This is how I updated to Zio cricket 2.2 with windows xpTips

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  1. ventovic

    ventovic Well-Known Member

    How to download the Cricket Zio 2.2 froyo update from your computer with windows xp.

    Step 1... we need to change a few settings on your Cricket Zio, go to settings/Applications/
    Development and make sure the USB debugging is checked, the check mark will be green,
    if its not, tap on it so that it is....OK after that go back to settings/SD card & phone storage
    and tap on unmount SD card, but leave the card in the phone, thats it now your ready for step two

    Step 2......, download the PC Suite Software to your computer if you haven't already from the
    cd that came with the phone, or if you dont have the cd, here's where you can get the download...
    Kyocera ZIO - Downloads
    once you download the PC Suite Software to your computer, plug in your phone to the computer and
    make sure it connects and follow through with the pop up windows.

    Step 3.....Now once thats done go here......2.000CR.5_HW0104.msi press download and then
    save, save it to your desktop,its a windows installer package, thats says 2.000CR.5_HW0104.
    once its saved to your desktop, make sure your phone (Zio) is hook to the computer and double
    click on the window installer package and let it run, your phone will go to a dark screen and
    will say, modem download mode at the top of your screen on the phone.....there will be a
    download % bar showing on your computers desktop, it will show nothing at first but let it run and it
    will start should take around 10 to 15 mins.

    After its done you will have the Cricket 2.2 update.

    This worked perfect on my Cricket Zio and loving the 2.2 and hope that it works for at your own risk..... remember this is for windows xp.....people have been having trouble with windows 7 and vista with downloading 2.2

  2. goochbuntu

    goochbuntu Member

    thank you for the link to download this i had the leaked rom. and someone wanted to update there zio and i had trashed it since i didnt need it anymore and the the link for the rom i had is dead so this helped me lots thanks.. too many people had crashed zios with crickets update
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  3. ventovic

    ventovic Well-Known Member

    Your welcome, I am glad that it help you
  4. judaha01

    judaha01 New Member

    i got a error code [0x5009000}

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