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Think I'm on to a root exploit

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  1. aus4000

    aus4000 Member

    Today, I got thinking: the Innopath Activecare app is the app that updates the phone, through the stock recovery. And you can update some system apps, so if we take it out and apart, mod it, put it back together, we could change where the update comes from (and more importantly) put some root access in it! I found a little Linux script that takes apart APK's and decompiles and recompiles them so we could possibly try such a thing. Someone should help me out!

    Here is a link to my site with the decompiled apk

  2. jfever311

    jfever311 Well-Known Member

    Someone get a hold of Paxchristos!!!
  3. MikeDilligaf

    MikeDilligaf Member


    "Someone get a hold of Paxchristos!!! "
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  4. LimitedRelease

    LimitedRelease Well-Known Member

    To replace the innopath app would require root access to begin with wouldn't it?
    I believe this a is a chick or the egg matter.
  5. aus4000

    aus4000 Member

    It could be possible to change the dev url thingy from com.innopath.activecare to something like net.aus4000.c771root or something of that nature. IDK too much about Java, so...

    EDIT: Whoah! That's a LOT of Files to change! At least 70!
  6. aus4000

    aus4000 Member

    lol whut :confused:
  7. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    You understand that "com.innopath.activecare" isn't really a path, right? it's more of a filename...
  8. aus4000

    aus4000 Member

    Yes, I do know, but the app won't install over without that specific name so I figured if the name is changed, it will install.
  9. tommytopdrive

    tommytopdrive Well-Known Member

    however, if you do a search for innopath on the play store, there is an app, think its innopath care2. It might be worth looking at as it asks for a lot of access to your phone.

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