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this network is awsome!

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  1. antipesto93

    antipesto93 Well-Known Member

    i hardly call anyone other than family, but i use the internet alot

    and the 3pay PAYG is awsome
    when you top up you get

    free texts
    free internet ( 150mb(
    free 3-3 calls
    and they all last for 90 days!!!!

    my only small complaint is the crappy coverage

  2. Lettuce

    Lettuce Well-Known Member

    I've been with 3 / Three / H3G for a few years now. Never had an issue with coverage. Their tarriffs are cheap and offers are good. Only problem I have with them is Customer Services...

  3. jim_h

    jim_h Well-Known Member

    I've had contracts (currently 2 phones and mobile broadband) with Three for around 3yrs and never had any issue. They are very good value for money. Customer services have always tried to help on the rare occasion I've needed them.
  4. fiish

    fiish Active Member

    I have been with 3 for a comparatively short time (2 months as opposed to a few years) and have had no issues with reception so far. The SIM only tariff I am on is the cheapest among the 5 UK networks offering reasonable minutes, texts and data access (the same benefits on O2 cost
  5. GIR

    GIR Well-Known Member

    I've been with three for 4 years now, had the occasional niggle, but all in all excellent.
    PAYG for me, so far I've had 2 new skypephones free from them when skype updates removed skype from the phone, and the other week they gave me
  6. master_yoda

    master_yoda Well-Known Member

    Cant fault 3, been with them 3 years and the 3G coverage and data performance has been exellent.

    Can get up to 4meg download speed and 1.6meg upload speed on my desire using 3G.
  7. simon.

    simon. Member

    when you top up your first
  8. ImperialJohn

    ImperialJohn Well-Known Member

    I hope you never have to call them with a query. You wont get to speak with anyone who knows fluent English or you can understand. They wont understand you or be able to help you much.

    And yeah, coverage is poor but everything else seems good value. Unfortunately because of the poor coverage you will sometimes also have slow mobile web, and I MEAN SLOW. I am talking 0.1 KiB/s slow!
  9. pkrboo

    pkrboo Active Member

    I put in a support call on the website saying their coverage was rubbish in my house. Had a call back today and they are passing me in to the specialisations team. Hopefully they can boost my signal or something
  10. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    T-mo have decided not to remind people on monthly internet (payg, contract...) that their data has run out. Not a problem on weekly but for monthly or longer, some people end up incurring data charges outside of their allowance, being unsure of the exact date it runs out.

    Now, I have a 3 MiFi which I use for laptop usually. But phone also has WiFi. It means that for phone internet, I can place this somewhere better for signal (window, upstairs...) away from phone. It also means I shall not be giving T-mo so much money in future.

    At the moment I can have T-mo for calls & 3 (MiFi) for data. But I'm tempted to ditch T-mo for 3 completely.
  11. jaybo1973

    jaybo1973 Well-Known Member

    Good luck. I have had poor coverage for 2 years. They did reduce my tariff by half but I have constantly struggled for a signal. The problem is they do not have a 2g backup network. Its 3g or nothing!
  12. bladesman

    bladesman Active Member

    I've been with 3 now for going on 4yrs - currently 2 contracts SGS & Dongle, after being on ALL the other networks at some time or another I have found 3 to be EXCELLENT.

    This is as far as coverage, value & helpfulness [if you have bad experiences with CS try their BLOG they are all English and guaranteed to get back to you -- just read through the various blogs and see for yourself]

    Here is link

    Welcome to the Three Blog
  13. droidrio

    droidrio Member

    In my front room i have NO coverage, in my back room i have GOOD enough coverage, but i think its more to do with were i live i think.
    Customer service is bad, and in store i have had both good and bad experiences, both in different stores though. One woman in the shop was most ignorant & rude, she didnt seem to want to help me at all, and her knowledge of the products was well below par, and she was the manageress.
    Decent enough price plans, but the add ons are a disgrace. Especially the international one, to call and text to other countries. O2 have a great add on international price plan, which i am currently having to use, as THREE is too expensive. which also means the extra hassle of having to use two phones.
    Also i feel like i should be allowed to make my own decision on who i call, not for three to tell me im not allowed to call outside of the uk when im paying over
  14. Gomjaba

    Gomjaba Well-Known Member

    I get better speed at home on my phone than I am getting on my broadband. As for their unlimited data - it really is. Because my broadband is so slow I download sometimes movies if / when I don't want to wait for the slow ADSL speed.

    I usual pull several gigs per months and they never complained... Last month I pulled 8GB ...That's the ONE plan ...

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