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  1. caseyg02

    caseyg02 New Member

    Okay guys, I think I really might have messed up this time. So I had my Thunderbolt rooted, and found out that ICS finally was going to be released for my thunderbolt so I attempted to unroot. Anyways, let me jump to the point. I have clockworkmod v5.0.2.1 on my phone and it is still installed via revolutionary. For some idiodic reason I formatted the /system folder. After I made this rediculous mistake, I went in to try and do my restore, but I think it deleted my backup along with it. So I am stuck at HTC boot screen with no OS, no backup, clockworkmod will work, but I have no way of putting the OS back on. It also says it cannot mount my /sd-ext if that is related or matters. I also cannot do a factory reset because of revolutionary. It wont factory reset it due to hboot. IS there anything I can do or am I bricked?

  2. caseyg02

    caseyg02 New Member

    Additional info...when I try to factory reset, it says no apps2sd partition found. Skipping format of /sd-ext.
  3. caseyg02

    caseyg02 New Member

    This has been fixed.

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