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  1. MouseLuckyDog

    MouseLuckyDog Active Member

    In a couple of months I plan on getting a tablet. I am looking for one with a digitizer and ATM the TPT is the only under $1000 tablet available. ( Big emphasis ATM ),

    I also heard that early versions had a lot of harware problems. Buttons and ports that stopped working.

    Were these just startup problems? Has Lenovo cleaned up it's act wrt TPT?

    I find this particularly troubling since I've historically found Lenovo to actually be pretty good quality.

  2. puppeteer

    puppeteer Well-Known Member

    I haven't had issues with mine but I did have to replace a client's TPT power button board under warranty.

    I actually like the build quality. Feels solid and well built.

    That being said, keep in mind this was v1.0 for a tablet slate for them, so waiting until the inevitable new model this fall (probably with a tegra 3 no less) certainly would be prudent.

    But, with the price drops, the current TPT is a great value. Especially when ICS drops soon.

    I'll be in Vegas in May for the Lenovo partner conference and will report back on anything good (not under NDA, of course) that I can fill y'all in on.
  3. gjbaker

    gjbaker New Member

    There is a known problem of the power button failing. The problem appears to be poor soldering. I had the problem within a month of receiving my TPT. Contacted Lenovo and they sent shipping materials and it was returned fixed within a week... gb
  4. MouseLuckyDog

    MouseLuckyDog Active Member

    Actually I've found that generally true of "Lenovo" products. Aside from the pen a big consideration for me.
    In a sense my question is: "How is v1.2?" Have they gotten the bugs out?

    Hmm. have you heard something? I would be interested in anything like that--assuming I can afford it.

    I look forward to it, and am hoping that Lenovo doesn't go all in on Windows like HP did.
  5. puppeteer

    puppeteer Well-Known Member

    Well... so far it doesn't look good. Had a discussion with one of the ThinkPad client team guys, and it looks like the TPT v1.0 will be it for android w/ Lenovo.

    He didn't foresee an Android version in this generation. There will most likely be a convertible (a'la Ideapad Yoga) in, the fall to coincide with the Win8 launch.
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  6. MouseLuckyDog

    MouseLuckyDog Active Member

    That's seems disappointing.
    Let me get this straight. They are releasing an Android tablet that's like the Yoga? Or Win8?

    Does that mean they will be phasing out the TPT and only going with lower end android tablets? Or phasing out android entirely?
  7. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    This is only speculation, but TPT is designed for business. So logic dictates they would tend to lean towards windows 8 IMO. Although if they did come come out with one it would probably be in early 2013. A Windows 8 TPT would be a more appealing to IT departments and companies than Android.

    They'll still offer Android powered consumer tablets like the ideapads, but my gut is telling me that the Android powered TPT will be discontinued. Hopefully it will still be supported with updates like Jellybean.

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