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  1. rv1458

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  2. odindra

    odindra Well-Known Member

    First, just want to say that the TPU case is the best way to go if you're looking for form factor/slimness and moderate durability imo. :)

    Secondly, once you decide you're going to with a TPU case the next biggest choice is a glossy or matte one. I prefer the matte b.c of the grip and feel but to each their own.

    I would go either with the Diztronic or this, Hyperion Matte Smoke Flexible TPU Case & Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S IV (Compatible with ALL Samsung Galaxy S4 Models. Compatible Models include Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon, and All International Samsung Galaxy .

    I have had the Diz case on my former S2 for the two years of carrying it around and no damage from any fall or drop, but of course, ymmv. Though I do want to say, that the sides got lightly scuffed up, likely from me taking it in and out b/c some chargers weren't not compatible with the case staying on to charge and also dust just accumulates and I like to wipe it clean every now and then. :)

    Again though, I've never had any issues with the case and decided to buy one for my s4. It's even better than the one they made for the s2 imho. The material feels better and the cutouts are spot on, I can charge it on with most other chargers :), and it makes the phone look sharp. The other case I bought for a backup and frankly, I like it just as much as my Diz case. The cutouts are different but still matches up perfectly and the back of the phone is visible to a degree. They are both matte though.

    I can't comment on the other ones but I like my cases slim and plain. I don't like some of the designs and cutouts that some other manufacturers have but again, to each their own.

    Hope this helps
  3. rv1458

    rv1458 Member

    Between the hyperion and the diztronic, which one is thinnest and adds the least bulk?
  4. odindra

    odindra Well-Known Member

    I honestly think the Hyperion is slightly thinner and adds the least amount of bulk. I'll be happy to provide pics but I'll need to find my camera first. :)

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