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  1. Niuby

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    Aug 6, 2012
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    Thought it could be useful to have a thread about tips we've discovered in use with the padfone.
    FWIW, I have the set of the phone, station, keyboard dock and stylus.

    1. As of firmware version 4.04, the (phone-tablet-keyboard) combination can read and write to NTFS-formatted USB sticks, CF cards and HDD's.
    (=No need to carry a netbook to clear my camera card when travelling now!)

    2. The keyboard-combo will charge the stylus, but only when the phone is docked (ie you can't use the phone by itself and have the keyboard/tablet charge the stylus).
    Even with this limitation, I can see this being useful when travelling.

    Any other tips in use or configuration?

  2. Anges

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    Feb 14, 2011
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    This isn't really a padfone thing but did you know that when you are in Airplane mode you can turn wifi back on and use GPS. I just came back from the UK and I did this the entire time I was there so I did not have any phone or data roaming charges.

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