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  1. mojorisin7178

    mojorisin7178 Well-Known Member

    So I am thinking about rooting I hear it is really easy on this phone. I saw an app called super one click is that what I should use? If not then how do I go About it. Also how easy is it to unroot just in case I have to send it back for waranty. Also when gingerbread comes out will that update erase the rooting. I am thinking that I probably wont root until after I see how gingerbread update works and if I am not happy with it then I will root. But either way I would like to know how to do it just because I am nosy.

  2. taknactn

    taknactn Well-Known Member

    It will never see Gingerbread. Pipe dream
  3. mojorisin7178

    mojorisin7178 Well-Known Member

    You really think they are.just full of shit about gingerbread? I don't think they are and if.not then I will definitely root and put gingerbread.on
  4. Gavrie1

    Gavrie1 Member

    To the OP, If your wanting to root then I suggest using this guide.

    When using nvflash I've found its just easier to set it up to go to your internal memory instead of your external ( I've had problems with the sdcard not wanting to mount in recovery when using the external memory. )

    Once your rooted, just make a backup using clockworkmod and you'll be able to go back to that rom if you run into any problems. The above guide also is a way to get back to being unrooted.

    With the Gingerbread update, they should be releasing it sooner or later. A build of it was leaked and its what a few of the roms that are out are based on.
  5. mojorisin7178

    mojorisin7178 Well-Known Member

    Gavrie1 thank you for the info. Just a quick question the link says for mac and linux I am using win 7 so does that matter? And I think I read something about people haveing a problem with the SD card mounting so I think going to the internal is the way to go.
  6. Gavrie1

    Gavrie1 Member

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