think its bricked..

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    i tried


    it seemed to have the phone reboots...and
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    ok all

    the only thing that is onoying is my home button is not
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    tried to remove the unstable Darky 10.2.2 and try a root i found on a forum...

    stuck on recovery and the power button does not work anymore as im really screwed and it will not go to download..
  6. Dude stop posting so much please here is your solution.

    I did this process to unbrick mine.

    First download these odin files.

    Unbrick Telus Samsung Fascinate

    Then follow these instructions.

    Open ODIN. Put the files in this exact order in odin.

    s1_odin_20100512.pit in "PIT"
    T959TLJL3-REV03-ALL-low-CL763100.tar.md5 in "PDA"
    T959TLJL3_FROYO_Phone-CL763100.tar in "PHONE"
    SGH-T959D-CSC-TLSJL3.tar.md5 in "CSC"

    Once this is complete... NOTE Do not plug phone in until this is done. Once you have completed this then hold down volume rockers and plug usb in to phone. Once it shows your phone is ready press start and wait for it to say finish. Do not unplug phone until it is compltley turned on..
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    moved to the root section so they can better help you.

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