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thinking of using upgrade. what phone tb users?General

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  1. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    Either want to use my upgrade before the 28th on a Rezound, Gnex or S3. what would you fellow TB users do?????

  2. digdug1

    digdug1 Well-Known Member

    I looked at both the rezound and nexus before buying the razr maxx. I was won over by the build quality of the maxx. The nexus felt cheap in comparison. That plus the issues samsung has had with their radios ruled our the sg3 as well.
    Im happy with my decision. Just got ics yesterday.
  3. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    I'm also thinking about upgrading before the 28th and am leaning towards the Rezound. I like the build quality of HTC phones and Sense is my favorite UI of all the ones I've played around with.

    The price drop to $79.99 is making it very tempting right now.
  4. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    Thanks just ordered a Rezound. I want something new and all the quad core stuff w/ LTE is way off. I can always use my Best Buy card for that. Its a wash when you buy outright to the contract anyways, just freedom to leave. Leave early on contract and the fee adds up to phone cost.

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