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This may be the end....(N1 to NS)

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  1. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    For me anyways...With the release of the At&t Nexus S I might jump ship from the Nexus One. I have been discussing the switch with an extra N1 owner (who moved to the NS) and he has been nice enough to give me a good honest comparsion. So far this is what I have put together:

    Nexus 1:
    Build quality
    GPS seems to be better
    Still runs quite well
    I already own it

    The screen issue has been showing it's ugly face more and more lately.
    I am out of internal memory on my phone, keep having to delete apps.

    Nexus S:
    Bigger/Nicer screen
    Much better digitizer
    A lot more internal memory
    It's the latest from google so it will get the update from google first (as we have seen with Gingerbread)
    Processor is faster (even with the same speeds the hummingbird is a fast processor).

    GPS seems to off
    Build quality
    Accessory choice is poor (I like the fact that I have a car mount specific to the N1).
    Battery life is the same as the N1.
    Not a Dual Core phone.

    I don't really care all that much about 4G yet because I get pretty good speeds. I was also thinking about getting the atrix but I would have to root the phone in order to get it to do what I want (plus I like plain android). I definitely don't want to sign a contact so the phone would be brought outright.

    Is any other At&t N1 owner thinking about switching? I would love to hear everyone's opinion (at&t or not). I am really on the fence about this. I know that the next Nexus may only be 7-8 months out (I am betting on the launch of Ice Cream there will be a Nexus 2 or Nexus T or whatever).

  2. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    Actually the NS processor is slower, but it's GPU is miles faster.

    If it were me, I'd wait a bit. The NS is a year old phone with NFC and Gingerbread, not what I'd hoped another Nexus would be.
  3. vengance007

    vengance007 Well-Known Member

    defo wuth rusty on this one. ive been thinking about getting the nexus S but im going to wait for the next google phone which some say its supposed to be made by htc. i herd its the htc pyramid but im not sure so dont slate me if im wrong xD.

    vengance over and out!
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  4. justdoit

    justdoit Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty certain that a HTC Evo 3D is where I'm heading to when its launched, seem well spec'ed enough to last me another 15-18 months till I start looking to change again.
  5. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thanks guys, I probably should just wait, still looking into the Atrix, but I am going to have to root it to do what I need it to do. I picked up a Galaxy Tab a little while ago that I am using as wifi only with the N1's hotspot feature. This should help to hold me off for a while. I was hoping to that the HTC pyramid would be a good replacement but that is coming with Sense on it.
  6. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Mostly, you haven't rooted your Nexus One have you? I never got the impression that you were and complaining about space means you haven't most likely. How bad is the digitalizer for you? It was never an issue with my ol' Nexus One. I'm not sure if root can help with the digitizer since it's a hardware issue but it might lessen the issue? Rusty, can you confirm? Rooting will definitely solve your space issue :) And as I've been told, when you ROM, it's like getting a whole new phone every time you do it, lol.

    If I was in your shoes and the Nexus One issue isn't as bad, I'd wait for the third gen in the Nexus line. The Nexus S to me isn't worth the jump...especially 5/6 months after its debut. The Atrix is a great phone except it's really chained down in every possible way imagine :( Hardware is great but how AT&T/Moto implemented everything sucks. I mean HSUPA capped at 40Mbs means using the front camera for video conferencing SUCKS! Also development for the phone is almost nonexistent. Usually after a month of a phone's release, it'd have what half a dozen ROMs. The Atrix has ONE, Gingerblur. A lot of the developers are shying away from the phone :( There's a bounty up over at XDA that's over $2500 the last time I checked. So I hope that one of the developers take up the challange and crack the bad boy

    Anyways, wait for a few months to see if the SGS2, HTC Pyramid or SE Arc come to AT&T/any of the Canadian carriers and you can see what the best of 2011 has to offer. There's also the LG Optimus 2X which has good reviews from members here. But...I have had bad experience with LG phones, so until they have proven themselves that they won't treat their phones like the LG Eve...I'll revalue them.

    I'm really digging SE right now. They've REALLY taken to heart what the customers want. Unlockable bootloader? 2.3 on board and it seem they are better at support now. After saying it will not upgrade the X10 to 2.2, they have announced that they changed their stance and will upgrade it. If they continue with this mentality, they will be the phone developers flock to considering HTC is following in Moto's foot step and locking up the bootloaders for its future phone.

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  7. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    Great post Roze, I know there is no fix for the digitizer, nothing will help that. I rooted my phone once just before GB but haven't done so since. I think I am going to start looking into because that will be the solution for running out of space (which is just getting really bad).

    I think I am just going to stick with the N1 for now and just play around with the Tab. Everyones been a big help.
  8. aquaitious

    aquaitious Well-Known Member

    Even though I said nothing out right now will keep me away from my N1, I had let it go when I joined the G2 crew.

    It got a little tiresome when buying a phone and $700 worth of accessories only not to be able to charge the phone and use it.

    Using it as a GPS? After five minutes, I wouldn't be able to touch anything on the screen. Got a phone call? Too bad!

    Then the whole EDGE/3G issue. I always thought my phone wasn't affected, boy was I wrong. In every corner of my house where I'd get EDGE with the N1, the G2 is showing H, meaning I'm either on 3G or 4G speeds!

    I could live with the short comings of internal storage, as I could have just rooted and gotten anything my heart desires, but when the hardware started to bother, there's nothing I can do.

    I still think the Nexus was one hell of a phone. IMO, it was THE thing to get android where it is today. Even though the phone didn't sell so great, it forced every company to jump onto the bandwagon and give us phones that we want. And I might have misread, but I think I just saw Roze give SE credit! Even they're stepping their game up. :D

    I do agree with Rusty though, I'd hold off a bit longer and try to jump onto one of the many dual cores coming out.
  9. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    haha I did :p lol but SE is picking up their game. They have been listening to US (the Android enthusiasts) and giving us what we want. When HTC and Motorola is locking everything left, right and center, SE is opening it up and making it easier for us to unlock the phone. They listened to complaints and the Arc comes with Gingerbread. They've also retracted their statement of the X10 not getting 2.2. I hope LG acts in the same way. When you start to have some heavy weights in the arena, the big boys (HTC & Moto) got to start to change their tune if they want the sales. I mean, yes WE are not a big group but considering that most of us that are 'regulars' on AF are quite technical when it comes to Android, most of our friends/family come to us for advice. So yes...small groupx10...x20 ain't so small any more ;)
  10. happy0506

    happy0506 Well-Known Member

    wow! samsung still having issues with the gps? soooo glad i didn't give in to temptation and get one. seriously, will sammy never learn? or, do they just not give a darn at all?
  11. razvan06

    razvan06 Well-Known Member

    i actually played with one of these NS's'ss ... and for a SAMSUNG phone it's really well-made ! it surprised me !
  12. wintermute000

    wintermute000 Well-Known Member

    Mostly Harmless, if you say root and flash Cyanogen, (or any other custom ROM with that feature), you will then be able to apps2sd ALL apps. Yes this includes all the apps which right now apps2sd is not present as an option.

    You'll have to live with the digitizer (lord knows I do) but your space problem is resolved with a custom ROM. I went from 20mb free to 60mb free plus everything I install now I can use apps2sd on, not just the ones the devs support .

    Cyanogen and a new 32gb card is going to keep my N1 alive for 6 more months, so I can wait for the SGS2 to drop in price. All the dual core superphones are so expensive right now and really just faster versions of the N1, there is no fundamental capability that is different. NFC is not present where I live (Australia), and 4G/LTE is meh - our HSDPA carrier (the one on 850 anyway) is great and I can regularly get over 2Mb in most places, which is fine for my mobile needs. The way I see it, you're paying for a badass screen and dual core, which is nice, but not 700+AUD nice or tie down on contract nice (I'm off contract).
  13. baramr9123

    baramr9123 New Member

    Use Nexus S dude

    touch screen problem...

    its so suck...
  14. tinydroid

    tinydroid New Member

    What is this so famous "Digitalizer Problem" with N1? I am thinking of getting one(sounds weird but yep I am always behind a few generations),I made it a choice over the Galaxy S as I personally hate anything about Samsung. Please enlighten me.
  15. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    The screen sensor, cleartouch 2000 has a glitch that when your fingers cross on either the X or Y axis, the sensor can't pick both points up. So only one point is registered. This becomes an issue with a lot of games that use multitouch like the driving game with the control buttons on the same axis or various multi user games. I didn't play much games when I had my Nexus One, so this wasn't an issue but a bunch of Nexus One owners couldn't stand the Nexus One because of this issue. It just depends on you and what you are going to do with your phone.
  16. tinydroid

    tinydroid New Member

    So should I be avoiding N1 and go with Galaxy S(despite my previous loathsome experience with samsung) or should it be okay to go with N1? I mean you say it can't register multi-touch on the same axis while in google all I found about N1 touch problem is that its inaccurate and registers taps a bit out of place, while in other forums I found that this is not the case(bad coordinations),the case that is real is when the N1 gets very hot it loses complete screen control or partial touch calibration. In no place or complain did I find a merge of all 3 and the complainer only is happy to acknowledge his complain and declare the rest/other as fictional or over reactive complains. Over all the total thing is a bit vague and doesn't have any familiarity with one another so I may take it as 3 different problems.
    Pretty funny I suppose but I think I have a love for N1(after all its the first phone to bear the google's giant marks and I have been waiting ever since to get my hands on it even though I could easily get Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab) and will be a pretty good antique if it doesn't get in my nerves atleast. I have requested a special order to our local dealer to get a N1 so I can buy it,but if its so unworthy maybe I'll decide otherwise.(Please don't suggest Nexus S,as always I hate Samsung).

    Thanks for enlightening me and feel free to suggest otherwise if you think might help me.
  17. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    This video will show you exactly what the issue is:
    YouTube - ‪Nexus One Multi Touch Bug Revealed For Android Developers‬‏

    The two biggest issues with the Nexus One is the digitizer and the lack of internal memory. I have to be picky to which apps I get since I don't have the space on the phone. It's a loss to me and a loss to app developers who I would love to support with my hard earned cash but can't do so since I can't hold anymore apps.

    Also, since you are thinking about getting a Samsung device (Galaxy S) I would consider the Nexus S first. So if you can't get a Nexus One then Nexus S > Galaxy S.
  18. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    Harmless' video does indeed show the one most prominent flaw of the N1 touchscreen.
    As for the others you mentioned: I've had the touchscreen going completely wonk while charging and playing games (so getting very hot).. it misregistered touches (for like 5mm) and it seemed extremely reactive to my finger even when I was hovering just over the screen.
    But this problem is fixed by....hold on... locking and unlocking your screen, so 2 button presses).
    I've only had this happen like 3 times or so in the first 6 months of having the phone... havn't seen anything alike since a year or so. So maybe it was a firmware issue that was fixed in an ota, maybe it's a glitch new screens are more prone to, maybe you just shouldn't heat up your phone to 60
  19. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    @Tech, your Nexus One was at 60C degrees? That is NOT good. When my phone goes above 50C, I start getting nervous.

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