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  1. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    Thunder BANG is now available for free on Android Market!
    Full version is still available without ads

    Hello there, folks!

    Me and some friends have set out to make a mobile games company and now we can announce ourselves as Triolith Entertainment and our first game to launch for Android is Thunder BANG!

    The game puts a heavy emphasis on action, reaction and speed. Main character and socially awkward super hero Thunder BANG has to defeat the hordes of incoming enemies using only his thunderous fists of justice! The player has to swipe the screen in four different directions to attack; one direction for each enemy.

    We've made no effort to hide Thunder BANG's silliness and simplicity; rather, we have embraced the over-the-top presentation reminiscent of 90

  2. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    50 views to the thread and no opinions of the game?
    Come on people, we're anxious to know what you think! :)
  3. bishop92t

    bishop92t Well-Known Member

    I can see the appeal to this game, but it just isn't for me. It seems to be well made though, smooth graphics and interesting music.
    Back button wouldnt exit, had to force close.
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  4. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    Thank you for those nice words about the game!
    I understand that this might not cater to all players. Are you more an adventure-gamer? If so, then I think you'll love our next game which is going to be an ambient puzzle game with Nordic inspirations!

    We're fixing the back button issue and adding an exit button as I write this! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :D
  5. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    Thunder BANG has been updated!

    Changelog for Thunder BANG:
    Changelog for Thunder BANG Lite:
  6. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    Thunder BANG has received yet another update!

    Changelog for Thunder BANG Lite & Full:
  7. PlastickCouch

    PlastickCouch Active Member

    well, i'd like to see a gameplay video where the game doesn't look like you're doing the same thing again and again...
  8. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    We're working on a new, more descriptive trailer!
    In the meantime, you can now try out the Lite-version in your webbrowser!
  9. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    Great news!

    Thunder BANG now has OpenFeint integration!

    There are 11 achievements and you can submit your Highscore from Endless Mode to the OpenFeint leaderboards! :D
  10. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

  11. pr0jektblack

    pr0jektblack Active Member

    This game looks like fun! Gonna try out the lite, give a quick review, and purchase if I like it! :)
  12. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    @pr0jektblack: Awesome! What did you think of it? :)
  13. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

  14. Yagz

    Yagz Member

    Downloading now, will give it a bit of a shot and let you know what I think...
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  15. hansschmucker

    hansschmucker Well-Known Member

    This app is incompatible with your T-Mobile LGE LG-P500.
    T-Mobile LGE LG-P500
    This item is not compatible with your device.

  16. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    hansschmucker: If your device doesn't have at least an ARMv7-processor then I'm afraid you cannot run our game, as our games are made in Unity3D, which requires ARMv7-processors.
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  17. hansschmucker

    hansschmucker Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information... strangely enough I've actually played another Unity game advertised here in the forums: Did they introduce the ARMv7 requirement recently?
  18. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    hansschmucker: For as long as we've been developing in Unity (Nov 2010) we've known about the ARMv7-requirement. It is possible to create games with ARMv6-compatibility, but the games are usually highly unstable and without sound (we tried running Thunder BANG on a HTC Wildfire, with very bad results).

    What Unity game did you play? Would be nice to know if they have gotten around the problem somehow.
  19. hansschmucker

    hansschmucker Well-Known Member

    I love Zombies . To say that it runs smoothly would be an exaggeration, but it works and has sound.
  20. SmurGoes

    SmurGoes Active Member

    hansschmucker: Hmm, we tried to install it on our HTC Wildfire but it didn't show up on its market listings. So I honestly don't know why your mobile can run that game and not ours. Thanks for showing interest, though.

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