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  1. KTP

    KTP Well-Known Member

    i have looked through threads but they are always really problem specific instead of a general consensus.
    so, having had your Arc's for a little while now, what do you think of them?
    i have the X10 and still considering the Arc to replace it.
    but i'd like to know if theres anything that puts people off the phone or if its the best phone in the world :D

  2. srki

    srki Active Member

    IMO it is the best phone in the world! You will not get ultra fast processing speed, but I am not sure why is that important to many people. I am definitely happy with this. All other features are excellent!

  3. CTBlack

    CTBlack Member

    For me its a great phone, super sexy looking, ultra sharp display and able to play all the games I put on it (so far). The complains I have would be, if it has more RAM and internal storage memory (I don't want my arc rooted...yet) and higher capacity battery would go a long way to improve the phone.
  4. sinkster

    sinkster New Member

    I had my x10 for 15 months and tbh was unsure about getting an Arc, but no regrets. It's a beautiful bit of kit, obviously, but it's on another level from the x10. Battery life is at least twice the x10s, the camera is superb as is the display, and no glitches atall. I kinda miss the different roms/mods on xda but they're not really required now...
  5. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Always nice to see people happy with the product, I would also provide my opinion that it is one of the best Android handsets I have used by I may be a bit biased. :)
  6. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Had my arc for 3 months now, and still loving it.

    There are a few areas where the hardware is slightly lacking (could do with another 256MB of RAM and a bit more internal storage too IMO) and there are still a few software deficiencies to be ironed out (adjustable camera compression levels, some people are having wifi issues) but the plusses more than outweigh those negatives.

    I know there are higher spec phones out there now, but I can honestly say that if i lost or broke my arc today i would still get another arc to replace it, without hesitation.
  7. mps83

    mps83 Well-Known Member

    everyone check the front cover of your arc for a small hairline crack near the sensor on the top near the earpiece!!
  8. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    A couple of people are reporting this over on XDA. Havent seen any sign of it myself though - and i havent exactly been gentle with mine.
  9. mps83

    mps83 Well-Known Member

    couple of people? lol, try hundreds possibly thousands worldwide.
  10. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... yeah, that thread has grown somewhat since i last checked it.
  11. ImDaMan26

    ImDaMan26 Member

    I haven't found any cracks in mine and I've looked at it a few times.
    On another note, the full-body invisible shield is fantastic!!
  12. Jaynometry

    Jaynometry New Member

    Just got mine today and I'm loving it so far! Very different from my Blackberry haha. It's a whole new world for me and I've got lots to learn.
  13. january1122

    january1122 New Member

    So I'm still learning how to get the best out of it. Had an iPhone3.

    The arc's calender is inferior to iPhone's. Black background, scrunched up looks when viewing agenda. And sound notification is too short. So I'm testing some apps alternatives.

    Too long a delay when I press the camera button. Quicker to use the on-screen button. Doesnt have the very useful "darken/lighten on-screen square" as in iPhone.

    All syncking with pc applications extremely smooth and quick. Without loss of details etc. Be careful if you have a few IDs! In which case uncheck or check the items to be sync'd appropriately.

    The arc's shape, size and slimness is unique, and it's the first aspect that others compliment on. Its protective coating is one of its best features (to me) as it's smoooth, easily wipeable and tough. No scratches so far.

    Battery life is poor. Needs charging every day and half, against iPhone's 5 days (my case).

    Which do I prefer? Still can't say ....
  14. leeeroy

    leeeroy Member

    Are you telling me that you had the iphone 3 and never once changed the notification sound? this is something that has been available in phones since about 1999!

    5 days for an iphone in your case? Was you using it as a bookend or something because that is pretty amazing
  15. GetRooted

    GetRooted Active Member

    I agree with this. I'm also disappointed about the fact that it doesn't have a front facing camera. What I am happy about is that it has an 8MP camera, records in HD and I can use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Just wish I knew where to get a better battery from in Australia.
  16. TKray

    TKray New Member

    Well I am a bit disappointed with its RAM, for I am the only person in my whole group that has a SE touchscreen and it usually is the laughing stock by all. As I unlock the screen the phone takes ~5 secs to load the whole screen. When listening to music it tends to interrupt a song, which is really annoying.

    All in all i wouldn't suggest this phone if you're - a sportist, love games, in a company that has other touchscreen phones.
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  17. GetRooted

    GetRooted Active Member

    I'm utterly disappointed with the arc for a number of reasons.

    1) Very little on-board storage.
    2) Only half the RAM of other popular Android smartphones.
    3) Apps keep crashing when they didn't when I first got the phone.

    When I was look at Android phones I was actually going to buy a Galaxy S II but was turn off buying it cos of where the power button is which is the stupidest place to put a button cos it can easily get in the way and be pressed while using it turning the phone off. This would be most frustrating during a phone call especially if said call was an important one.

    I'll definitely buy a different phone next time.

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