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    this thread is dedicated to the current known methods of rooting the thunderbolt.

    i will do my best to change this post as these methods are modified or become outdated,and keep the best,current methods here.

    after root see the Thunderbolt ROM list for a list of roms,kernels and mods :cool:

    for some extra info and "how to"s of rooting see

    if youre reading this and considering rooting your device,a word of warning:
    DO NOT ever attempt to accept an OTA while rooted and running a custom recovery.
    an official OTA update needs the stock recovery to apply it. attempting to take an OTA without the stock recovery can result in a failed harmless attempt,a fixable bootloop,or even a brick. so please... dont do it.

    and now,on with the info. enjoy :)

    a new method has just become available that does not wipe your data. this is 100% the best,and most reccomended way to root your thunderbolt at this time.

    see this page for info:

    and a video from nate mills:
    How to Root - HTC Thunderbolt (No Data Wipe! Newest & Fastest) - YouTube

    special note: the minor OTA to firmware number 2.11.605.9 patches the exploit used by revolutionary. there are 2 options:
    1)several users have reported being able to downgrade to 2.11.605.5 simply by running an RUU for that firmware,despite an s-on hboot wich would normally prevent you from going backwards in version numbers. PG05IMG and .EXE files for this version are available in post 4. (needs verified)
    *please note that downgrading WILL wipe your personal data
    2) achieve temp root via another means,then run revolutionary(this method follows)

    feel free to do wichever is most comfortable :)

    following is how to manually temp root and run revolutionary. i am happy to keep supporting this for those that wish to do it.

    however,there is now a very good tool to do this for you:
    it will root and unroot your thunderbolt.
    this is not my work,so please post questions about it in that thread,where we will do our best to help you :)

    how to manually root 2.11.605.9/2.11.605.19 WITHOUT downgrading

    as usual,i take no credit- i just put it together :)
    -jelly doughnut for pointing me to this thread,and the Desire HD guys for this thread.
    *make sure you thank jelly in this post
    -sele and crew at HTC Thunderbolt Forum for what i like to call the "mini adb" concept

    1)download from here:
    md5: ef01f616471673d3eeb71b4cac4b8118
    download and install these modified htc drivers

    2)set up adb:
    -extract and place the unzipped folder onto the root of your C\ drive on your PC
    -open a command window. windows 7,click on start bubble,type "command" in the search box. a small black window should open up

    3)download DHD Downgrade folder

    4)open the file,then the folder contained inside of it. transfer "Fre3vo" into the tbolt2 folder with adb/fastboot.(ignore the rest of the files in DHDDongrade,fre3vo is the only one you need)

    5)in your command window: change to the tbolt2 directory by typing:
    cd c:\mini-adb_tbolt2 (your promt should change to c:\mini-adb_tbolt2>)
    *note that in the next few steps,anything in bold type is an adb command. you can directly copy from this window,and paste into your command window to eliminate typos.

    6)enable usb debugging,plug in your phone via usb. select "charge only" mode.

    7)make sure adb is seeing your phone:
    adb devices (should return your serial number)

    8) enter the commands from your link,one at a time,hit enter after each:

    adb push fre3vo /data/local/tmp

    adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/fre3vo

    adb shell /data/local/tmp/fre3vo -debug -start F0000000 -end FFFFFFFF

    9)make sure it worked. when you see "exploiting device" then your command prompt again:
    adb shell (if your prompt changes to a # youre good to go)

    10)run revolutionary again. this time it will work really fast. you can have it install clockwork if you wish to use that recovery.

    10)flash the superuser 3.07 files linked on revolutionarys info page

    youre done :D

    heres what youll see in the command window(red are my inputs,blue are just additional comments):
    Code (Text):
    1. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    2. Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    4. C:\Users\Scott>[COLOR="Red"]cd c:\tbolt2[/COLOR]
    6. c:\tbolt2>[COLOR="Red"]adb devices[/COLOR]
    7. * daemon not running. starting it now *
    8. * daemon started successfully *
    9. List of devices attached
    10. HTxxxxxx    device
    13. c:\tbolt2>[COLOR="red"]adb push fre3vo /data/local/tmp[/COLOR]
    14. 956 KB/s (9796 bytes in 0.010s)
    16. c:\tbolt2>[COLOR="red"]adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/fre3vo[/COLOR]
    18. c:\tbolt2>[COLOR="red"]adb shell /data/local/tmp/fre3vo -debug -start F0000000 -end FFFFFFFF[/COLOR]
    19. fre3vo by #teamwin
    20. Please wait...
    21. Attempting to modify property...
    22. fb_fix_screeninfo:
    23.   id: msmfb
    24.   smem_start: 802160640
    25.   smem_len: 3145728
    26.   type: 0
    27.   type_aux: 0
    28.   visual: 2
    29.   xpanstep: 0
    30.   ypanstep: 1
    31.   line_length: 1920
    32.   mmio_start: 0
    33.   accel: 0
    34. fb_var_screeninfo:
    35.   xres: 480
    36.   yres: 800
    37.   xres_virtual: 480
    38.   yres_virtual: 1600
    39.   xoffset: 0
    40.   yoffset: 0
    41.   bits_per_pixel: 32
    42.   activate: 16
    43.   height: 94
    44.   width: 56
    45.   rotate: 0
    46.   grayscale: 0
    47.   nonstd: 0
    48.   accel_flags: 0
    49.   pixclock: 0
    50.   left_margin: 0
    51.   right_margin: 0
    52.   upper_margin: 0
    53.   lower_margin: 0
    54.   hsync_len: 0
    55.   vsync_len: 0
    56.   sync: 0
    57.   vmode: 0
    58. Buffer offset:      00000000
    59. Buffer size:        8192
    60. Scanning region f0000000...
    61. Scanning region f00f0000...
    62. Scanning region f01e0000...
    63. Scanning region f02d0000...
    64. Scanning region f03c0000...
    65. Scanning region f04b0000...
    66. Scanning region f05a0000...
    67. Scanning region f0690000...
    68. Scanning region f0780000...
    69. Scanning region f0870000...
    70. Scanning region f0960000...
    71. Scanning region f0a50000...
    72. Scanning region f0b40000...
    73. Scanning region f0c30000...
    74. Scanning region f0d20000...
    75. Scanning region f0e10000...
    76. Scanning region f0f00000...
    77. Scanning region f0ff0000...
    78. Scanning region f10e0000...
    79. Scanning region f11d0000...
    80. Scanning region f12c0000...
    81. Scanning region f13b0000...
    82. Scanning region f14a0000...
    83. Scanning region f1590000...
    84. Scanning region f1680000...
    85. Scanning region f1770000...
    86. Scanning region f1860000...
    87. Scanning region f1950000...
    88. Scanning region f1a40000...
    89. Scanning region f1b30000...
    90. Scanning region f1c20000...
    91. Scanning region f1d10000...
    92. Scanning region f1e00000...
    93. Scanning region f1ef0000...
    94. Scanning region f1fe0000...
    95. Scanning region f20d0000...
    96. Scanning region f21c0000...
    97. Scanning region f22b0000...
    98. Scanning region f23a0000...
    99. Scanning region f2490000...
    100. Scanning region f2580000...
    101. Scanning region f2670000...
    102. Scanning region f2760000...
    103. Scanning region f2850000...
    104. Scanning region f2940000...
    105. Scanning region f2a30000...
    106. Scanning region f2b20000...
    107. Scanning region f2c10000...
    108. Scanning region f2d00000...
    109. Scanning region f2df0000...
    110. Scanning region f2ee0000...
    111. Scanning region f2fd0000...
    112. Scanning region f30c0000...
    113. Scanning region f31b0000...
    114. Scanning region f32a0000...
    115. Scanning region f3390000...
    116. Scanning region f3480000...
    117. Scanning region f3570000...
    118. Scanning region f3660000...
    119. Scanning region f3750000...
    120. Scanning region f3840000...
    121. Scanning region f3930000...
    122. Scanning region f3a20000...
    123. Scanning region f3b10000...
    124. Scanning region f3c00000...
    125. Scanning region f3cf0000...
    126. Scanning region f3de0000...
    127. Scanning region f3ed0000...
    128. Scanning region f3fc0000...
    129. Scanning region f40b0000...
    130. Scanning region f41a0000...
    131. Scanning region f4290000...
    132. Scanning region f4380000...
    133. Scanning region f4470000...
    134. Scanning region f4560000...
    135. Scanning region f4650000...
    136. Scanning region f4740000...
    137. Scanning region f4830000...
    138. Scanning region f4920000...
    139. Scanning region f4a10000...
    140. Scanning region f4b00000...
    141. Scanning region f4bf0000...
    142. Scanning region f4ce0000...
    143. Scanning region f4dd0000...
    144. Scanning region f4ec0000...
    145. Scanning region f4fb0000...
    146. Scanning region f50a0000...
    147. Scanning region f5190000...
    148. Scanning region f5280000...
    149. Scanning region f5370000...
    150. Scanning region f5460000...
    151. Scanning region f5550000...
    152. Scanning region f5640000...
    153. Scanning region f5730000...
    154. Scanning region f5820000...
    155. Scanning region f5910000...
    156. Scanning region f5a00000...
    157. Scanning region f5af0000...
    158. Scanning region f5be0000...
    159. Scanning region f5cd0000...
    160. Scanning region f5dc0000...
    161. Scanning region f5eb0000...
    162. Scanning region f5fa0000...
    163. Scanning region f6090000...
    164. Scanning region f6180000...
    165. Scanning region f6270000...
    166. Scanning region f6360000...
    167. Scanning region f6450000...
    168. Scanning region f6540000...
    169. Scanning region f6630000...
    170. Scanning region f6720000...
    171. Scanning region f6810000...
    172. Scanning region f6900000...
    173. Scanning region f69f0000...
    174. Scanning region f6ae0000...
    175. Scanning region f6bd0000...
    176. Scanning region f6cc0000...
    177. Scanning region f6db0000...
    178. Scanning region f6ea0000...
    179. Scanning region f6f90000...
    180. Scanning region f7080000...
    181. Scanning region f7170000...
    182. Scanning region f7260000...
    183. Scanning region f7350000...
    184. Scanning region f7440000...
    185. Scanning region f7530000...
    186. Scanning region f7620000...
    187. Scanning region f7710000...
    188. Scanning region f7800000...
    189. Scanning region f78f0000...
    190. Scanning region f79e0000...
    191. Scanning region f7ad0000...
    192. Scanning region f7bc0000...
    193. Scanning region f7cb0000...
    194. Scanning region f7da0000...
    195. Scanning region f7e90000...
    196. Scanning region f7f80000...
    197. Scanning region f8070000...
    198. Scanning region f8160000...
    199. Scanning region f8250000...
    200. Scanning region f8340000...
    201. Scanning region f8430000...
    202. Scanning region f8520000...
    203. Scanning region f8610000...
    204. Scanning region f8700000...
    205. Scanning region f87f0000...
    206. Scanning region f88e0000...
    207. Scanning region f89d0000...
    208. Scanning region f8ac0000...
    209. Scanning region f8bb0000...
    210. Scanning region f8ca0000...
    211. Scanning region f8d90000...
    212. Scanning region f8e80000...
    213. Scanning region f8f70000...
    214. Scanning region f9060000...
    215. Scanning region f9150000...
    216. Scanning region f9240000...
    217. Scanning region f9330000...
    218. Scanning region f9420000...
    219. Scanning region f9510000...
    220. Scanning region f9600000...
    221. Scanning region f96f0000...
    222. Scanning region f97e0000...
    223. Scanning region f98d0000...
    224. Scanning region f99c0000...
    225. Scanning region f9ab0000...
    226. Scanning region f9ba0000...
    227. Scanning region f9c90000...
    228. Scanning region f9d80000...
    229. Scanning region f9e70000...
    230. Scanning region f9f60000...
    231. Potential exploit area found at address f9fd6200:e00.
    232. Exploiting device...
    234. c:\tbolt2>[COLOR="red"]adb shell[/COLOR]
    235. # [COLOR="Blue"]<-indicates that you have temp root access[/COLOR]
    how to unroot
    the revolutionary method of rooting uses a sneeky hboot exploit,and replaces your stock 1.04.0000 or 1.05.0000 bootloader with a modified permanent hboot. it not only gives you all the same fashboot flash abilities as the original engineering bootloader,but it very effectively blocks other hboots for overwriting it. its good,as you will remain s-off if you accidentally flash a full RUU,or accept an OTA,but makes it a little trickier to remove.

    for the time being, removal requires ADB to be set up and running and some commands entered in "fastboot" to to allow the permanent hboot to be overwritten. once an "s-on" tool is release,ill take th is part of this guide down.

    if you rooted the old skool manual way and have adb setup and working,you can use this guide to remove the permanent hboot.

    with Revolutionary,will come a new wave of rooters that have no clue what adb,or fastboot even are. for you folks, Sele and the crew in the "rescue sguad" at HTC Thunderbolt Forum have come up with a really clever way to get the adb basics,and the eng bootloader to flash,with minimal setup and confusion. with their permission,im borrowing it for our guide here.

    *WARNING* no siginture or file checks will be done flashing the new bootloader in hboot or fastboot.fastboot will literally flash "lets golf" as a bootloader if you tell it to. DO NOT mess with your hboot unless absolutely neccessary to return to stock for warranty purposes. if youre just tired of being rooted,flash the gingerbread ruu to get back to unrooted firmware and factory recovery. leaving the revolutionary s-off bootloader in place is the safest,and best option,and will not affect your ability to recieve OTAs.

    *AGAIN- if youre just following this procedure because youre tired of being rooted,skip this next section and leave the permanent hboot in place. jump to "Putting current stock firmware and s-on back onto the phone" and flash only the first "PG05IMG_no_hboot_2.11.605.9" file(you can flash the 2nd file too if you want,but the permanent hboot will block it ;))

    Setting up adb and removing the permanent hboot if youve never used adb before
    1)if you no longer have the htc drivers that you installed when rooting with revolutionary,download them again from here on revolutionarys website.
    2)next download *link removed (mirror)to somewhere convenient that youll be able to find it,like your desktop,or a "downloads" folder. it contains the old eng 1.40.2000 s-off hboot,and the bare minumum tools to install it.
    3)the following directions were using windows 7 and chrome browser. other OS may be slightly different-the end result is you want unzipped,inside tbolt folder to be on the root of your C: drive.
    -find the tbolt.zipdownload
    -click on download and open it.
    -inside,there is a folder labled tbolt. drag it to the root of C:. inside tbolt is the unpermanent hboot and some adb tools.
    4) charge your Thunderbolt to 100%
    5)click on then "start" bubble in the lower left corner of your screen. type "command" in the search window and hit enter. this will open a small black command window.
    6)enter the following command(by typing or copy/paste):
    Code (Text):
    1. cd c:\tbolt
    you should see your promt in the window change to: c:\tbolt>
    7)enter the follwing command:
    Code (Text):
    1. md5sums hbooteng.nb0
    check the output on the command window. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. the command must equal exactly 6991368ee2deaf182048a3ed9d3c0fcb if it does not,STOP!. delete the download,and the unzipped tbolt folder from C:,re download and try it again. again,do not procede if the output in your command number does not equal it exactly.
    8)once the number matches,you can continue. copy and paste the following codes into the command window:
    Code (Text):
    1. adb devices
    the output should be your phones serial number

    now enter:
    Code (Text):
    1. adb reboot bootloader
    this will cause your phone to boot into FASTBOOT mode,wich is a white screen with colored letters.

    now enter:
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot devices
    the result again,should be your phones serial number.

    9) now youre ready to enter the command to unlock the permanent hboot and flash the new,non permanent one.
    to unlock,enter:
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot oem mw 8d08ac54 1 31302E30
    write the new hboot:
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot flash hboot hbooteng.nb0
    if you select bootloader at this point from the fastboot menu, youll still see the permanent s-off hboot,so select reboot with the volume rocker and power button and let the phone reboot. after it boots,you can adb reboot bootloader again,or power off, then power on/vol down and check that your pink "UNLOCKED" or "REVOLUTIONARY" is gone and you have the old 1.49.2000 bootloader.

    here is what you should see in the command window,the red are my inputs:
    Code (Text):
    1. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    2. Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    4. C:\Users\Scott>[COLOR="Red"]cd c:\tbolt[/COLOR]
    6. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]md5sums hbooteng.nb0[/COLOR]
    8. MD5sums 1.2 freeware for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP+
    9. Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Jem Berkes -
    10. Type md5sums -h for help
    12. [Path] / filename                              MD5 sum
    13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    14. [c:\tbolt\]
    15. hbooteng.nb0                                   6991368ee2deaf182048a3ed9d3c0fcb
    17. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"][COLOR="red"]adb devices[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    18. * daemon not running. starting it now *
    19. * daemon started successfully *
    20. List of devices attached
    21. HT126S005970    device
    24. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]adb reboot bootloader[/COLOR]
    26. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot devices[/COLOR]
    27. HT126S005970    fastboot
    28. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot oem mw 8d08ac54 1 31302E30[/COLOR]
    29. ...
    30. OKAY [  0.006s]
    31. finished. total time: 0.006s
    33. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot flash hboot hbooteng.nb0[/COLOR]
    34. sending 'hboot' (1024 KB)...
    35. OKAY [  0.183s]
    36. writing 'hboot'...
    37. OKAY [  0.219s]
    38. finished. total time: 0.403s
    40. c:\tbolt>
    Putting current stock firmware and s-on back onto the phone

    after getting the bootloader back to the original s-off,engineering 1.04.2000 hboot download these 2 files:
    md5: 334909756073760b3d7316e51a4ce837
    2)*link removed
    md5: d26b3253358407d459c654e6729a39ca

    rename to "PG05IMG",move to your sd card,and flash in hboot.

    this is important! you must flash the first

    after successfully flashing that,you will be on unrooted gingerbread with an eng s-off bootloader. delete the PG05IMG file from your sd card. now place the on your sd card. check the md5. once youve verified it matches,you can rename PG05IMG and flash it.

    again, only flash the hboot file after you have successfully flashed the rom.

    now you are 100% stock on latest firmware. unrooted gingerbread 2.11.605.19 with *locked* 1.05.0000 s-on bootloader.

    as always,be as cautious as possible doing hboot flashes,and follow directions in the to flash these files if youre unfamiliar with hboot flashing.

    *please start a new thread before attempting this if any part of this confuses you. without a bootloader your phone is a paperweight,so we want to help you prior to making any mistakes ;)

    some other info
    *make sure you read this:
    [WARNING] Do not downgrade to 1.0xxxxx after root

    *some advice for linux/ubuntu users on unrooting can be found in this thread,in post #233,special thanks to user lovebuntu :cool:

    *last and not least the standard discalaimer. i take no credit for anything listed in this post,i am only responsible for placing the information here in one spot. please do your research before attempting to modify your phone,i take no responsibility if any of the methods listed above aid you in turning yout thunderbolt into an expensive paperweight.

    heres a link to the old manual rooting methods thread,for anyone interested:

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    claiming this post for "unroot with no usb" directions. i hope worm doesnt mind ;)

    this post is for unrooting without a working usb port. it assumes you are on some sort of rooted rom,so if youve allready run an RUU,youll need to re-root it before using this to remove revolutionarys or shadowmites permanent patched hboot.

    1)install this wifi over adb app on your phone: im sure others will work,but i used this one and it worked great.

    2)download from here:
    md5: ef01f616471673d3eeb71b4cac4b8118

    3)set up adb:
    -extract and place the unzipped folder onto the root of your C\ drive on your PC
    -open a command window. windows 7,click on start bubble,type "command" in the search box. a small black window should open up

    4)prepair your phone
    -go to settings/display and set your time out to NEVER sleep. *this is important.
    -launch the app
    -touch the "turn on" button

    5)connect and write new hboot
    -change to your miniadb_tbolt2 directory by typing this command in your command window: cd c:\miniadb_tbolt2 this should change your command prompt to: "c:\miniadb_tbolt2>"
    -enter the command on the screen of your phone to connect to adb over wireless. in my case it was : adb connect i have no idea if it will be different in other cases

    enter the following commands,one at a time. all commands will be bold from this point forward. additional comments will be blue or red

    adb devices should return the number you typed in above. in my case it was

    adb push busybox /data/local/

    adb push hbooteng.nb0 /data/local/

    adb shell watch your phone. you may have to allow superuser permissions. you may have to type SU to change your prompt from a $ to a # **you will need the # promt to continue**

    chmod 777 /data/local/busybox

    /data/local/busybox md5sum /data/local/hbooteng.nb0 checking the old eng hboot. this must output 6991368ee2deaf182048a3ed9d3c0fcb if it does not,STOP redownload,and start not procede if it doesnt match

    dd if=/data/local/hbooteng.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 write the new hboot.

    /data/local/busybox md5sum /dev/block/mmcblk0p18 confirm proper write. again: the ouput MUST be 6991368ee2deaf182048a3ed9d3c0fcb if it is not, STOP! do NOT reboot! doing so could brick your phone. seek help. try and repeat the 2 steps prior to this one.

    assuming your md5 matched,reboot. you can reboot manually on your phone,or:

    exit back ty your mini-adb_tbolt2> prompt

    adb reboot this will break your wifi connectivity,but thats ok,your done.

    after your phone reboots,you should be running the original,overwritable, eng 1.04.2000 hboot. verify by booting to hboot.

    6)you can now follow the original directions in the first post: Putting current stock firmware and s-on back onto the phone you will need a card reader to transfer the PG05IMG to your sd card.

    i have tested this and it worked for me,but i am radio s-off. if someone tests it,please provide feedback as to wether it worked or not :)

    here is what your adb session should look like:

    Code (Text):
    1. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    2. Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    4. C:\Users\Scott>[COLOR="Red"]cd c:\tbolt[/COLOR]
    6. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]adb connect[/COLOR]
    7. connected to
    9. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]adb devices[/COLOR]
    10. List of devices attached
    11.       device
    14. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]adb push busybox /data/local/[/COLOR]
    15. 641 KB/s (1062992 bytes in 1.618s)
    17. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]adb push hbooteng.nb0 /data/local/[/COLOR]
    18. 620 KB/s (1048576 bytes in 1.649s)
    20. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]adb shell[/COLOR]
    21. $ [COLOR="red"]su[/COLOR]
    22. su
    23. # [COLOR="red"]chmod 777 /data/local/busybox[/COLOR]
    24. chmod 777 /data/local/busybox
    25. #[COLOR="red"] /data/local/busybox md5sum /data/local/hbooteng.nb0[/COLOR]
    26. /data/local/busybox md5sum /data/local/hbooteng.nb0
    27. 6991368ee2deaf182048a3ed9d3c0fcb  /data/local/hbooteng.nb0
    28. # [COLOR="red"]dd if=/data/local/hbooteng.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18[/COLOR]
    29. dd if=/data/local/hbooteng.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
    30. 2048+0 records in
    31. 2048+0 records out
    32. 1048576 bytes transferred in 0.415 secs (2526689 bytes/sec)
    33. # [COLOR="red"]/data/local/busybox md5sum /dev/block/mmcblk0p18[/COLOR]
    34. /data/local/busybox md5sum /dev/block/mmcblk0p18
    35. 6991368ee2deaf182048a3ed9d3c0fcb  /dev/block/mmcblk0p18
    36. #[COLOR="Red"] exit[/COLOR]
    37. exit
    38. $ [COLOR="red"]exit[/COLOR]
    39. exit
    41. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]adb reboot[/COLOR]
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  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    rooted stock roms(flash in recovery.does not overwrite radios,recovery,or hboot. these are just like other roms you flash,but are pre-rooted stock firmware):

    [ROM] Plain Jane 1.13.605.7 (aka MR1, OTA, v2) 5-15-2011 - xda-developers

    [ROM] Official 1.70.605.0 MR2 OTA Deodexed Rooted Busybox Mirrors Added :D - xda-developers

    -GingerBread OTA(2.11.605.5)
    [Rom][Rooted] 2.11.605.5 Full Stock

    -minor GB OTA(2.11.605.9)

    -minor GB OTA(2.11.605.19)

    Puerto Rico/Open Mobile
    -1.01.1520.0 leak
    [ROM][GB][UPDATED] Thunderbolt RUU MR4 [1/24/2012][MMS FIX] - RootzWiki

    RUUs(these will return your radio,recovery,etc. to 100% factory. if rooted via revolutionary,permanent s-off will remain. if rooted "old skool" the 1.04.2000 eng hboot will be overwritten)
    *warning* flashing certain RUUs overtop of the 1.04.2000 eng hboot will cause a security warning.
    if you need to return to stock,ask for help,or go to the for themost current directions.

    PG05IMG files(rename PG05IMG and flash in hboot)
    -shipping firmweare(1.12.605.6)
    [ROM]Mecha_VERIZON_WWE_1.12.605.6_Radio_1.16.00.0223r_N V_8k_1.41_9k_1.64_release - xda-developers

    -minor update(1.12.605.9)
    [PG05IMG]Mecha_VERIZON_WWE_1.12.605.9_Radio_1.16.00.0223r_N V_8k_1.41_9k_1.64_release - xda-developers

    [ruu +][MR1 aka First OTA] May 12th OTA - 1.13.605.7 - xda-developers

    [RUU LEAK] Froyo 1.70.605.0 Radio - xda-developers

    -GingerBread OTA(2.11.605.5)

    -minor GB OTA(2.11.605.9) - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    -minor GB OTA(2.11.605.19)

    .exe files(these are firmware run on your pc with phone pluged in. download,open,and follow the onscreen prompts)
    [ROM]RUU_Mecha_VERIZON_WWE_1.13.605.7_Radio_1.16.00.040 2w_1_NV_8k_1.41_9k_1.64 - xda-developers

    [ROM]RUU_Mecha_S_VERIZON_WWE_1.70.605.0_Radio_0.01.69.0 625r_NV_8K_1.41_9K_1.64 - xda-developers

    -official gingerbread OTA(2.11.605.5) RUU_Mecha_GINGERBREAD_S_VERIZON_WWE_2.11.605.5_Radio_0.01.78.0906w_2__NV_8K_1.41_9K_1.64_release_219938_signed.exe - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.

    -minor GB OTA(2.11.605.9)
    RUU_Mecha_GINGERBREAD_S_VERIZON_WWE_2.11.605.9_Radio_0.01.78.0916w_3_NV_8K_1.41_9K_1.64_release_226879_signed.exe - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.

    Puerto Rico/Open Mobile

    PG05IMG files(rename PG05IMG and flash in hboot)
    *note: these will most likely need to be placed on a "gold card" to flash on a vzw branded phone

    .exe files(these are firmware run on your pc with phone pluged in. download,open,and follow the onscreen prompts)
    *note:prolly not flashable a vzw branded phone
    1.01.1520.0 leak
    FileFactory Premium

    last and not least:
    collection of shipped roms for thunderbolt(mecha)
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  5. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    recently there was a need to unroot without a functional screen. i am including this here,as it will work if you have non functioning power or volume keys :) the only prerequesite is that you be able to get into "fastboot" somehow. this can be done several ways:
    1)entering the adb command "adb reboot bootloader" as described in the directions below.
    2)thru an app like quickboot
    3) thru hboot in this manner:
    -power off
    -hold volume down
    -hold power while continuing to hold volume down untill you get to hboot. press power to enter fastboot.
    *note that #3 will not work if you have "fastboot" checked in settings/power.

    *if you wish to make a backup with amon-ra recovery prior to/in conjunction with this procedure,see the directions here in post #217

    so if you cant see anything on your screen,or have non-working buttons heres what you need to do to unroot:

    download these 2 .zip files(from the original root/unroot thread):

    md5: 3e189b6c85ea7da1e26e12a5cd7b1ab0

    md5: d26b3253358407d459c654e6729a39ca

    then follow these directions(also from the original root/unroot thread):
    Setting up adb and removing the permanent hboot if youve never used adb before
    1)if you no longer have the htc drivers that you installed when rooting with revolutionary,download them again from here on revolutionarys website.
    2)next download this file (mirror)to somewhere convenient that youll be able to find it,like your desktop,or a "downloads" folder. it contains some adb tools.
    3)the following directions were using windows 7 and chrome browser. other OS may be slightly different-the end result is you want unzipped,inside tbolt folder to be on the root of your C: drive.
    -find the tbolt.zipdownload
    -click on download and open it.
    -inside,there is a folder labled tbolt. drag it to the root of C:. inside tbolt is the unpermanent hboot and some adb tools.

    3a) once you have the "tbolt" folder on the root of your c/ drive,drag the entire into it the tbolt folder,along with the tools and files that are allready there. dont unzip it.

    3b) open the PG05IMG_hboot_ONLY_2.11.605.9 .zip file. if you have to,use 7 zip or the equivalent to extract it. inside there is an image: "hboot_7630_1.05.0000_110719.nb0" youll want to drag and drop it,or copy and paste it, into the tbolt folder,along with PG05blah blah,and all the tools.

    4) charge your Thunderbolt to 100%
    5)click on then "start" bubble in the lower left corner of your screen. type "command" in the search window and hit enter. this will open a small black command window. plug in your thunderbolt.
    6)enter the following command(by typing or copy/paste):
    Code (Text):
    1. cd c:\tbolt
    you should see your promt in the window change to: c:\tbolt>
    7)enter the follwing command:

    Code (Text):
    1. adb devices
    assuming your custom rom has usb debugging disabled by default,or you are able to enable usb debugging on a stock rom, then you should see your serial number.

    enter the commands,1 at a time:
    Code (Text):
    1. md5sums
    it may take a minute,but it should output 3e189b6c85ea7da1e26e12a5cd7b1ab0

    Code (Text):
    1. md5sums hboot_7630_1.05.0000_110719.nb0
    output should be e1e330356ec5c889a92be1b5ef6c853d

    Code (Text):
    1. adb reboot bootloader
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot devices
    should output serial number

    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot erase cache
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot oem rebootRUU
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot devices
    should output serial number. if not,youll have get to pull the battery and get back into fastboot somehow. if you have a no screen,but working buttons,power on into hboot via power/vol down. wait a couple minutes. press power to select fastboot. i know this will be nerveracking cause you cant see the screen :eek: if you have a screen and no buttons,you will have to let thephone boot,then use #1 or #2 above. do fastboot devices again. then go back to the 12) fastboot oem rebootRUU step,and continue. you need to get your serial number at step 13 before you can continue. otherwise youll just get a "<waiting for device>" error.

    14)once youve gotten your serial number at step 13,flash the pg05 no hboot file with this command:
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot flash zip
    remember,for it to work,its important that be in the tbolt folder along with adb,fastboot,etc.

    it will do a bunch of stuff. when its done,youll see:
    "OKAY [213.940s]
    finished. total time: 287.032s"

    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot devices
    assuming you see a serial number,then:

    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot reboot-bootloader
    17)unlock revolutionary hboot:
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot oem mw 8d08ac54 1 31302E30
    18)write 1.05.0000 hboot(md5 above matched,right? ;))
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot flash hboot hboot_7630_1.05.0000_110719.nb0
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot reboot-bootloader
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot reboot
    your phone should now be completely stock. if you can see it :)

    and heres what you should see on the PC(red are my inputs):
    Code (Text):
    1. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    2. Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    4. C:\Users\Scott>[COLOR="Red"]cd c:\tbolt[/COLOR]
    6. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="Red"]adb devices[/COLOR]
    7. adb server is out of date.  killing...
    8. * daemon started successfully *
    9. List of devices attached
    10. HT12CS012936    device
    13. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]md5sums[/COLOR]
    15. MD5sums 1.2 freeware for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP+
    16. Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Jem Berkes -
    17. Type md5sums -h for help
    19. [Path] / filename                              MD5 sum
    20. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    21. [c:\tbolt\]
    22.           100% 3e189b6c85ea7da1e26e12a5cd7b1ab0
    24. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]md5sums hboot_7630_1.05.0000_110719.nb0[/COLOR]
    26. MD5sums 1.2 freeware for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP+
    27. Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Jem Berkes -
    28. Type md5sums -h for help
    30. [Path] / filename                              MD5 sum
    31. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    32. [c:\tbolt\]
    33. hboot_7630_1.05.0000_110719.nb0                e1e330356ec5c889a92be1b5ef6c853d
    35. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]adb reboot bootloader[/COLOR]
    37. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot devices[/COLOR]
    38. HT12CS012936    fastboot
    40. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="Red"]fastboot erase cache[/COLOR]
    41.                erasing 'cache'... OKAY [  0.183s]
    42. finished. total time: 0.184s
    44. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot oem rebootRUU[/COLOR]
    45.                               ... OKAY [  0.220s]
    46. finished. total time: 0.221s
    48. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot devices[/COLOR]
    49. HT12CS012936    fastboot
    51. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot flash zip[/COLOR]
    52.      sending 'zip' (451423 KB)... OKAY [ 72.398s]
    53.                  writing 'zip'... INFOzip header checking...
    54. INFOzip info parsing...
    55. INFOchecking model ID...
    56. INFOchecking custom ID...
    57. INFOstart image[tp] unzipping & flushing...
    58. INFO[RUU]UZ,tp,0
    59. INFO[RUU]UZ,tp,100
    60. INFO[RUU]WP,tp,0
    61. INFOstart image[boot] unzipping & flushing...
    62. INFO[RUU]UZ,boot,0
    63. INFO[RUU]UZ,boot,32
    64. INFO[RUU]UZ,boot,76
    65. INFO[RUU]UZ,boot,100
    66. INFO[RUU]WP,boot,0
    67. INFO[RUU]WP,boot,99
    68. INFO[RUU]WP,boot,100
    69. INFOstart image[dzdata] unzipping & flushing...
    70. INFO[RUU]UZ,dzdata,0
    71. INFO[RUU]UZ,dzdata,99
    72. INFO[RUU]UZ,dzdata,100
    73. INFO[RUU]WP,dzdata,0
    74. INFO[RUU]WP,dzdata,85
    75. INFO[RUU]WP,dzdata,100
    76. INFOstart image[mdm9k] unzipping & flushing...
    77. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,0
    78. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,6
    79. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,12
    80. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,18
    81. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,24
    82. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,30
    83. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,36
    84. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,43
    85. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,49
    86. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,55
    87. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,61
    88. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,67
    89. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,74
    90. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,80
    91. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,86
    92. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,92
    93. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,98
    94. INFO[RUU]UZ,mdm9k,100
    95. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,0
    96. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,6
    97. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,12
    98. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,18
    99. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,24
    100. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,30
    101. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,36
    102. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,42
    103. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,48
    104. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,54
    105. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,60
    106. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,69
    107. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,75
    108. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,81
    109. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,87
    110. INFO[RUU]WP,mdm9k,100
    111. INFOstart image[recovery] unzipping & flushing...
    112. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,0
    113. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,21
    114. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,42
    115. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,64
    116. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,85
    117. INFO[RUU]UZ,recovery,100
    118. INFO[RUU]WP,recovery,0
    119. INFO[RUU]WP,recovery,99
    120. INFO[RUU]WP,recovery,100
    121. INFOstart image[sp1] unzipping & flushing...
    122. INFO[RUU]UZ,sp1,0
    123. INFO[RUU]UZ,sp1,100
    124. INFO[RUU]WP,sp1,0
    125. INFO[RUU]WP,sp1,100
    126. INFOstart image[system] unzipping & flushing...
    127. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,0
    128. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,1
    129. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,3
    130. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,5
    131. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,7
    132. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,9
    133. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,11
    134. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,12
    135. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,14
    136. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,16
    137. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,18
    138. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,20
    139. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,22
    140. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,24
    141. INFO[RUU]WP,system,0
    142. INFO[RUU]WP,system,1
    143. INFO[RUU]WP,system,3
    144. INFO[RUU]WP,system,5
    145. INFO[RUU]WP,system,7
    146. INFO[RUU]WP,system,9
    147. INFO[RUU]WP,system,11
    148. INFO[RUU]WP,system,12
    149. INFO[RUU]WP,system,14
    150. INFO[RUU]WP,system,16
    151. INFO[RUU]WP,system,18
    152. INFO[RUU]WP,system,20
    153. INFO[RUU]WP,system,22
    154. INFO[RUU]WP,system,24
    155. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,24
    156. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,25
    157. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,27
    158. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,29
    159. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,31
    160. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,33
    161. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,35
    162. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,36
    163. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,38
    164. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,40
    165. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,42
    166. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,43
    167. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,45
    168. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,47
    169. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,48
    170. INFO[RUU]WP,system,24
    171. INFO[RUU]WP,system,25
    172. INFO[RUU]WP,system,27
    173. INFO[RUU]WP,system,29
    174. INFO[RUU]WP,system,31
    175. INFO[RUU]WP,system,33
    176. INFO[RUU]WP,system,35
    177. INFO[RUU]WP,system,36
    178. INFO[RUU]WP,system,38
    179. INFO[RUU]WP,system,40
    180. INFO[RUU]WP,system,42
    181. INFO[RUU]WP,system,44
    182. INFO[RUU]WP,system,46
    183. INFO[RUU]WP,system,48
    184. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,48
    185. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,50
    186. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,51
    187. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,53
    188. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,55
    189. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,57
    190. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,58
    191. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,60
    192. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,61
    193. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,63
    194. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,64
    195. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,66
    196. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,68
    197. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,70
    198. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,71
    199. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,72
    200. INFO[RUU]WP,system,48
    201. INFO[RUU]WP,system,49
    202. INFO[RUU]WP,system,51
    203. INFO[RUU]WP,system,53
    204. INFO[RUU]WP,system,55
    205. INFO[RUU]WP,system,57
    206. INFO[RUU]WP,system,59
    207. INFO[RUU]WP,system,60
    208. INFO[RUU]WP,system,62
    209. INFO[RUU]WP,system,64
    210. INFO[RUU]WP,system,66
    211. INFO[RUU]WP,system,68
    212. INFO[RUU]WP,system,70
    213. INFO[RUU]WP,system,72
    214. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,72
    215. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,73
    216. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,74
    217. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,76
    218. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,78
    219. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,79
    220. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,81
    221. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,83
    222. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,84
    223. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,85
    224. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,87
    225. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,89
    226. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,91
    227. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,93
    228. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,95
    229. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,96
    230. INFO[RUU]WP,system,72
    231. INFO[RUU]WP,system,73
    232. INFO[RUU]WP,system,75
    233. INFO[RUU]WP,system,77
    234. INFO[RUU]WP,system,79
    235. INFO[RUU]WP,system,81
    236. INFO[RUU]WP,system,83
    237. INFO[RUU]WP,system,84
    238. INFO[RUU]WP,system,86
    239. INFO[RUU]WP,system,88
    240. INFO[RUU]WP,system,90
    241. INFO[RUU]WP,system,92
    242. INFO[RUU]WP,system,94
    243. INFO[RUU]WP,system,96
    244. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,96
    245. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,96
    246. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,96
    247. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,97
    248. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,97
    249. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,98
    250. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,98
    251. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,99
    252. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,99
    253. INFO[RUU]UZ,system,100
    254. INFO[RUU]WP,system,96
    255. INFO[RUU]WP,system,98
    256. INFO[RUU]WP,system,100
    257. INFOstart image[tp] unzipping & flushing...
    258. INFO[RUU]UZ,tp,0
    259. INFO[RUU]UZ,tp,100
    260. INFOstart image[radio] unzipping & flushing...
    261. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,0
    262. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,7
    263. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,12
    264. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,18
    265. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,26
    266. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,33
    267. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,41
    268. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,48
    269. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,56
    270. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,63
    271. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,71
    272. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,78
    273. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,86
    274. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,93
    275. INFO[RUU]UZ,radio,100
    276. INFO[RUU]WP,radio,0
    277. INFO[RUU]WP,radio,5
    278. INFO[RUU]WP,radio,13
    279. INFO[RUU]WP,radio,21
    280. INFO[RUU]WP,radio,28
    281. INFO[RUU]WP,radio,36
    282. INFO[RUU]WP,radio,46
    283. INFO[RUU]WP,radio,100
    284. OKAY [208.075s]
    285. finished. total time: 280.474s
    287. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot devices[/COLOR]
    288. HT12CS012936    fastboot
    290. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot reboot-bootloader[/COLOR]
    291.      rebooting into bootloader... OKAY [  0.157s]
    292. finished. total time: 0.158s
    294. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot oem mw 8d08ac54 1 31302E30[/COLOR]
    295.                               ... OKAY [  0.006s]
    296. finished. total time: 0.006s
    298. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot flash hboot hboot_7630_1.05.0000_110719.nb0[/COLOR]
    299.      sending 'hboot' (1024 KB)... OKAY [  0.185s]
    300.                writing 'hboot'... OKAY [  0.226s]
    301. finished. total time: 0.413s
    303. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot reboot-bootloader[/COLOR]
    304.      rebooting into bootloader... OKAY [  0.230s]
    305. finished. total time: 0.231s
    307. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="red"]fastboot reboot[/COLOR]
    308.                      rebooting...
    309. finished. total time: 0.144s
    311. c:\tbolt>
    if yo have a black screen and want a little peace of mind that the above worked and got you back to stock,you can enter fastboot getvar all with the phone in fastboot(right after step 19 in the procedure would be a good time to do it). this will list a bunch of variables that you can double check. this is completely optional and for peace of mind only. nothing wrong with not doing it. heres basically what you will see:
    Code (Text):
    2. c:\tbolt>[COLOR="Red"]fastboot getvar all[/COLOR]
    3. INFOversion: 0.5
    4. INFOversion-bootloader: 1.04.2000 [COLOR="Blue"]<-this should say [B]1.05.0000[/B][/COLOR]
    5. INFOversion-baseband: [COLOR="Blue"]<-this should be [B][/B] [/COLOR]
    6. INFOversion-cpld: None
    7. INFOversion-microp: /
    8. INFOversion-main: 2.10.605.1 [COLOR="blue"]<-this should be [B]2.11.605.9[/B][/COLOR]
    9. INFOserialno: HTxxxxxxxx
    10. INFOimei: 355195000000017
    11. INFOproduct: mecha
    12. INFOplatform: HBOOT-7630
    13. INFOmodelid: PG05*****
    14. INFOcidnum: 11111111 [COLOR="blue"]<- this should be [B]VZW_001[/B][/COLOR]
    15. INFObattery-status: good
    16. INFObattery-voltage: 4112mV
    17. INFOpartition-layout: Generic
    18. INFOsecurity: off [COLOR="Blue"]<-this should say [B]on[/B][/COLOR]
    19. INFObuild-mode: ENG [COLOR="blue"]<-this should be [B]SHIP[/B][/COLOR]
    20. INFOboot-mode: FASTBOOT
    21. INFOcommitno-bootloader: 9a13ccd2
    22. INFOhbootpreupdate: 12
    23. INFOgencheckpt: 0
    24. INFOregion-id: not support
    25. all: Done!
    26. finished. total time: 0.023s
    *note that this is my rooted phone,but it gives you the idea :)
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  6. parrc

    parrc Member

    I dont have the pink revolutionary at the top of my page???? It also says S-on
    Can you help i tried re installing and that didn't work.
    thanks chris.
  7. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    the unroot method may change in the future,but for now i will leave it as is.

    if you are running a permant patch hboot(revolutionary or shadowmite) and find yourself without a working touchscreen or usb port,fear not, you can still get back to full stock s-on.

    download these files:

    -the current "no_hboot" file from the OP.
    -the current "hboot_only" file from the OP
    -the downgrader hboot from here:

    inside the zip,there is an md5 for the zip inside. make sure that you check it

    once youve verified the integrity of the zip inside the download,the directions are simple:

    1)rename the downgrader zip from inside the download to PG05IMG and flash in hboot. reboot
    2)rename PG05IMG,and flash the "no_hboot" file. reboot
    3)rename PG05IMG and flash the "hboot_only" file. you MUST FLASH IT LAST
    *this is important*
  8. parrc

    parrc Member

    I fixed it. I removed all of the downloads and re-placed with new ones. Not sure what happened but im Rooted TB user now.
    Thanks Scotty 85
    I would like to know what are the first things to do now im rooted. I have the wireless tether app. Taking full advantage of that one.
    Give me some other necessities if you have some great ones...
  9. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Titanium backup and root explorer are both good root apps.

    I would suggest you look into flashing a rom to get rid of bloatware as well as getting to try out newer versions of sense or AOSP.
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  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Awesome. Glad you got it working :cool: yeahhas suggestions are good,and you can find alot of info in the "how to" sticky thread at the top of the forum. Post up if you have any questions :)

    Last and not least,your cigar and blazer are on the table :D
  11. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    after i remove the s-off 'revolutionary" hboot can i flash the stock official GB update? because it gives you a new hboot correct?

    i need to ship my phone back to verizon and i told them i got the ota update.
  12. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Yeah you should use the RUU once you get revolutionary hboot off of it and it will put the stock hboot on there.

    So you got the charge?
  13. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    I would be extremely careful doing this. After flashing the old Eng 1.04.2000 hboot, the safest way to flash new firmware and hboot is to remove the hboot from the ruu,flash the ruu, then flash only the hboot second.

    There is a 1.05.0000 hboot in he hboots,radios,and recoveries thread. Since I haven't uploaded a gingerbread "no hboot" ruu,the best thing to is this:

    1)flash gb ruu with revolutionary hboot in place. This will safely get the ruu onto the phone first,since the revolutionary hboot will block the 1.05.0000 install.
    2)follow the guide to unlock the permanent revolutionary hboot and install the old Eng 1.04.2000 hboot.
    3)flash the 1.05.0000 hboot from the radios,recoveries,hboots thread linked above.

    attempting to falsh the GB RUU in its entirety overtop of custom firmware may or may not result in a security warning. if that happens,youre stuck with the phone until a newer ruu comes out :eek: i personally would not risk it.

    youd have been better off telling them that the phone still had mr2,IMO. then you could have used the unroot files above.
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  14. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    Ill just put mr2 on it they wont care. As long as its not rooted im good.
  15. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    Yeah they are shipping me a charge. Im done with htc. The new security issue bugs me.
  16. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I hear you. I only run AOSP so I am unaffected by the security bug but depending on how HTC handles this I could see it being a dealbreaker for people come time for their upgrade. Did you get MR2 running?
  17. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    Im on cm7 but its just the principle of the issue at hand. I talked to htc and they refuse to convey how they will rectify this. The charge will tide me over until the prime hits. I was going to get the vigor but forget it now.

    No im waiting to s-on unroot until my charge gets here in yhe next few days. Im debating putting ginger ota on it or just stick to mr2 before i ship back. Not sure whats best as i told verizon i got the gingerbread update.
  18. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    If you get MR2 stock on it with the stock bootloader then using the ruu to GB shouldn't be an issue. I think the security warning scotty said something about would be trying to use the RUU a s-on bootloader and a custom rom
  19. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    IMO this is a little childish. i do not believe htc has put files on intentionally to be exploited and our data manipulated. while this is a serious issue, what makes you think there are no such files in the charge firmware? just because no ones found them yet,doesnt mean they arent there. i like htc hardware. how they handle this situation will either passify me,or make me extremely disapointed. but that wont change the fact that i like the hardware. im just going to root whatever device i get anyway,it doesnt matter really,what files mfgrs sneek into their stock roms as ill never use them.

    that is correct,sir,once the phone is mr2 s-on stock,flashing the GB ruu is perfectly safe,it just involes alot more hboot flashing than what i recceomended above. just double and triple check md5s and it should be fine.

    the prollem is thw way the hboot checks the firmware before flashing the rest of the RUU. if your on cm7,and flash certain RUUs(mr1 for example,not 100%sure on mr2 or GB),the hboot flashes first,logically,as it flashes the rest of the firmware. after the hboot flashes it looks at cm7 and may say "WTF!" and throw up the security warning. or it may not. we dont know until someone tries it and reports.

    thats why the 100% safest way to flash an RUU whose outcome you dont know is to always flash the ruu first,hboot second.
  20. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    So i downgrade to mr2 then flash the stock s-on hboot then i can flash the GB ota without removing the new hboot from the zip? Did i understand this correctly?

    Also scotty alot of people got replacement phones today over this. Its not childish in any way.
  21. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    yes. follow the guide above. flash no hboot first,hboot only second. then you can flash the entire 2.11.605.3 ruu if you wish.

    doesnt mean alot of people arent childish. if alot of people jumped off a bridge,would you do it?

    i agree its a big deal. but we dont even know how they will handle it,why they did it inthe first place. the hardware is the same now as it was before and you and most of these other folks were happy with it. you were running cm7 and not even in any danger as those files arent there.

    "lots of people" are using it as an excuse to get new phones.

    just my opinion.
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  22. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Yeah if you get stock MR2 on there you can RUU the GB OTA without any worries, given you have the s-on hboot and everything else stock.

    I saw the posts at rootz about it, I don't run sense so it won't affect me but I can see why people wouldn't want to have to worry about it and HTC hasn't really address it at all I really expected more out of them.
  23. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    Ill unroot tomorrow night and report back, thanks guys. Now to do some research on rooting my charge. Seems a bit more difficult.
  24. fixxxer1022

    fixxxer1022 Well-Known Member

    Yeah htc needs to rectify this and soon.
  25. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Good luck man, it shouldn't be that difficult to root the charge, just not a solution like revolutionary but if you rooted with the old manual process then it shouldn't be any issue. Let us know how it goes.

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