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  1. taylorar

    taylorar Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 26, 2010
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    I realize this post is purely anecdotal, but I thought I would mention my situation. I bought the Zagg Invisible Shield as soon as it became available. The orange peel look was pretty noticeable at first but now I hardly see it.

    My Inc has now been dropped twice. Once from about 4ft (on tile) and once from 8ft (on cement driveway). Both times the phone landed face down without any damage to the screen. After reading all the posts about shattered screens I consider myself to be extremely lucky, or the Invisible Shield is doing a fantastic job. It's the only protection I have on the phone so far.

    One last note, after the last drop, I have noticed that the ear piece speaker seems tinny, any suggestions on fixing that?


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