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thrive 7 dock?Tips

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  1. Troglodad

    Troglodad Well-Known Member

    So i read that the thrive 7 and excite 10 use the same poweer cable. I then bought a clearanced thrive 7 dock, did a teeny bit of dremel modifcation and tried to connct my excite... doesn't fit. Which is doubly weird as the excite 10 cable connects perfectly to the power port on the back of the dock. Anyone have any ideas on this?

  2. blaezn

    blaezn New Member

    Where you able to get this working? I had read in another forum that they had to mod the plastic a bit to get the tablet to sit down further. I am about to try the same thing.
  3. Troglodad

    Troglodad Well-Known Member

    I cut the dock so the table would fit, but t feels like the power plug itself won't fit in the excite- like it's the wrong one. I do 't want to force it- the power cord for the excite pops in no problem

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