Thinkning about getting this on BF, do people like thier?General

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  1. jericko

    jericko Well-Known Member


    I have a HTC EVO smartphone and am thinking about getting a tablet on Black Friday. I was looking at this tablet. Do people who have it like it? Do they regret not going with the 10.1 inch version? What are the Pro/Cons?


  2. mpciii

    mpciii Well-Known Member

    I picked it up at Best Buy online this morning for $189. It sold out by 8am.
  3. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    Thought I scored it to pick up at the store because I missed the online ones, but just got an email saying they cant find the item at the store. Rather disappointing.
  4. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    I was able to walk in 8 hours later and smashed one at three local best buy and have not looked back. Hope the wife likes it. I do like the packaging:)
  5. bsharitt

    bsharitt Member

    I was afraid of the same same thing when I placed my order this evening around 5, but it turns out that store got most of the things for the region(my local store was out). I was actually surprised when I got the email telling me it was ready for pickup.
  6. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

    Checked my order from Thursday this afternoon and it showed one item as shipped with a tracking number, the other shipping in 0-1 days, and the table shipping in "NULL" days. I saw they were available for pick up so placed an order and about 30 minutes later get the pick up email confirmation.

    I get in the car and I get an email from Best Buy, my other tablet shows shipped with a tracking number!

    None of the tracking numbers are active on UPS's site but I assume you are good once a tracking number posts.
  7. bishop793

    bishop793 Member

    i got this from best buy yesterday....the video playback is lousy, very choppy..i downloaded a number of players and their respective codecs, but to no avail. all the files i played were forum stated that the videos had to be converted in order to play on the A100, but i figured for a dual core processor and 1ghz of ram, why should you? My Coby 7022 plays the files fine...

    Also i could not play Asphalt 5, says the device was not compatible, which is funny because I downloaded the game from the Tegra Zone.

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