took such offense that they got drunk and decided to drive their car, crashing and harming innocent people.
  24. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Then you didn't understand. I'm talking about your posting style in general. The liberal use of sarcasm and condescention towards those with an opposing opinion, specifically. You conduct a more-than-adequate debate without them, and they serve only to undermine your arguments.
  25. Sarcasm and/or condescension towards the opposition (as in Barry, libs in general) is a part of not just my style. I won't name at least one other member here that does so as well, and I have yet to see you call them out.

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