Thinking of going to galaxy s4...Question about photosSupport

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  1. Bill75

    Bill75 New Member

    I'm considering getting an s4. I have a MacBook Pro as my computer at home. I own a DSLR camera that I connect to my Mac to get the pictures on the computer but once I do that how do I get them to the gallery app on the galaxy? Thanks!

  2. iTzKPanda

    iTzKPanda AF's resident panda

    You can simply connect your Galaxy S4 to your Mac and copy & paste your photos to the Pictures/Photos folder in your Galaxy S4.
  3. Bill75

    Bill75 New Member

    Let say I use dropbox...can I then take the photos from dropbox to the native gallery app? Is that possible?
  4. iTzKPanda

    iTzKPanda AF's resident panda

    Yeah. You can choose to export them to your phone.
  5. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Moved to the SGS4 section, the guys here will be in the best position to assist. :)
  6. AndroidifyMe

    AndroidifyMe Well-Known Member

    You can always create a folder on your device when you plug it up via USB and drag and drop your items there. Nothing to it. If you want to possibly pay less on a S4 Sprint model you can checkout my signature as well.
  7. trublond

    trublond Member

    -- Have dropbox automatically upload your photos.
    -- create an automator script to
    -- import files into iphoto

    Once done, within a couple of minutes you new photos will be automatically added to iphoto. You will have some options to quit iphoto and to delete the photos from dropbox.

    I have had this set up for some time and it was worked flawlessly.

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