Thinking about upgrading to Droid Pro, does anyone like it?

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  1. acfield

    acfield Member

    I've read most of the posts here so far, but really haven't seen anything about liking the fact you have this phone yet. Not many negative remarks, but really trying to find out more info if you are happy with your decision. Thanks.

  2. rllong1

    rllong1 Member

    I love my Droid Pro. The main reason I got it was the form factor and it being a global phone. The keyboard is great, obviously there is a trade off. I would rather have a real keyboad than a big screen like on the X or Incredible. I could answer specific questions you so let me know if you have any. This is by far my favorite Android phone. And just fyi, you wont see as much in the forums as you do for popular phones like the X or Incredible. This phone is geared toward a specific group and doesn't have the fanfare of the other popluar Verizon phones like X or Inc.
  3. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    I also love my Droid Pro.
  4. starsandsky87

    starsandsky87 Member

    I really love my Droid Pro. I switched from a Droid Eris, which wasn't a big deal for me considering the screen size. I can still see and do everything on the phone clearly. LOL I like that the phone is small enough to fit easily in my hand and one hand texting on the go is simple. The phone is fast and the battery life is not bad at all. I love the speech to text too. It's very accurate. What I don't like about the phone is that there is no voice recorder on the phone, and the camera is not that great. Running Android 2.2, however definitely keeps it ahead of the pack when considering other phones still on 2.1. Though now there's Android 2.3 :rolleyes: In the end it all comes down to personal choice :)
  5. aohus

    aohus Well-Known Member

    the gf is using hers now. shes had it since launch. she LOVES it.

    - awesome battery life
    - she loves the fact that she can use a keyboard and use touch screen in portrait mode
    - its easy to use

    - shes just not a fan of the camera
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  6. rllong1

    rllong1 Member

    I thought the camera was terrible until I took the clear screen cover off of it. I didn't realize that there was a tiny piece under the batter cover over the lens. I felt so stupid when I realized lol. And for a voice recorder, try voice recorder by mamoru.
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  7. epj3

    epj3 Member

    All comes down to preference... I prefer the standard blackberry style phone - but RIM phones are a little behind the times now. However, when my Blackberry curve needed replaced, I wouldn't have bought an android if the pro did not exist - I would have bought the Blackberry Bold.
  8. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Well-Known Member

    Love it. No single device will ever be exactly what I want, since each platform has its own unique features that I want. Unless RIM, Apple and Google merge, my nirvana device aint gonna happen.
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  9. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member

    Great phone. After owning a BB for a few years, then a Droid for a year, this is exactly the phone that I was waiting for (and actually the phone that lots of BB owners are waiting for from RIM lol). Easy navigating/browsing of a touch screen with the surefire typing of a real (non-slider) hardward keyboard.
  10. rlevine

    rlevine Well-Known Member

    you hit the nail on the head for me. i love the form of the BBs. the curve was damn near perfect as far as form is concerned. the new ones are even better with the lack of trackball (touchpad instead). however, i love the functionality of the androids. i left BB a while back and am quite satisfied with the android OS, though not the specific devices. however, the form of the droid pro is definitely giving me the vapors. despite some of its negative reviews i'd love to get my hands on one.

  11. macstibs

    macstibs Member

    ex-BB user. had a curve and then a torch when it died. hated the torch form-factor but thought bb6 was a decent improvement. still think android is a much more capable os and maybe now rimm will get off their asses and actually innovate.

    the downside so far is the battery life

    the upside is the unique form factor on the platform and the os. basically a big fan.
  12. jwgraves62

    jwgraves62 Well-Known Member

    I've had my PRO for over a month now and will never go back to my BB Curve. Absolutely LOVE this phone!
  13. jamesoja

    jamesoja Well-Known Member

    I ditched my Inc for the Pro and could not be more pleased. I had essentially stopped using my Inc due to the frustration I had with it coming from BB. Camera is a non issue as I have a DSLR, and 2 HD Camcorders with me at all times. Taking cheeky photos of a mullet at Wal Mart looks just fine on the pro. The Inc was great for watching slingbox and turn by turn navigation. Is that what I need in a phone, NO. I need a phone that I can make calls with, heavy email usage, text and call with multiple lines via Google Voice and the Droid Pro does this perfectly for me. I am finally happy with my phone and feel productive again. Again this is for me, YMMV. Give it a shot.
  14. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Well-Known Member

    I am leaving the X for the DP and its keyboard... I hope i can adjust to the screen size but going to a keyboard with no slider is the plus for me..
  15. Stephiecom

    Stephiecom New Member

    Wish I could say the same but I HATE mine except for the keyboard I do like that. But can't keep all my emails or reply to my Facebook sms. May go back to my BB if i cant get it to work.
  16. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw Well-Known Member

    I have had my Pro for about 2 days now and love it. Have had almost every Android phone released on every carrier this year (I have a phone fetish ) and this is my favorite Android phone of them all. Love the form factor. Its the phone I had wished RIM would have made and so far least buggy Android except for the My Touch 4g. That phone rocks also was just missing the keyboard
  17. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Well-Known Member

    I have liked everything about mine except the battery and camera... My D1 and X used to go a day and a half without a charge on my usage.... With the DP I take it off the charger around 0545 and around 1400 it needs a bump charge....

    The camera is better than D1 and Devour but after having the X its kinda meh...
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  18. anthonygobot

    anthonygobot Well-Known Member

    Id like to know as well, ill be coming from a droidx. I really want to know how the picture/video quality, I use the camera quite a bit.
  19. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Well-Known Member

    Well I have to retract the battery comment... Today on normal use after 12 hours I still have 50% left... I can work with that... Maybe it just had a bad day or something stuck open... Did a hard reset and its been better since..

    The camera does not compare to the X.... But i still prefer due to keyboard and not being as awkward big as X...
  20. p1ayrTh3 Ru13

    p1ayrTh3 Ru13 Well-Known Member

    Its okay... I tried it when my bro was choosing his new phone.neither of us really liked the way it was built. Id get the droid 2 global instead . (But I dunno the prices or if your only trying to spend so much or whatever)
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  21. jb20

    jb20 New Member

    Im enjoying it more and more every day. Love the form factor of having a full functioning keypad. Virtual keypads are getting better with the introduction of swift key and Swiftkey keypad. I still wish they gave a better screen resolution and it took as good of pictures as the Droid X. As far as the battery they should have included the 1820 capacity battery as standard. You easily get a throught the day.

    These devices are more powerful than any Blackberry. They do more! Its a fact so it will use more power. I use both Exchange for work and gmail for personel so email is instantaneous Quick office allows me to work with PDF's, Xcel, and all Word Docs.

    If you are not familar with the Android software give yourself 3 weeks to adapt. don't get frustrated . Once you adapt to it you will feel sorry for any Blackberry user.

    You wont be sorry!
  22. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member

    After a few months of use, I'll have to say the only slight drawbacks to this phone are the lower resolution screen and camera. Things I can easily live with and still love the device. If it had resolution equivalent to an Incredible plus the 8MP camera, it would be perfect. Don't mind the small screen size at all and the full keyboard has only gotten better since I first used it.
  23. pinkk

    pinkk New Member

    i came from a bb bold...which i loved!! only decided to 'try it out' after alltel was bought out and my son went crazy for a droid. the first week did not convince me that the pro was for me. i played with it and played with it......then all of a sudden... OMG i could never go back! lol
  24. soco66

    soco66 New Member

    Wish I could be so positive. I've had my DROID for 2 weeks after having my BB Curve replaced by the company IT group. Hate the DROID Pro. Touch pad is intermittent at best and the battery is a joke. I have about everything shut down and it still only holds a charge for about 6 hrs. Motorola should be embarrassed to put out a phone with such a cheap battery. It does look cool sitting on my desk as a small paperweight.
  25. cheech4

    cheech4 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me how the reception is on the droid pro? back in the day Motorola have always been known to make phones with great reception, but how is the droid pro reception.

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