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Thinking of getting this phone......can you remove this bottom menu though?General

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  1. cubone

    cubone Well-Known Member

    Srry im not that fast of a typer xD

    I got work in a few hours. U gives enjoy your early morning, time to accompany my lonely pillow ;)

  2. Xaviera2010

    Xaviera2010 Well-Known Member

    Ohhh thanks for the edit up there!

    Rhapsody? Pshhhhhh who needs that lol.
  3. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    The $60 plan you get 5GB of unthrottled 4G with rhapsody
    $70 the same as the $55 but it just adds rhapsody and video on demand
    Rhapsody you can just use pandora for or just download the music you want
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  4. Matthew83

    Matthew83 Well-Known Member

    The $55 plan is really the $70 plan. The $55 unlimited is a limited time only offer.
  5. Xaviera2010

    Xaviera2010 Well-Known Member

    What? So if I get this phone I will have to pay $70 a month eventually?
  6. Matthew83

    Matthew83 Well-Known Member

    If you get the $55 plan it will not go up later on. Metro is just offering this plan to get more people to sign up, and you should since it is a great deal to get while it lasts. No one really knows when it will end but once you sign up for the $55 plan it is yours to keep for as long as MetroPCS stays around.

    Who knows what will happen after the Tmobile merger but Metro says our plans will not change, hopefully that is true.
  7. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Well-Known Member

    No you won't. You'll keep the $55 promo plan and keep paying 55 until you change it.
    But if you wait, that promotion will go away.
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  8. Xaviera2010

    Xaviera2010 Well-Known Member

    Oh awesome, I get it now. Thanks!

    I have a question about Wirefly if anyone knows much about it. Is the activation complicated? How do I pick a plan there?

    If I don't pay my phone bill for a month and my service gets shut off, will I get a penalty or they will bill me or something?
  9. you should do a little research on android.
    there are a lot of reasons why this phone is a great deal. its one of the most powerful phones on the market,that being said you really don't seem to need this phone. if all you want to do is play draw something.
    have you never tried a launcher on your ascend? maybe you should practice on your ascend to learn the basics of how a smartphone works.
    unless you want to learn more about what you can do with android i don't think phone specs will matter to you.asking questions is a good thing but it doesn't seem like you have done much with the phone you have. 3rd party launchers is something people change all the time try it out its not hard at all. btw most phones even lower end phones can play draw something.

    its very easy to have your phone connected to the plan you want. if you get confused go to a metro store and they will do it for you
  10. Xaviera2010

    Xaviera2010 Well-Known Member

    Just because I want to play Draw Something on my phone doesn't mean that's the only thing I do on it. Not being able to play a certain game I wanted to play on my Ascend is what broke the camels back and made me want a better phone. I am familiar with Android and I know my way around a phone. Granted I've never rooted one, but that isn't what I was asking.

    I was mostly asking about Wirefly since I've never bought from them before.
  11. i just thought since you didn't know how to move icons from a dock your understanding of how things work may be a bit limited. i was just trying to help. wasn't the purpose of this thread about removing the icons you didn't like. that would make it seem that you don't really understand how to work a phone that well.please take no offense i was trying to say you may not need a phone with this much power.i love this phone by all means get it if you want it it just doesn't seem like you need it.
  12. Matthew83

    Matthew83 Well-Known Member

    The OP wants a better phone and the Motion is so much better than his Ascend! It wasn't just the icons he was asking about. He also wants to be able to play games, surf the web, and have a good fast overall phone. Sounds like this is the perfect phone for him, unless of course he wanted to spend the extra money for a GS3. Even the GS3 is not too powerful for him!
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  13. Xaviera2010

    Xaviera2010 Well-Known Member

    Lol I know how to move icons from a dock, but I wanted to know if this phone allowed you to do it without rooting. Since when do I need someone to tell me what phone I need? XD Anyways, thanks.
  14. Matthew83

    Matthew83 Well-Known Member

    You are welcome. It always irritates me when someone says a device is too powerful for you. I heard it before and unfortunately I will continue to hear it.

    Clearly you plan on using your phone to the fullest when you plan on gaming and using the internet. That is what all smartphones are built for and everyone wants to try to get the most powerful one they can afford. A lot of people don't know how to fully customize their phone but that doesn't mean it is too much phone for them.

    The only time when a smart phone is too powerful for someone is if they only use it to make phone calls!

    Ok, I will get off my rant now.
  15. Xaviera2010

    Xaviera2010 Well-Known Member

    That's funny because one of the least things I do on my phone is make calls, LOL. Ironic. I mostly text, use the internet, and do games.

    Anyways I bought the phone! Can't wait to get it.
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  16. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    There's always the Coolpad quattro. 129 up front 79 after rebate.
  17. Xaviera2010

    Xaviera2010 Well-Known Member

    Meh I've read too many bad reviews for it. I'm pretty sure I'm gunna love the LG Motion :)
  18. i got to dif ppl confused sorry to the w . this 2010 guy doesnt get the point. why not learn on something cheaper maybe even a phone from craigslist.you can tell from his posts he doesn't understand much. he wanted to know if you need to root the motion to move icons that doesnt make any sense why would you need to root for that. if he tries rooting etc. anything with this phone i think it will magically turn to a brick why not practice on a cheaper phone
  19. Matthew83 if 83 is your birth date we are pretty much the same age. Maybe you just act like a kid you seem to like to give advice. how about taking some act your age and putting your age in your screen name nice touch mat.
  20. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd mention a cheaper alternative that is powerful enough to do what you need it to.

    You're gonna love the motion. it will do everything you want it to and much more.
  21. Matthew83

    Matthew83 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I apologize for calling you old. I've heard my Dad say the exact same thing to me so it hits me the wrong way.

    If someone is interested in this phone I'm not going to recommend a slower phone just because he doesn't know he can install a different launcher.
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  22. ps can you remove this bottom menu really. you dont even know its the dock not the bottom menu. and check the mhz on the cpu of the Huawei Ascend it shouldnt even count as a smartphone maybe a smartphones dumb brother. i was talking about a phone with a 1ghz cpu min you do know what a cpu is correct.
  23. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Well-Known Member

    Yes, here's a screenshot of go launcher with the weather widget.

    Plus it had two home menus (at the bottom)


    Attached Files:

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  24. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Okay guys, I've had the thread closed for a little bit while I made some edits and deleted several posts and posts that quoted those now deleted posts that were off-topic, inappropriate, confrontational, and disrespectful.

    It's incumbent on all of you to remember our Site Rules/Guidelines that you all agreed to when you signed-up here and:

    1. treat each other with respect
    2. attack the issues and not each other
    3. do not take it upon yourself to be the grammar or spelling police
    4. stay on-topic

    If you can't do the above, then:

    1. don't post
    2. put the person you have an issue with on the ignore list
    3. or use the !Report /!\ button

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, okay?

  25. robertkoa

    robertkoa Well-Known Member

    To OP .

    I agree with all the positives mentioned about the Motion.

    My first Android AND my first smartphone and it is also IMO very easy to

    use ,learn , and customize.

    Go for it .
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