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This is a "MUST HAVE" in my opinion.Tips

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  1. joeyz400

    joeyz400 Member

    V6 Supercharger scripts will tweak the hell out of your Spectrum and make it run better, multitask the way it was suppose to and save huge, on battery life!!! Read all the instructions and enjoy the smoothness. We have Zeppelinrox to thank for this work!!!! I see a night and day difference running cm10.1 with these scripts.


  2. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    you're the first I've seen report success with it. I've personally run it three times and every time it completely wrecked my phone. I ran it with great success on my droid charge but for whatever reason it always messed up my spectrum.

    What settings are you using? Meaning, when you run the script, which options are you choosing.
  3. joeyz400

    joeyz400 Member

    Download the latest v6 scripts(rc9v12) onto the root of your SD card. I use smanager it will automatically run your scripts so I open the file with that app. Check SU and Root then run. Go through the set up and read carefully as you go. Set the scroll speed to 1. There are a bunch of tweaks that can run at boot, I put yes to everything. When it's done going through the initial setup it will bring you back to the drive is options. Now you need to download the service jar patch, the latest files are always on the bottom of the downloads. When you download that file to your computer it'll be a zip file you need to change the file extension and take off the .zip. If you're running Windows 7 it is a pain to change the extension you just have to go into the folder you downloaded the patch to and go to folder options and un check folder extensions now you will be able to take the .zip off the end of the file name. Plug your phone into your computer to make sure it's charged only in debugging is on. Now when you click on the patch you will be able to unpack and run the exe, just follow directions from the patch thread. After everything's patched go back to v6 and go through the steps just follow the directions and use the settings that you want. I use #10 custom oom fixes, you can just use #8 and be fine.
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  4. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    Like I said I ran the script before. Actually I ran it so many times I used to have it practically memorized. You just made it sound very complicated though.

    The only question I was asking is which option did you choose? You have 1-9 and you choose based on the amount of ram the phone has and whether you want to use your phone for gaming or multitasking.

    Also which launcher did you choose?
  5. joeyz400

    joeyz400 Member

    #8 is fine
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  6. joeyz400

    joeyz400 Member

    read post 3 I fixed all the type o's.... Hopefully it is clearer.
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  7. joeyz400

    joeyz400 Member

    I am 100% Supercharged and I really see a difference.

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