Thinking of getting a new phone in the near future

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  1. BranFace

    BranFace Member

    But needs to be on the boost network. some hate it i love it, unlimited text talk and web and service is not that bad in my area and best of all 40 bucks a month downside expensive phones. when they first introduced the first android for boost i went out and bout it the next day, i regret that, the Samsung prevail just sucks all slow as balls and i cant even get a good overclock it crashes when i get a phone call if i do.

    SO 1. it must be rootable and honestly thats it xD tell me what one you guys think is the best

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  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Greetings BranFace! (I like your username!!)
    I moved your thread here as I think you will get better assistance from others:D

    Personally, depending on your budget, I would tend to lean towards the Samsung Galaxy S2.
    A popular device with lots of support here for it:
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (Boost Mobile) - Android Forums
  3. BranFace

    BranFace Member

    thanks for the likeing of my username, my gf gave me the nickname, also thats for the advice my man i was thinking that phone to. my budget is low but as soon as i get enough im upgrading for sure, this phone can not hold a charge and lags like hell haha
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