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Thinking of switching from Metro pcs to Tmobile prepaid (tampa area)

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  1. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    Anyone else in the area familiar with both services? Ive got Metro Pcs right now (4g) and am wondering how the services compare. The main reason Im considering switching is because I like the phone selection better, and I work at a pawn show so I can good phones cheap :).

    So my questions are : Anyone in tampa had this service? What were your 4g speeds like? How is the service overall? And how does it compare to Metro (if youve had Metro or know anyone that has Metro.)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

  3. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    Yea ive looked into it, and i can use any tmobile phone, just have to get a sim. I can get a galaxy s (vibrant) for around $100, which isnt a world beater by any means, but i do like it a lot better than my Indulge.

    Thanks for the links!
  4. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    is that the phone you're coming from?

    are you pretty light with internet use on your phone?
  5. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    Yea i have the Indulge now. Im looking at the $30 plan with tmobile with 100 minutes. I use data a decent amount (5gb will be plenty) and text a lot. The 100 minutes will be enough for me because i dont use my phone to make calls very often.
  6. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    They are more expensive than Metro. You also have limited amounts of 4G speed. The most expensive only gives you 5GB, which is a lot for browsing or streaming music, but if you do video then you could burn through it quickly. Then you would be on 1x the remainder of your billing period. You will not have that to worry about that on Metro.
  7. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    The $30 plan is actually $10 cheaper than what I pay now and i rarely stream videos. Metro is cheaper in general, but not for my needs.
  8. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    if all you're doing is checking email and looking at webpages 5gb is plenty.

    with the additional taxes and fees you'll be saving $5 instead of $10 but still...
  9. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    Can you get away with just 100 minutes? I do more than that in a week, but if you can then that could be a good deal.

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