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  1. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    I wonder if this will launch as the flagship LTE device for ATT? This phone sounds like a dream but I understand that to run all that hardware, you will need to strap a battery pack to your belt. Just kidding. :D This seems very much to be the phone that I've been waiting for ATT to release. I have the Inspire and do like it, but I'm definitely on line for the Holiday!

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  2. mayerr2

    mayerr2 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya!! I currently have the Motorola Atrix and love it, but i've been dying for a decent HTC phone. I have always felt that their phones are built better (forgetting about the battery) and I love the Sense UI. There is nothing at all wrong with the Atrix, but if this really does come out...and soon, it will be mine. :)
  3. projekt1

    projekt1 Active Member

  4. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    That's exactly how I feel with the Inspire. I love the phone and but nothing will come between me and the Holiday when it comes out. :) Assuming that it still comes out as rumored. ;)

    I have had the Desire and the Inspire and I love how the phones feel in the hand - so very sturdy, especially the Inspire with the aluminum body.
  5. cheng6991

    cheng6991 Member

    I almost got a Infuse but decide to wait for Holiday come out so that I can compare which to get. I would think that Holiday would be better except that screen.
  6. Attain????????

    Attain???????? Well-Known Member

    Any idea when this is getting released?
  7. cheng6991

    cheng6991 Member

    Waiting for Holiday really drive me crazy.

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