This looks like a great tablet but...

  1. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    I am disappointed that this doesn't have usb support.

  2. jack86

    jack86 Member

    I agree. I would also like to have GPS...
  3. drhill

    drhill Well-Known Member

    Why would they show google maps if it doesn't have GPS?

    Motorola's previous SoC (system on chip) have gps built in.
  4. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    what does it need a barometer for?
  5. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    So the XOOM has GPS, it has "USB Support" - a microUSB connector . I think I am missing the point of some of the questions here ..
  6. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I thought that was interesting too.
  7. jrowe81

    jrowe81 Member

    Why would you need to have GPS on a tablet? I never got that idea anyway... plus look down at your phone
  8. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    Support as in usb ports on the tablet.
  9. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    Oh I see. Very true then. I wouldn't say that this is a lack of "USB support" but it does hinder file transfer and certain connections if you don't want to carry a converter or cord with you, very true.
  10. flip603

    flip603 Well-Known Member

    not as bad as some people may think. if you've got a charger around, you can connect it via usb. i have one at home and work so most of the time it wont be a problem
  11. ckeegan

    ckeegan Well-Known Member

    Do you know how many apps and websites (, for example) use location based services? Not to mention geo-tagging photos, using iHeartRadio, or 100s of other scenarios I can think of where you would need GPS.

    It will definitely have GPS.

    Now the barometer, I have no idea what that's for. Short-term weather prediction doesn't make a whole lot of sense, since you're always connected to the internet for, etc. Does it sense when rain is coming, and shut down if it knows it's outside? Seriously, I would love to know the thought behind that one.
  12. jimbo1mcm

    jimbo1mcm Well-Known Member

    If you go on Moto Accessory website it shows 2 docks for the Xoom. I believe I remember that the HD dock has 3 USB( normal size ) ports in the back. I think they probably take the mini usb output on the Xoom and make the dock a hub, adding the 3 normal USB ports. So you have USB.
  13. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    Good find
  14. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

    For navigation? :rolleyes:
  15. sabres fan

    sabres fan Member

    Any idea on when this will be available?
  16. redshift1

    redshift1 Well-Known Member

    Motorola is quoting first quarter but I think that's optimistic since a fully functional model (according to all reports) does not yet exist.
  17. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    The Motorola CEO (Jha?) said on stage at the Verizon event in "February". Who knows though. Google is saying this is the "first" Honeycomb tablet that will be out, and many were announced , so I bet it will be rather soon ..
  18. jrowe81

    jrowe81 Member

    For crying out loud.... that was a late night brain fart for sure!!!! And lets strike this from the record! HAHAHAHA :eek: that was special of me
  19. ckeegan

    ckeegan Well-Known Member

    Most, if not all, reports said the hardware looked and felt final. It's obvious that even if Moto is planning a February launch, these things are already humming through the assembly line and going through packaging. The incomplete aspect of the Xoom is Honeycomb.

    However, I'm sure the Xoom unit(s) at CES were running an earlier build than what Google has in their offices. It's also been pretty widely reported that Google plans to unveil Honeycomb at Mobile World Congress in mid-February. Therefore, they didn't want these bloggers fooling around too much with that Honeycomb build at CES, which is why they weren't allowed to handle the Xoom. Obviously, Google also didn't want Moto to be the ones to unveil Honeycomb, Moto's job was to unveil the hardware.

    With all the reports of a big NFL tie-in with the Xoom, February makes complete sense.
  20. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    More confirmation that it will have GPS (if anyone doubted). This is a pic showing a recent screen (Navigation) in the task switcher from Engadget.

  21. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    GPS and USB host mode where confirmed to me at CES by the PM for the Xoom. The tablet is supposed to come with a Micro USB to USB port converter, so even if you don't have the doc, you can still connect a USB keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, etc.

    My counterpart's video is below where he specifically asks (while google maps is being shown) "Does it have a GPS chip in it?". (5:35). He then goes on to say he uses it where he lives in Chicago.
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