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  1. so this is a list of things i have learned so far.I would ask that if you disagree with anything that it is brought up and discussed in a friendly manner. i am not even close to perfect. i am just trying to help the lg motion community.
    ---1-- Apps may leave a pic of the app in your gallery. Its not a bug. LG phones have been known to do this. If you don't want the pic you can just delete it .

    --2-- Your used ram and free ram should equal 710. We do have 1gig but some is used by ics. 710 should be the number you are looking for.

    --3-- The phone most likely has a 1.5ghz cpu not a 1.2ghz cpu the way i checked is with a antutu benchmark test but there are other ways(more power ya).

    --4--LG does not want people to rom this phone at this time. The bootloader is locked at this time. Members of af are working on this.

    --5-- There is no recovery for this phone right now members of af are working on this also.

    --6-- It is possible to root this phone. just go to the all things rooted section. you should be able to find the information you need there.

    --7--Turning off animations does not change swipe effects.

    thats all i can think of at this time i will add more later. Sorry there no links i don't know how to do that yet.If you have a problem with this thread i am sorry please try to be kind. simply let me know how i can make it better. Thanks

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    Make it look like a list... Exampe:


    This makes what your trying to say, more readable. Format that huge block of text!, Cheers!
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    Lets wait to let the devs keep at it and see where we go. Also i have stated in other threads that i have no issues with mine.

    +1 to the list suggestion.
  4. thanks that is a lot better.
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    His layout seems pretty readable to me
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    Lol he edited it before it wasn't :rolleyes:

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