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    Aug 22, 2012
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    Which one is better?
    I can get them both off of amazon,
    the atrix for 200$
    the burst for 220$

    The burst is newer, Has a fast processor, And Has a super AMOLED screen.

    The atrix has a better battery (I hear the burst doesn't have good battery life, But does anyone know about this? Because Is the battery only bad when you use data? Because I would only be on wifi)
    The Atrix seems to have a slightly better camera and speaker, And it has the fingerprint scanner. I also kind of like the brushed metal back of it. I also like the stock interface better than the motoblur.

    has Anyone had any experience with both of these?

    I don't know what I want. A newer phone, with a slightly faster processor, A super AMOLED screen, and a better stock interface, Or a older phone, With better battery, A slightly better camera and speaker, And a fingerprint scanner, that is 20$ cheaper.

  2. darklide

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    Aug 19, 2010
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    Go with the Atrix because Motorola announced today that they will be releasing Jelly Bean 4.1!

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