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  1. JasonBetts

    JasonBetts New Member

    My Galaxy S4's .thumbnails folder in DCIM is going crazy! It's corrupted itself somehow. In my settings, the phone thinks photos and videos are taking up 28.8GB on my 9GB internal storage. :mad: In reality I think it's about 500MB, since that is roughly how much I get back temporally after I delete the .thumbnails folder.

    I have searched all over the internet for this issue and tried many things, including disabling the stock Gallery app, clearing the cache and data of the stock gallery app (which are also outrageous, the Gallery app's data is usually 300MB or more), creating an empty file with the same name as the thumbnail database file and replacing it in the .thumbnails folder, nothing has worked. :mad::mad:

    I'm hesitant to reformat my phone, especially because I broke my old Galaxy S4 a few months ago and it was having this same issue on a smaller scale, so I'm not entirely convinced a reformat would even fix it. :(

    I do have a couple ideas that might be responsible for this, but I can't easily test them. I do have over 270 downloaded apps, so one of them could be screwing with Samsung's adjustments to the OS. It could also be my SD card, which I strongly believe came from the SanDisk 64GB MicroSD card batch that was faulty a year or so ago, since it has its own wealth of issues. :confused:

    I would really appreciate some help with this! I find it hard to believe I'm the only S4 user with a spontaneously regenerating massive internal storage space glutton of thumbnails!

    Apparently I can't share screenshots yet because I'm a new user, but if that is lifted or if you have a work around I can easily show you the corruption I'm talking about. :s:

    Thanks, Jason.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi Jason and welcome to Android Forums. I hope someone familiar with your phone will come to your aid. Was this the same SD card in your prior phone with similar problems on a smaller scale? Just trying to help others trying to solve your problem. Best of luck and thanks for using these forums.
  3. JasonBetts

    JasonBetts New Member

    Yes, it is the same SD card, but I don't think it is at fault.

    Thanks for welcoming me to the site. :)

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