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Think we'll see it in October?General

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  1. chmodx

    chmodx Well-Known Member

    Anyone think the Note 2 will make it out this month in the US? I hear most estimates November, but earlier there was info ATT would have it October 21.

    I'm jumping ship from Verizon, I've had it with the phone selection during the past few years.

  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Yeah Verizon has sucked with phone selection until just recently IMO.

    I don't think it'll come out in October because the announcement isn't until late October, but hopefully I'm wrong.
  3. reeftivo

    reeftivo Active Member

  4. ks-man

    ks-man Well-Known Member

    This was in the comments on that article:

    Some units have older firmware.
    Via twitter: Samsung to update all Galaxy Note II devices soon for multi view option!

    BTW, that embedded video of what the Note II can do is incredible. I'm sure most people won't even use 10% of what the phone could do but even a few of those features are unbelievably innovative.
  5. h1r0ll3r

    h1r0ll3r Well-Known Member

    Would be nice :D Sick of waiting for this thing. I want it now. Worst case, I think it'll drop mid-late November.
  6. rivera02

    rivera02 Well-Known Member

    With the announcement being the 24th of October, it'll probably be at least 3 weeks after that to allow for a pre-order period.

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