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  1. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    of course i'm new to the stellar, we all are, right?
    fortunately there is an exploit already available to us for root! yay and thank you!
    what is not out there yet is documentation. sure, we can attempt to learn a few tricks from the s series siblings... and a few work too. not all though, and we now have some of our own issues that are starting to pop up. this means we need to band together now, all few of us who jumped on this free phone from vzw.
    i'm not complaining about this phone by any means. this is a massive upgrade from the lg optimus 1 model i had for over 2 years! speed is great on board, battery life is amazing and the size and price were perfect. sure, i could have used a better camera and a flash.. yes a flash at least would have been nice. but again the price is perfect for this galaxy installment.

    issues i have found and or have heard of that we need solutions to:

    1. yes, we can root. it is however ill advised to delete any stock app from our phone. it has been proven to brick on the removal of the most useless of apps. this means you are limited still on the size of your stock rom ( i have not heard any good news of using any other rom on the stellar yet). if you root just to delete apps simply because you don't want to see them, in the app manager, you can hide apps. they stay in the rom, just don't show on your apps list.
    *to watch the devs in action working on the stellar go here

    2. a way around the mounted "sd". we are given 2 gigs built in to play with. that's cool, we can put a 32 gig sd card in, right? yes, but it is only for files and media, for now. we currently do not have a way to move apps to sd, meaning we are limited to 2 gigs in apps (great for beginners, poor for pros). *there is an app called gl to sd in the google play store that will allow most gameloft apps and a few others (i sucsessfully moved google earth with it and it still works!) to move to the extsd. this will allow for a little extra space

    3. wifi constantly losing its connection, not reconnecting automaticly. a saved network constantly receiving authentication failed and saved networks just sitting uselessly when in range, then you manually have to connect (yes, i'm whining about this, i expect auto to mean auto).

    4. this one is personal and is extremely annoying to me. every time i get near any place that is listed in the yellow pages, i'm offered to check in there from my phone itself, not an app that i have installed. sure i could turn off my gps, but again, i want everything on my phone automatic.... except being told when to check in. i want that part manual.

    join in, stellar people, and lets all work together to figure this stuff out!

  2. invisiblek

    invisiblek Member

    I'm not sure I agree with this. I stripped the stock rom down to the bare bones and had someone flash it (I don't own this device) and all they were getting was fc's on the phone (but this happened to me on a stripped rom for the sgs3, my phone, so i'm sure its related)

    This phone is definitely open to custom stock roms, also removing apps should not cause you problems as long as you don't remove something that is needed by the OS.

    I wonder if this will work for you guys:

    if only verizon didn't lock the bootloader we could try and rebuild with some other wifi modules....(modules actually reside on /system so this may be fixable but probably better off waiting for an OTA)

    I'm sure this is an app doing this that can be removed

    On a final note, this device is very similar to the verizon sgs3 so many things for it will apply here. There are a few things people should NOT do. This includes trying to flash any roms/kernels/bootloaders from the sgs3. This will definitely not work and cause you at least softbrick if not a full hard brick.
  3. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    -I am by no means saying these things are impossible. I am just simply calling for devs to help. I know that every day counts in the android hacking world and tomorrow will open up even more possibilities.

    From what I have found to date, the attempted removal of any app caused soft brick. For this reason, I stated it was ill advised to attempt app removal. This is not permanent, as I know someone will find the right string in samsung codes to enable a full delete of many apps without causing negative effects on the phone. I am also confident this will happen very soon.

    At the time of writing this (only days ago), devs had not managed a solid recovery, which now one does exist.

    I have not seen any reports of a solid rom (ex: CG or Reopard) for this phone yet. I know it is only a matter of time before 10 mainstream custom roms not only exist for the stellar, but run flawlessly.

    The app2extsd looks promising. I have looked at that one before, but without the comfort of a custom rom (call me ******ed if you will, just my preference before attempting certain exploits), I will hold off on attempting it. I did find the gl2sd which has worked for a few of my larger apps so far.

    I am personally not a dev or by any means an expert to the linux/android code. I am just a fan of the exploits others find. I am excited to have my new galaxy stellar and I am even more excited to see the exploits come rolling in that will help make this good phone an awesome phone.

    Basically, I started this thread because there is not a lot of documentation on this phone yet and I spend many hours every week just reading updates on development. A few days ago, if someone googled galaxy stellar rom, very little to nothing would have shown up, writing this post was simply to begin some updates and get people describing any problems they have come across.
  4. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    I have been informed it is safe to remove certain apps. I am not positive at this point which apps fall into this category. I have started a thread in the all things root section to request app info. If and as info comes in, I will compile a safe list.

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