This Note 2 glitch REALLY annoys me!Support

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  1. Fr0stTr0n

    Fr0stTr0n Well-Known Member

    If. I. Leave. Sms. Window. On. Main. Screen. And. Then. Screen. Goes. Black. I. Do. Not. Get. Led light. When. New. Sms. Comes. Leaving. Sms app. Open. Disables. Led light.

    I. Must. Close. Sms app. Every. Time. Or. I. Will. Not. Get. Led light. If. It. Is. Still. On. Main. Screen. Even. When. Screen. Turns. Off.

  2. mygt8a4re

    mygt8a4re Well-Known Member

    damn never noticed that, unfortunately the only ailment I can think of is to constantly hit the home button after your last message, wait for the message notification, then swipe up on the new message icon on your lock, numerous button hits to get what you want....damn these $700 phones....
  3. Putty

    Putty Well-Known Member

    GoSMS...Freeze messages. Done
  4. jack58

    jack58 Well-Known Member

    I have no problem. Both work fine for me.
  5. dwagner88

    dwagner88 Well-Known Member

    Wait I'm confused. You want the LED to flash to show you the messages that are displayed on the screen while you are using the messaging app? Man people really will find anything to complain about.
  6. Fr0stTr0n

    Fr0stTr0n Well-Known Member

    Reread my post careful. I want the LED to notify me WITHOUT having to close the messenger app every single time when I put the phone down. If I don't, the LED will not indicate new messages.
  7. NeuDroid

    NeuDroid Well-Known Member

    My phone has been like that since day one. My iphone functioned the same way and I had an iphone for 4 years plus so I guess that's why I don't even know what the issue is. If messages are coming in so fast the screen won't even have a chance to time out, then I don't see the need for the led to function in the first place. If you were having the issue that if you left the stock messsage app open yet even with the screen shutting off the led would not do its thing, then I would understand your gripe.
  8. dylane

    dylane Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure that is exactly the problem the op is having.
  9. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Is that not what the "Message" icon, in the Notification tray is for? Every phone I've had, the LED is active only when the screen is "off".

    Per the "Display" settings:

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  10. mygt8a4re

    mygt8a4re Well-Known Member

    damn, I bet your friends love you....
  11. NeuDroid

    NeuDroid Well-Known Member

    In the original post, which is still there unedited, OP made zero mention of the screen timing out. He mentioned "putting the phone down", those words don't automatically mean the screen is off. OP's lack of proper expression or just plain assuming one would read into his mind in his fault.

    In OP's lastest post he posted what full "problem" is as opposed to the ramblings in the original post.
  12. menmyjeep

    menmyjeep Well-Known Member

    What keyboard are you using because I think it is faulty as it is putting periods after a lot of different words, not just at the end of a sentence? Either it is faulty or you need to slow down on your typing. :stupido2:
  13. almath

    almath Well-Known Member

    Regardless if the screen timed out or laying it face down, the phone believes the sms app is (open), therefore will not give an led because it thinks you're using the app on the screen. I totally understand why it would not if the app is open.
  14. miss_vickies

    miss_vickies Well-Known Member

    i have no such problem.

    if u do, get GoSMS.. your issue will go away and it will buzz and sing to you when you get a message even with the screen ON and app open.
  15. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    Go SMS is fantastic. I love the mini popup you can have of incomign SMS when on the home screen or other app that you can dismiss or answer without having to go to the full SMS app. Add individual settings for per contact alert tones. Pick your theme....
  16. almath

    almath Well-Known Member

    The OP is talking about LED notification. It doesn't happen if you have the app open, yes you get sounds and buzzes but no LED. It's not a glitch you just have to close the app and screen off to get a LED notification.
  17. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    Just tested it. Texted a mate asking him to text me back in a couple of minutes with lock on 30 seconds. Left the Go SMS open on the conversation until the screen timed out.

    Phone vibrated, beeped and lit up briefly. As soon as it went dark again the notification LED came on.
  18. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    Fine works just fine.

    Sent using the force
  19. Fr0stTr0n

    Fr0stTr0n Well-Known Member

    If your not using the stock messenger like I am, your tests are invalid.
  20. Fr0stTr0n

    Fr0stTr0n Well-Known Member

    Which totally blows honestly.
  21. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I stopped using Go SMS, when I moved over to the Note 2 from my Photon, but I'm going to give it another shot. When I was using it on my Photon, it was great for a while, but started to get really laggy and I hated the extra sales notifications and "new function" notifications.

    I am happy that it prevents the phone from coming out of standby, for every text message. I was using SMS Popup for that, but I'll keep Go as my primary text messaging program unless it starts lagging again.
  22. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Now I remember why I was using stock sms app. I like the split screen option in landscape. Oh well
  23. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    Not at all.
    An alternative SMS app was suggested as one way you could work around this if so desired.
    I decided to perform tests to the exact scenario you gave so that you would know, without having to install it yourself, if Go SMS behaved the way you would want.

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