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  1. Spratz

    Spratz Member

    When I view the photo folder in Windows Explorer it takes ages for each photo to be displayed as a viewable thumbnail which I find very irritating.

    Is it supposed to be like this or have I some setting switched off on the Note 3 such as a cache setting?

    Is it something to do with the fact that an Android phone can no longer be seen as an external drive but only as a media device?

    Thanks and hope you can help.

  2. AndroidProf

    AndroidProf Well-Known Member

    So this happens when you connect your Note 3 to a computer? When thumbnails take longer to appear on your computer, it has nothing to do with the phone, it has everything to do with your computer. Either its slow, or there are more sofwares/applications running on your computer which ake it to be slow. The best thing you can do is to optise your computer for performance, or reduce the size of the thumbnails.
  3. Spratz

    Spratz Member

    Thanks for your reply however I don't think that's right.

    I have tried it on numerous PCs including ones that have Intel Core i7. They are marginally faster but it still takes take time, meaning you can see and watch each thumbnail appear one by one.

    Thanks again.
  4. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    It is the PC no doubt about it. To prove the point for yourself copy and paste a load of photos from your phones internal memory to the external SD card. Turn off the phone, remove the SD card and plug it in to the PC via a USB micro SD card adaptor. They will generate a thumb nail just as slowly.

    Now I'm no expert, and this is a guess only, but I reckon it is because Windows natively store files in the NTFS format and SD cards and Android phones use the FAT 32
    format, and while Windows recognises the individual .jpg files for what they are it takes processing time to generate and display a thumbnail. Just a guess as I say, I hope a subsequent answer confirms or denies my suspicion.
  5. Spratz

    Spratz Member

    Thanks for the advice.

    I see what you mean. The thing is, I didn't have this problem with my HTC Desire HD. It would show the thumbnails very quickly.

    Could this could mean then that it is because of the way Windows now recognizes the phone. My HTC was seen as an external drive whereas my Note 3 is seen as a media device.

    Just to confirm, are you saying all Window PCs are now like this with the phone or just mine because I have tried my phone with quite a few PCs now?

    Does anyone have the same result when they try to view the photos as thumbnails via Windows?

  6. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Yes, the same on an ancient XP desktop, a slighty younger Vista (spit, spit) laptop and my mates two month old i7 Windows 8

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